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Here’s the backstory:

Tools of Men was founded in 2015. The mission of the site is to provide trusted information to men to improve their daily grooming habits.  Through in-depth reviews and how-to articles, we aim to provide you with clear and concise information that you find valuable.

The content creators behind Tools of Men have established themselves as experts in men’s grooming – by relying on both hands-on experience and medical expertise.

Writers for the site have certifications from top barber schools and have also served as advisors to prominent brands.

The website has gained a strong following among men looking for trusted advice and recommendations, and has been featured in reputable publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

Through their commitment to unbiased and transparent editorial policies, as well as their dedication to providing valuable content, the content creators at Tools of Men have proven themselves to be authoritative voices in the field of men’s grooming and style.

Our Team

Adam Williams

Senior Editor

As the lead editor of Tools of Men, Adam loves men’s grooming products. Particularly of interest is managing facial hair and perfecting the art of the modern man’s skincare routine.

His work has been featured or quoted in several publications.

Editorial Policy

When providing advice or evaluating a product that is featured on the site, there are a few important things you should know:

  • Tools of Men does NOT accept paid reviews.
  • We never allow a company to revise content published on this site.
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  • Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.


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