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Best Beard Combs of 2022

Beard combs are an indispensable grooming tool for the modern man.  In this guide, we share with you how to buy a beard comb, reviews of the best beard combs currently available, and common questions about using a beard comb.

How to Choose a Beard Comb

Consider the following when buying a beard comb:

  • Material.  There are several varieties, including wood, metal, bone, or plastic.  Wooden beard combs are low-cost and can last for years.  Metal beard combs are lightweight and durable.  Metal combs may feel stiff or rigid when combing.  Bone beard combs are polished and allow for smooth passes.  Plastic combs vary in quality.  Sawcut beard combs are well made and have individual hand-polished teeth.  Cheap plastic combs may feel flimsy.  
  • Size & Use.  Beard combs can be large or small.  Should you prefer keeping your beard maintained throughout the day, consider a pocket beard comb.  A small comb is also good for shorter beards.  Consider a larger comb for long beards and home use.
  • Types.  There are several types of beard combs, including mustache, traditional, pick, and electric beard combs.  Mustache combs are small and intended for mustache use only.  Beard picks help build volume.  Electric beard combs are designed for both styling and straightening facial hair.  Traditional is best for daily use.
  • Teeth Spacing. Some beard combs have tightly spaced teeth. Narrow-set teeth can cause tugging or pulling.  Consider one with wider teeth if you have dense, curly, or thick facial hair.
  • Brand. There are many manufacturers of beard combs.  However, some of the most trusted names by beardsmen are Kent, Tom Ford, Baxter of California, and The Art of Shaving.
  • Price. It varies depending on the material and brand.  Expect to pay between $15 and $50 for a well-made beard comb.  

Comparing the Best Beard Combs

Here’s an overview of the beard combs we recommend:

Beard CombBest For
Kent Men’s Handmade Beard CombOverall
Baxter of California Beard CombLuxury
Art of Shaving Natural Horn Beard CombMade from Bone
Go-Comb – Wallet Comb + Bottle OpenerTravel
Cremo Beard CombWidely Available
Viking Revolution Beard CombWooden
Onedor Folding Beard CombFolding
Rocky Mountain Beard CombGift Giving
Electric Beard Straightener for MenElectric

Here are the best beard combs currently available:

1. Best Overall: Kent Men’s Handmade Beard Comb

Kent combs are well-known and are the preferred brand by seasoned beardsmen.  With a cellulose acetate composition and polished finish, the Kent beard comb balances both weight and size.  

Kent has been around since 1777 and provides a detailed overview of its meticulous manufacturing process.

The beard comb kit we reviewed includes three combs, giving you plenty of versatility. Each comb does have specific use cases. The small comb is for a mustache, medium size for travel or your toiletry bag, and the larger comb for home use. Given the variety of sizes, the Kent beard comb can be used for short and long beards.

As for the spacing of the teeth, each comb is evenly spaced and shouldn’t provide any tugging or pulling sensation with each pass.  Additionally, each tooth on the comb has been hand-polished so it feels great when going through your beard.

Pros: A well-rounded and expertly made set of beard combs.

Cons: None. Kent has perfected the craft of making quality combs.

2. Luxury Pick: Baxter of California Beard Comb


Made in Switzerland, the Baxter of California beard comb is a close competitor to the Kent beard comb.  Made from cellulose acetate, it has hand-polished teeth that glide through facial hair. 

The Baxter of California beard comb features both fine and medium set teeth, making it easy to use for broad and detailed passes.  At 3.7″ in length, the beard comb can easily slide into a nice leather toiletry bag or back pocket.  

Lastly, the comb’s design is tortoiseshell, perhaps matching your favorite pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Pros: Size is versatile for most beard types and lengths. Hand-polished teeth allow for easy passes.

Cons: Not the best value comb.

3. Best Horn Beard Comb: Art of Shaving Natural Horn Beard Comb


This soft and naturally anti-static beard comb by Art of Shaving will feel smooth when it passes through any type of facial hair.  

When paired with a high-hold beard balm, you can expect to get terrific styling results.

Given the smoothness and durability of bone, you don’t have to worry about the comb teeth breaking with continued use. Additionally, if you prefer to comb frequently, beard split ends won’t occur. The added weight of the bone does provide a nice feeling in the palm of your hand.

The comb is pocket-sized, so expect to take a few extra passes to get all your facial hair styled.

The bone in this comb is sourced from Bovine in France, Argentina, and Africa.  

Pros: Naturally anti-static and durable. It should last a lifetime.

Cons: Small design requires additional passes.

4. Best for Travel: Go-Comb Pocket Beard Comb

Go Comb Beard Comb

While Go-Comb makes several pocket-sized combs, this review focuses on their stainless steel + bottle opener comb.

Crafted from a steel base, the Go-Comb is durable and works well.  The comb is the same size as a credit card, making it easy to slide into your wallet.  

For performance, the evenly spaced teeth have been polished down.  Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any snags when running the comb through your beard.  The metal teeth design won’t chip or break like wooden or plastic combs.  

