Best Beard Comb For Ultimate Detangling & Styling of 2021

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In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Beard Comb Overall: Kent Men’s Handmade Beard Comb
  2. Best Electric Beard Comb: Electric Beard Straightener for Men
  3. Best Travel Beard Comb: Go-Comb – Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener

After spending countless hours reading reviews from other beardsmen including forums (/r/beards, Jefffs Beard Board, etc.),  online store reviews, and more, we found that the Kent Comb is all-around one of the best performing beard comb of 2021.

However, the Go-Comb beard comb is the most versatile with its built-in bottle opener and its incredibly small size making it the perfect beard comb for midday styling.

Top Beard Combs Compared

Kent Men’s Handmade Beard CombGeneral Beard Styling5.0
Viking Revolution Beard CombWooden Beard Comb4.9
Go-Comb – Wallet Comb + Bottle OpenerTravel4.7
Beardilizer Ox Buffalo Horn Beard CombAnti Static4.9
Red Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb by EQLEFAffordability4.5
Electric Beard Straightener for MenBeard Straightening4.7

Before You Buy A New Beard Comb: A Few Things To Think About

When shopping for a new beard comb, there are a lot of considerations to take into account.

Here’s some of the more important features that you should think about for a couple of minutes in order to get the perfect beard comb that you will be happy with:


In the world of beard combs, you will find many different varieties which include the following:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Bone
  • Plastic/Synthetic

Here’s a quick look at how they all differ:

Wood: Wooden beard combs are among the most popular of the bunch.  Found on countless retail websites and direct from beard care companies, they are favored for their low cost and natural composition.

Wooden beard combs, when properly cared for, can have quite a long life and do tend to wear nicely.

However, one of the common problems that we found in our research of wood beard combs is their susceptibility to crack and snag beard hairs.

Therefore, we advise that you go with a trusted brand with a proven track record rather than buying a generic brand.

Metal: Metal beard combs are great in that they will last a lifetime so long as they aren’t left in any damp or wet environments – particularly the area around your skin in the bathroom where water may tend to pool.

Metal combs typically have a very thin profile and are extremely lightweight.  If you are a man that likes to keep things minimal, metal combs are likely going to be your best bet.

If there are any common complaints about metal beard combs that we have seen during our research, it’s that they tend to be a bit sterile or cold.

When it your hand, their rigid form factor may feel more like a medical instrument rather than a comb – however, this is largely a personal style preference.

Bone: Much harder to find will be bone or horn combs.  When made from real animal horns, these combs are hand polished and offer a really comfortable combing experience.

Some men may be put off by the fact that these combs are derived from animals – whether they were harmed during the manufacturing process varies from one company to the next.

Horn beard combs do carry much more weight with them and are rather thick, making them ideal for only home use.

Plastic: Plastic beard combs can either be very good or bad depending on the company making them.

Cheap drugstore combs are harmful to your beard.

They are stamped cut (more on this in a minute) and will damage your beard if used repeatedly.

Beyond comb tooth details, plastic combs also vary wildly when it comes to their rigidness or thickness.

Plastic combs (like those featured on our list below) are much more rigid and won’t bend or warp after several years of use.

Lastly, plastic beard combs are among the cheapest available and are also great candidates for travel use.

Craftsmanship – Stamp/Press Cut vs. Hand Cut

Cheap combs (i.e. drugstore bargain combs) are probably the worst thing you can use on your beard.  Especially if you don’t use a beard oil on a regular basis.

You see, cheap combs are stamped from large machines in a factory.

When these cheap combs are mass produced, they create microscopic jagged edges along each tooth of the comb.

With each stroke of the comb through your beard, it is literally tearing at the entire length of the follicle.

Eventually you tear your beard to shreds and give your beard an overall very poor appearance.

In addition to the shredding of your facial hair, you are also going to be much more prone to split ends of the beard as well.

But horror of cheap combs doesn’t end there…

They are also prone to producing static which can be annoying when trying to comb your beard before you head out the door in the morning.

Last but not least, the cheap combs teeth are much more likely to break.

With each broken tooth on your comb you are only amplifying the potential damage to your beard.

For the combs that we are reviewing, they are a world apart from your drugstore comb.

Some of the best beard combs are hand-cut and have each one of their teeth hand-polished.

