Omega 10049 Shaving Brush

Founded in 1931, Omega has been making high-quality shaving brushes for nearly 100 years. However, the Omega 10049 holds a special place in many men’s hearts as one of their first boar hair bristle brushes.

Not to mention that the price of this shaving brush is at a rock bottom of $9.99; it’s no wonder that the Omega 10049 is one of the most popular shaving brushes on the market.

But what makes this shaving brush so unique?

Today, we will look closely at the Omega 10049 shaving brush and see if it lives up to the hype.

So let’s get started!

Fiber Type

Omega 10049 Shaving Brush Fibers

As stated earlier, the Omega 10049 shaving brush is made with boar hair bristles. For those unfamiliar with boar hair, it is a type of natural fiber that is very stiff and firm. Significantly more so when compared to synthetic fibers or even badger hair.

For many men, the firmness of the bristles can be quite a barrier to entry. The brush will take at least 10 to 20 uses before the bristles start to split and soften, resulting in a much more comfortable shaving experience.

But once the bristles have been broken, you will be rewarded with a brush that provides a very close and comfortable shave.

One note about this brush, though, is it can carry quite an off-putting odor when first used. This is entirely normal and will dissipate over time with regular use. Some guys have found it helpful to wash with a thicker soap before their first use to help mitigate the odor.


At 26mm in diameter, the knot on the Omega 10049 shaving brush is on the larger side. This is good news for those who like to take several passes with their razor, as the larger knot will give you more lather with each stroke.

The larger knot also means that the brush will hold more water, which can be beneficial when lathering.


At 59mm high, the loft on this brush is also on the larger side. The longer loft will give you more backbone. Again, like the increased diameter, a longer loft will sop up more water and help you build a richer later.


The 64mm long handle provides plenty of comfort when lathering up your preferred shaving cream or soap. It works particularly well if you like to whip up a lather in a mug, as the long loft and handle make it easy to reach the bottom without feeling too cramped.

The only downside to the longer handle is that it can be a bit more challenging to control when lathering your face. In addition, it is particularly cumbersome around the nose and mouth area.


When using the Omega, you’ll find that it’s a very capable brush. It works great with all sorts of shaving creams and soaps, both traditional and more modern varieties. The stiffness of the fibers can be quite uncomfortable and border on irritable at first, but as mentioned earlier, this will change with time and use.

Persistence is key with the Omega 10049. The brush will take some time to break in, but once it does, you’ll have a trusty companion for years to come.

At $9.99, it’s easy to not expect much from the Omega 10049, but if you give it a chance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Other Omega Shaving Brush Models

Omega has been an industry leader in shaving brushes for nearly a century. And while the 10049 model is one of their most popular, it’s certainly not their only offering. In addition, they make many other hog, badger, and synthetic shaving brushes that cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences.

Suitable alternatives within their lineup for the 10049 include the following: 11869, 10108, and 40033, to name a few. These all feature slightly different designs in terms of loft and handle length.

Alternatives to the Omega Shaving Brush

If you are looking for a substitute for the Omega 10049, we think the Semogue 2000 is a good option. Like the Omega, it features boar hair bristles that are quite stiff and firm.

The Semogue 2000 also has a very similar loft and handle length. The loft length on the Semogue 2000 is 58mm (Omega was 59mm), and the handle length is 55mm (Omega was 64mm). The main difference is that the Semogue 2000 has a slightly smaller knot, at 24mm.

The Semogue 2000 costs about $13 more, tends to break in a bit easier, and doesn’t have nearly as potent of an odor. But if you’re on a budget, the Omega 10049 is still a great pick.

Aside from the Semogue 2000, the Perfecto shaving brush we reviewed is another value-priced alternative that is definitely worth considering. Instead of boar hair, the Perfecto uses pure badger fibers. The Perfecto is also a bit smaller overall, making it suitable for men with smaller hands.


There is no denying that the Omega 10049 is a great entry-level brush that will perform well if you’re willing to give it some time to break in. The large knot and loft make it a good choice for those who want to generate a thick lather quickly, and the longer handle is comfortable to grip.

Here’s a summary of our results:

Fiber TypeBoar bristles are pretty stiff and will feel prickly on the skin, but give it time to break in.80
Handle64mm is on the longer side and can be difficult to control around tight spaces like the nose.85
LoftExpect to draw up quite a bit of shaving soap or cream with the 59mm loft.85
PerformanceThere is no denying that this brush requires patience, but it will pay off in the end. 87
ValueAt $9.99, this great entry-level brush performs well. You can’t go wrong.95
OverallWe like the performance-to-price ratio on this shaving brush. Men who are patient and have some experience with stiffer bristles will likely find this brush a trusty companion. Newcomers may want to consider something with softer bristles.86.4

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