8 Best Body Sprays For Men Compared & Reviewed In 2019

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While not nearly as potent as a cologne yet more powerful than an aftershave, beard oil or other topical solutions – body sprays strike a fine balance when it comes to personal fragrances.

This balance in scent strength allows men to subtly try new fragrance profiles without being too noticeable. Whether you want a fresh and clean scent like the one found by Nautica or perhaps any one of the 12 varieties offered by Playboy – you can find your perfect scent.

Oh and did we mention that body sprays tend to have lower price point as well?

That’s right – you can typically pick up a body spray for under $20.

Making it a product with a relatively low initial investment price with great returns.

Comparing The Best Body Sprays

AXE Body Spray for Men12 Varieties4oz$$
Bath and Body Works Noir For MenBlack Cardamom and White Musk3.7oz$
Calvin Klein Cosmetics ObsessionWarm and Spicy5.4oz$$
Calvin Klein ETERNITYWoody5.4oz$$
Kenneth Cole Body SprayViolet, Musk, Mandarin, Woodsy6oz$$
Nautica Voyage Body SprayFresh/Clean4oz$
Playboy Male Body Spray3 Varieties4oz$
Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts Body SprayOceanic Scents6oz$

1. AXE Body Spray for Men

One name that definitely needs no introduction on our list is AXE Body Spray. They single-handedly made the body spray market what it is today…and with good reason!

The scents that they have formulated over the years have been second to none.

What we loved about this mix pack was that you could explore a wide array of body sprays at just a fraction of the cost.

Don’t be fooled by the AXE name, while they got their start serving young men in high school, they have since matured into a brand that actually delivers quality body spray for men at any age.

Perfect for a post-gym spray or even the daily fragrance you’re sure to find something in the AXE lineup that will work for you.

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2. Bath and Body Works Noir For Men

Bath & Body Works is probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of body sprays for men…

But time has changed!

Noir is a unique blend of black cardamom and white musk – which hits all the right notes to deliver a subtle yet terrific smell. One particular aspect about this body spray that we really loved is its surprising versatility.

Despite the name indicating that it’s suited for evening wear, based on other men’s feedback we found that it also works great as a daily fragrance.

But it’s not without its faults…

The biggest gripe about this body spray is its size – at 3.7oz it’s just .3oz too large to take with you as a carry-on when flying.

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3. Calvin Klein Cosmetics Obsession

Like Eternity, Calvin Klein has crafted Obsession to mimic the popular Obsession Cologne however, unlike Eternity, Obsession is “intensely proactive.” The line of cologne is known for its powerful scent and the body spray is similar with a strong, yet likable scent described as warm and spicy that has stood the test of time.

The 5.4oz can is a lasting size and the price is similar to its counterpart Eternity. This body spray is one of the best, will make a great gift, and, perhaps the best part, the ladies love Obsession’s timeless scent.

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4. Calvin Klein ETERNITY

Calvin Klein’s Eternity Body Spray is a lighter version of their super popular cologne by the same name. The reason Eternity is one of the best body sprays is that it is a calm, fresh scent that is aromatic and lasts but doesn’t over power.

It can be used anytime because it is not a sharp scent, and is a great way to break into body sprays because it is such a popular scent amongst men of all styles. You’ll spend a bit more than other body sprays but you’ll get a bit more too (Eternity is a 5oz bottle, vs. the typical 4oz can).

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5. Kenneth Cole Body Spray

Kenneth Cole Black Body Spray is another one that plays off its popular cologne to create a long last scent. Kenneth Cole Black is a very elegant aroma that is recommended for night time or romantic use.

The scent is clean and manly; crafted with violet and mandarin for sweetness, musk and wood notes for strength so it is an all-around intelligent scent. The scent is noticeable for hours, but should fade into the night. Kenneth Cole ranks with the best for body sprays and the large 6oz can will last at a fair price point.

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6. Nautica Voyage Body Spray

Nautica Voyage is very much like their cologne in terms of scent making this crisp, cool fragrance one of the best body sprays on the market. The scent is multilayered: based in Moss, Musk and Amber, it then has middle notes of sail cloth and deep aquatic, finishing with Cool Green Leaf and Fresh Cut Apple.

The scent is very long lasting whether you apply a lot or just a touch. If you are new to body spray this is a great starter because the scent is crisp, fresh though not overpowering and it is very, very affordable.