This greatly reduces the damage to your beard and will be the best way for you to maintain it in the long run.

Size & Use

As you will see in our reviews, beard combs come in many different shapes and sizes.

Size of the beard comb is an intensely personal choice and only you can decide which size is best.

Based on our research, it’s best to narrow down where you intend on using the beard comb.

When reading reviews, we saw countless men have two beard combs – one for home use and the other for office, outside, car, etc. – and we think this is a good way to go.

A beard comb for home use won’t have any size restrictions and you can get one that is at least the size of your hand.

If you like to stay throughout the day, smaller beard combs that can either fit in your front pocket wallet or back pocket are great for midday touchups.

Therefore, we recommend that you take a minute to think about your daily grooming habits and select the right beard comb accordingly.

Mustache vs. Beard Comb vs. Beard Pick vs. Electric Beard Combs

Building off the last section, beard combs come in many different sizes, but they also have differing intended uses – here’s an overview on each of major use cases:

  • Beard comb (general use)
  • Mustache comb
  • Beard Pick

Beard comb (general use): Beard combs are very much like your typical hair comb.  Often featuring evenly spaced teeth, they are built to style your naturally coarser facial hair.

You will find that they often come in at about 5” to 7” in length and should fit comfortably in most pockets.

Mustache comb: Much smaller than a beard comb, mustache combs are used for just your upper lip and will have narrow-spaced teeth.

Trying to use an entire mustache comb on your beard won’t work simply due to the size, making this a very one-dimensional grooming tool.

We do find that the mustache comb is better for men who are really particular with their grooming habits and want to train the hairs on their upper lip to grow to the sides rather than curing into their mouth.

Beard pick: Beard picks lift the hair rather than pulling it.

This greatly lowers the chance of ingrown hairs and will safely style extremely coarse facial hair.

But don’t think that this is just a beard comb for men with dense curly hair, beard picks as they can give your facial hair the illusion of a much fuller looking beard.

Electric Beard Combs:  A new product that was introduced in recent years is the electric heated beard comb.

This beard comb not only styles your facial hair but can actually straighten out your beard follicles for a much more uniform look.

Given that this variety of beard comb requires electricity, you will be limited on portability.  Therefore, if you are keen on having a great looking beard throughout the day, consider buying an additional smaller plastic beard comb for midday touchups.

Best Beard Combs Of 2021 Reviewed

1. Best Beard Comb Overall: Kent Men’s Handmade Beard Comb

Kent combs are known as the gold standard when it comes to the beard combs.  While the competition is without a doubt tough when compared to the others listed in this review.

We found that hands down, the Kent handmade beard comb, is simply the best beard comb on the market.

With its cellulose acetate composition and polished finish – its simply just the right balance of weight to size and will feel perfect and familiar when placed into the palm of your hand.

The craftsmanship of these combs are absolute stellar, and it’s something that Kent takes great pride in.

This company has been around since 1777.

Now, one thing reviewers will notice that this is a 3 pack that is getting reviewed and that might seem unfair to the others listed.

However, having a variety of combs accessible for you is the proper way to go.  This kit has a comb for your mustache, one for travel, and lastly one for your cabinet back home.

The Kent beard comb gets high marks across the board for the ability to easily style your beard no matter if it’s .25″ or 5″.  We saw countless men on popular forums raving how their Kent comb has lasted them for years.

As for the tooth set, they are evenly spaced out and glide effortlessly through your beard without the feel of any tugging or pulling.


  • This is the gold standard when it comes to beard combs.
  • For value and performance – it doesn’t get much better than this.
  • The set of three is versatile (mustache, travel, and home comb)


  • None.  It’s a damn fine comb.

What You Need To Know

Kent sets the gold standard when it comes to beard combs. They have been trusted by men for over 200 years – we can see why. They are just that good.

2. Best Electric Beard Comb: Electric Beard Straightener for Men

A new invention over the past year that is making its way into beardsmen hands everywhere is the electric beard comb.

A mix between both the classic flat iron and beard comb, an electric beard comb induces heat into the combing process through the use of a ceramic plate.

But to prevent any sort of beard burn, this electric beard comb releases negative ions to prevent over-drying.

In short, the built-in new technology will allow you to straighten your beard in only a few minutes without burning.

Now truth be told, we were a bit apprehensive about this product.

However, after seeing countless reviews, and proof pictures, bearded men are hooked on this little tool.