One caveat to the teeth on this comb is that they are one size.  Therefore, styling different areas of your beard or mustache may be difficult when compared to other combs.

The included bottle opener is an excellent addition and a great party trick.  Whether drinking an import or craft brew, you always have an opener available.

Pros: Compact size can fit discreetly in your wallet or pocket.  The bottle opener is a plus.

Cons: Feels a bit cold or sterile compared to other combs.

5. Best Drugstore Comb: Cremo Beard Comb

Cremo Beard Comb

Known primarily for their latherless shave cream, Cremo has started to expand into other areas of men’s grooming, most notably with a new lineup of beard care products.

The latest addition to this extension is their new beard comb.

Like others that we reviewed on our list, this sandalwood beard comb is a dual-sided beard comb that can work both the details and large areas of your beard with ease.

Evenly spaced teeth at uniform depths provide consistent and reliable results.

Due to Cremo’s popularity, they are regularly stocked at local drugstores and grocery stores. If you prefer to shop locally, check out the men’s grooming section, and you might be able to buy this comb today.

Pros: Widely available and affordable. 

Cons: No pouch may damage the comb’s teeth during travel.

6. Best Wooden Comb: Viking Revolution Beard Comb

This wooden beard comb by Viking Revolution has a versatile design.  The comb features both fine and wide-set teeth on either side.  Should you have thin, coarse, or dense facial hair, there should be no problems with each pass of the comb.

Additionally, the compact size will take up very little space in your medicine cabinet or toiletry bag.  Speaking of travel, the included travel pouch ensures that the teeth on the comb are never chipped or cracked while in transit.

Unlike many other combs, Viking Revolution offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

Check out our full review of Viking Revolution.

Pros: A well-designed wooden comb for all beard types and lengths.  

Cons: This beard comb is lighter than most. 

7. Best Folding Comb: Onedor Folding Beard Comb

A folding beard comb takes up less space than a traditional beard comb while also protecting the teeth from damage.

This Onedor is only 4″ in length when folded and extends to 6.5″.  When folded, it should easily fit into your pants or shirt pocket.

Made from sandalwood, it provides a pleasant scent and is naturally anti-static.

Pros: The compact and wooden design is travel-friendly.  It won’t cause static.

Cons: Unproven brand.

8. Best for Gift Giving: Rocky Mountain Beard Comb

rocky mountain beard comb

Rocky Mountain is a well-established beard care company.  Their dual-sided beard comb, featuring medium and fine set teeth, makes it compatible with all beard lengths and types.

The compact design is portable.  

Whether it’s Father’s Day or the winter holidays, this beard comb is ideal for gift-giving; included are a lovely gift box and leather pouch.  

Like other beard combs reviewed, this wooden comb is made from sandalwood.  Expect a pleasant, classic scent and naturally anti-static properties.

Pros: Included box and pouch make for a great gift.  Compatible with all beard types.

Cons: It may be challenging to use for mustache combing.

9. Best Electric Comb: Electric Beard Straightener for Men

A mix between the classic flat iron and beard comb, an electric beard comb adds heat into the combing process through a ceramic plate.  This allows you to straighten your beard in only a few minutes.

To prevent beard burn, this electric beard comb releases negative ions to reduce over-drying.

Given that this is a hybrid flat iron and beard comb, it is priced higher and isn’t travel-friendly.  

Related: How to Use a Beard Straightener

Pros: A quick and easy way to comb and straighten your beard.

Cons: Not travel-friendly, unknown brand.

Beard Comb FAQs

Can you over comb your beard?

Over-combing your beard can lead to breakage and split ends.  Try combing only two to three times daily.  Should you prefer to style more frequently, consider using a bone beard comb.  A bone beard comb is softer and less likely to cause damage.

When is the best time to comb your beard?

The best time to comb your beard is immediately after applying a beard conditioner such as beard oil or beard balm.  Combing after conditioning helps distribute the product along the entire facial hair follicle for better and softer results.

Should you comb or brush your beard?

Brushing and combing your beard is very similar; however, there are subtle differences.  Brushing is better at distributing conditioner and natural oils.  Beard brushes also help to add volume.  

Beard combs are easier to control and allow for better-looking results.  Some men may brush and then comb their beards. They also have a few other benefits that we spoke about at length in this article.

Will combing repeatedly help with beard growth?

There is no scientific evidence we could find that links combing to increased hair growth.

Should you comb your beard up or down?

If you want to add volume to your beard, first go against the grain (typically upwards for most men), then downwards.  Most men tend to comb their facial hair downwards to add length and to achieve more kempt-looking results.

Like the hair on top of your head, you are free to comb your beard in any direction you prefer.

How do you clean a beard comb?

Beard combs must be cleaned regularly to improve performance and extend their life. However, beard combs must be cleaned carefully to prevent damage. Here is a guide where we discuss how to clean wood, horn, metal, and cellulose acetate beard combs.

Take your beard care to the next level. Check out our ultimate guide on how to grow and maintain a beard. From cleansing to conditioning, you'll unlock how to make your beard feel softer and look healthier.

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