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7. Playboy Male Body Spray

Playboy Vegas Body Spray comes as one of the top reviewed body spray for its warm, casual scent. Harken your inner Hugh Hefner with this fabulous blend of Basil, Apple, Lavender, Musk and modern scent notes of Geranium, Jasmine, Vanilla, Georgywood, Tonka and Tea.

All these scents blend to a deep, warming scent that is recommended for your casual evening and perfectly suited if it turns romantic. The classic, smooth scent is good for newcomers or veteran body spray users and it comes at an extremely wallet friendly price. If you are considering a body spray as a gift, Playboy Vegas is probably your best option.

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8. Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts Body Spray

Tommy Bahama’s Set Sail St. Bart’s is unlike any other body spray we’ve rated as it doesn’t have those common woody notes, instead it is styled as ocean-like beach scent.

The scent is a super unique blend of various island notes like tequila, tropical musk, seaweed and lime that is sure to get some notice. Set Sail is wearable anytime, but is normally a daytime scent that lets you flaunt your laid back Caribbean side.

The large 6oz can is very modestly priced considering the popularity of the product and is great for men of all ages.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

When To Use A Body Spray

When it comes to using a body spray there is a really distinct difference between this fragrance and those like colognes.

Body sprays on the whole generally tend to be a much more subtle and casual of a scent when compared to a cologne.

This makes body sprays great for frequent use.

Most men will wear a body spray before heading out the door in the morning or simply if they hit the gym on their lunch – body sprays are a great way to freshen up midday.

Also if you are ever in a pinch on perhaps skipping a shower (or two) body sprays will be an effective way to subtly mask your body odor without being too off-putting.

Now when it comes to evening wear, body sprays usually will take a back seat to other fragrances like colognes.

Given that the strength of a body spray is relatively mild and will wear off after only a hour or two, doesn’t make it necessarily the best product when going out drinking to the early morning hours.

For night time activities, colognes will usually go the distance.

Beyond strength, body sprays do tend to carry more of a lighter fragrance typically evoking more beachy and/or refreshing clean scents.

However don’t be surprised if you see fragrances like the Playboy Male Body Spray that will harken your inner Hugh Hefner and help out your evening game.

Deciding On A Fragrance and Expected Role

Now when deciding on a body spray you will quickly see in the list below that it can be overwhelming to say the least.

If you plan on applying it for evening wear as you prefer to have a lighter fragrance and find that colognes can cause a headache, then a scent that is more woodsy and full-bodied yet subtle compared to a cologne would make Calvin Klein Cosmetics Obsession an excellent choice.

If you are just simply heading out the door in the morning and are on the way to work then a fragrance like the Tommy Bahama Set Sail body spray will evoke more oceanic scents that will make you dream that you are vacation when going through the daily grind.

The most important part to selecting the best body spray for you is to simply think about its use case and when you would be wearing it.

How To Apply Body Spray Properly

Now when it comes to applying body spray, its important to keep in mind a few pointers so you aren’t needlessly throwing away your hard earned cash on this stuff.

Never apply immediately after a shower

While this may seem to be the right time to apply a body spray, the liquid and humidity of a bathroom can have an impact on how the scent of the body spray carries throughout the day.  Instead, its recommend that you apply a body spray after your skin is completely dry.

Don’t spray it on your clothes

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.  When a body spray is applied directly to your skin, it will react differently than if applied to your scarf, shirt, or any other areas of your clothing.

Secondly, being that body sprays are loaded with synthetic ingredients, you don’t want to accidentally destroy your clothes by deteriorating the fabric when spraying the product directly on the threads.

Don’t combat your scents

While we talked about this extensively in a recent article on comparing colognes, body sprays, aftershaves, and deodorants – you never want to mix a wide array of scents.  Instead if you are using a body spray like the highly respected Kenneth Cole Body Spray, that relies on more of a woodsy smell, then you want to make sure you use an aftershave balm or beard oil that relies on similar woodsy scent (i.e. sandalwood, cedarwood, etc.).

If you are ever uncertain on the fragrance that you are using – then simply use an unscented secondary product.

Point is, that you don’t want to mix a fresh clean body spray with another scent that is full-bodied and heavier.  It will create a muddied fragrance that will likely be off-putting not only to yourself, but others around you.

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