It simply delivers great and reliable results quickly.

Naturally, given that this is a new technology, the price is a little bit higher than other beard combs on our list (but not by much).


  • It will get your beard straight quickly.
  • Men have been using this with great results.
  • The protective comb barrier will prevent you from burning your beard.


  • Not portable like other beard combs reviewed.

What You Need To Know

If you want to know what the future of combing your beard looks like – this is it. This will deliver safe and reliable results in very little time.

3. Best Travel Beard Comb: Go-Comb – Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener

By and far one of the most versatile beard combs that we reviewed comes from the company Go-Comb.  Offering a variety of combs that just about any man (or lady) could ever need, Go-Comb gives companies like Kent a run for their money.

Specifically in this review we are going over their stainless steel + bottle opener comb.

First off lets talk about versatility.

Whether you are tailgating on a Sunday afternoon with your buddies, or are simply outdoors at a BBQ, it can be incredibly annoying when you don’t have a beer bottle opener handy.  Usually someone at the party knows a cool trick of popping off the bottle with a lighter or using the ledge of the picnic table to their advantage.

However, without all the effort of trying to pop open a bottle of your favorite cold one, Go-Comb smartly fitted the edge of this comb with a built-in bottle opener – making this more than just a beard comb!

But you would think given that this comb is so incredibly thin, the opener will probably break after two uses right?


In fact, this beard comb has been crafted from a steel base that will perform incredibly well.

Bottle opener aside, you are probably most curious about the combing aspect, right?

Well you will be happy to know that this fine-toothed comb will keep your beard in check.  With perfectly spaced teeth that have been polished down, you shouldn’t experience any snags when running the comb through your beard.

Another benefit to the metal teeth design is that it won’t chip or break like wooden or plastic combs.

One caveat to this design is the spacing of the teeth.  Unlike the Kent comb that has both narrow and wider set teeth on the comb, the Go-Comb only offers one width.  Therefore if you want to straighten up your mustache hairs, it may be a bit tougher to style.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, is the size of the Go-Comb.

While I like to make sure that my beard looks great on the go, one of the biggest pains with the other beard combs that we reviewed is their size.  Usually way too big for your pocket, other beard combs often have to be stored in a messenger bag or your car throughout the day.

With the Go Comb, its the same exact size as a standard credit card (3.2″ x 2″), it can very easily fit in your wallet without it feeling too bulky.

While the steel bottle opener comb is a bit heftier, Go-Comb does offer lighter options in a black mesh.


  • Compact size can fit discretely in your wallet or pocket
  • Lightweight design won’t weigh you down
  • Doubling as a bottle opener is a nice touch when in a pinch


  • Feels a bit cold or sterile compared to others

What You Need To Know

If you want a comb to take with you on the go, then Go-Comb delivers. It’s lightweight and versatile design will help you look and feel your best anywhere.

4. Best Wooden Beard Comb: Viking Revolution Beard Comb

One wooden beard comb that really caught our attention was this offering by Viking Revolution.

Not only did it have both fine and coarse teeth on either side of the comb, but the compact size makes this a perfect comb for both home and travel use.

While the Kent offering we looked at was great because it offers three sizes, the two teeth variation on this comb makes it perfect for men with just about any beard thickness and any length.

Whether you are just growing a beard for the very first time and need to make use of the fine teeth or perhaps have a much longer and thicker beard, then simply using the wider set teeth will be a better approach – whatever your preference, this beard comb can work well with your beard.

But another nice feature that we really loved about this beard is the included travel pouch.

While it might seem like a novelty “throw-in” for some, it does provide some key utility.

Most importantly, the travel pouch will help to ensure that the teeth on the comb are never chipped or cracked – which will help to prevent any incidental snags on your beard when combing.

But should this beard comb ever fail you, Viking Revolution does stand by their products and offers up a money back guarantee.

So if you are looking for a new wooden beard comb at an affordable price, then get this one.


  • High quality wooden beard comb is great for travel
  • Dual comb great for all beard types
  • Won’t snag or pull your beard


Some men found the comb a bit light.

What You Need To Know

For a wooden beard comb, this is the best of the bunch. People absolutely love this comb – as evident by their overwhelmingly positive reviews by others. The dual comb sides will make it great whether your beard is short, long, or somewhere in the middle.

