How to Apply Mustache Wax

Mustache wax provides an easy and simple way to style your mustache. The firm hold of mustache wax will help keep even the most unruly whiskers in their place.

But it can be hard to figure out the correct way to use it if you’ve not done so before – so here’s a simple guide on how to apply mustache wax. 

How to Apply Mustache Wax

Step 1: Have a Sizeable Mustache

A common problem that most people have when applying mustache wax is that they try to style mustaches before they’re at a suitable length. Unfortunately, applying the wax to a short mustache can make your facial hair appear greasy or unclean. 

Therefore, you want to start using the product with about .5″ of growth – which equates to approximately 1.5 months per our beard growth stages chart.

Step 2: Clean & Dry Your Mustache

Once you have a mustache long enough for mustache wax, it is important to do your grooming routine before styling your facial hair. You need to clean and then dry your beard and mustache thoroughly before attempting to style with mustache wax. This prevents any dirt or debris from being cemented into your look for the day and reduces product buildup from the day before.

Step 3: Scoop Out a Pea Sized Amount

When it comes to mustache styling, you only need a little bit of wax. Using your finger or thumbnail, scoop out a pea-sized amount of wax. For a shorter stache, a small half-pea amount will suffice – a little goes a long way.

Step 4: Warm Mustache Wax Till Fully Melted

Once you have scooped out the amount of wax desired, rub the wax between your fingers or in the palm of your hand to warm it up. This makes the wax more malleable and easier to apply evenly throughout your whiskers. 

Step 5: Work Product into Mustache

Carefully work the warmed product into your mustache, styling it lightly as you go. 

Step 6: Use a Beard Comb or Mustache Comb

Use a beard comb or a mustache comb to help form the style, gently combing into the desired look. A hair comb can work in a pinch, but it can be more difficult to work details as they are often larger.

Step 7: Add Heat to Lock-In Style

Once you’re satisfied with the style, apply heat to your mustache to help lock in the look for your final result. A hairdryer or an electric beard brush is recommended here.

How to Make A Handlebar Mustache

One of the most desired styles for a mustache is the handlebar. It’s a timeless classic chosen by men everywhere, and it always looks great. 

Here’s how to get the perfect handlebar mustache:

Step 1: Get the Right Product

If you’re looking to shape your mustache into a handlebar style, you will need a mustache wax with a stronger hold. This will help keep the ends of your mustache in the proper position and prevent it from drooping throughout the day. 

Step 2: Roll Your Mustache Around an Object

To achieve the iconic curl on your handlebar mustache, it can help to roll the tip of the hair around an object. A pen, pencil, or marker can work, or failing that, even a finger! Of course, the size of the item will determine the size of the curl. 

Step 3: Apply Heat

While your mustache is still rolled, apply heat to lock in the style. Be sure not to have your heat set too high, as this can cause damage to your facial hair

Video Demonstration

If you’re still unsure how to use mustache wax, here are a few good video demonstrations worth watching:

Why Should I Apply Mustache Wax?

Mustache wax is primarily intended for styling purposes while enjoying light conditioning properties.

  • For Stying: The wax comes in different strengths and can be used to calm your unruly, curly, or frizzy mustache hairs to style and create the desired look. 
  • For Conditioning: Mustache waxes also contain ingredients beneficial to your facial hair and skin. They often contain carrier oils that help moisturize your mustache, reducing any itchiness on your upper lip.

Don’t Neglect the Rest of Your Facial Hair

When grooming a mustache, people forget to take care of the rest of their facial hair.  Regularly applying beard oil or beard balm is excellent for nourishing your beard hair and skin.  These products will help promote growth and improve the overall appearance of your facial hair.

Common Questions

What if you apply too much mustache wax?

Less is more when it comes to mustache wax, and applying too much can lead to a crunchy or flaky mustache. It could also irritate the skin, leading to beardruff or itchiness. If you overapplied, wash it out with a gentle beard wash and start again. If you need some help, here’s a helpful five-step guide for washing your mustache.

Will mustache wax help tame wiry whiskers?

Mustache wax is useful for styling, but it can also prevent flyaways or curly mustache hairs that may tickle or irritate your mouth or lips. 

How do I choose a mustache wax? 

Most mustache needs can be met using a regular or medium hold mustache wax. This will suffice if you’re just looking to control some wispy hairs. 

A stronger holding wax is suitable for specific styles, such as the handlebar.

Also important to note is that mustache waxes come in various scents. So carefully use one with a fragrance you enjoy smelling as you will be applying it just beneath your nose.

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