5. Onedor Folding Beard Comb

Another great travel beard comb on the market is this killer offering from Onedor.

A folding beard comb rivals the Go Comb when it comes to portability.

With the ability to be folded down into a few short inches, you can easily stuff this into your front or back pocket without the feeling that you are carrying a comb with you all day long.

Given that this is a comb made from wood, it will be anti static.  So even if you are wearing a fine pair of quality mens dress pants or even a simple pair of chinos, you don’t have to worry about some unintended static when taking this comb out for a midday cleanup.

While travel pouches or cases are great to protect the teeth of the comb when heading out the door, the folding nature keeps the teeth protected at all times when not in use – so you don’t have to ever worry about carrying around another accessory with you.

Crafted from sandalwood (which smells amazing), the wood is fairly strong and should be able to withstand the test of time.

Overall, this is a perfect beard comb for those men who love EDC stuff and want a compact offering to bring with them.


  • Compact and wooden design is great for travel
  • Won’t cause static when combing repeatedly
  • Men loved the smell


  • Some concerns over quality control

What You Need To Know

If you want a compact travel beard comb that is made of wood, then this is your best pick. The unique design truly sets it apart from others on our list.

6. Rocky Mountain Beard Comb

Maker of all things beard care related, Rocky Mountain enters the foray with their dual sided, hatched shaped wooden beard comb.

With both wide and narrow set teeth on either side, this comb is great for long or short beards along with detail or general styling.

The compact design allows it to travel extremely well, making it another versatile offering on our list.

Now if you are looking to pick up a beard comb for someone else, this beard comb does come in a nice gift box and leather pouch that delivers a nice touch.

Lastly, the comb is made from sandalwood – giving it a nice familiar scent that is subtle (yet welcomed) when working this comb through your beard every morning.

It’s also worth mentioning that of all reviews we read, men were really happy with the performance.  There was very little reported snags or cracks along the teeth (a common problem found with cheaper wooden combs).


  • Great classic wooden beard comb.
  • Sandalwood scent smells great.
  • Narrow and wide set teeth are versatile for all beard types.
  • Presentation box and leather pouch make it great for gift giving.


  • It’s a bit pricier compared to others.

What You Need To Know

This is a classic wooden beard comb. It gets the job done extremely well. The addition of a leather pouch make it great for gift giving.

7. Best Bone / Horn Beard Comb: Beardilizer Ox Buffalo Horn Beard Comb

A seasoned vet in the beard care market, is Beardilizer.  Primarily know for their beard vitamins that promote beard growth, this comb will maintain everything as your beard grows.

Why would you be interested in using buffalo horn on your beard?

Much like both the wood and synthetic material combs that are hand cut, buffalo horn is terrific at preventing static when combing your hair.

This is critical when it comes to the very core purpose of any beard comb – styling ability.

Unlike wood that may sometimes snag, buffalo horn wears nicely and will run through your beard smoothly.

As for this comb – it has a sturdy construction and will feel great in the palm of your hand.

However, the most common gripe that guys will have about this product is that it is a bit on a smaller side (moreso functions as a pocket comb) and that the teeth are a bit more on the wider side.


  • A beard comb that won’t cause static
  • Should easily last a lifetime
  • With the sanded teeth, it will never snag your beard


  • It’s rather small

What You Need To Know

This buffalo ox horn beard comb by Beardilizer is a great anti-static comb that will effortlessly style your beard. The smaller size and uniform teeth width may not be for everyone.

8. Cremo Beard Comb

Known for their latherless shave cream, over the past couple of years, Cremo has started to expand into other areas of men’s grooming, most notably with a new lineup of beard care products.

The latest addition to this extension is their new beard comb.

Like others that we reviewed on our list, this sandalwood beard comb is a dual sided beard comb that can work both the details and large areas of your beard with absolute ease.

With evenly spaced teeth at uniform depths, you should get consistent and reliable results with this beard comb time and time again.

Whether you are just simply styling for the day or are trying to train an unkempt beard, this beard comb by Cremo should get the job done.


  • It’s a great little beard comb that gets the job done.
  • Different sides make it great for all beard types.
  • Real sandalwood will smell great.


  • Lack of pouch make it not as great for travel.

What You Need To Know

It’s a great little beard comb that gets the job done. The no frills design will get your beard looking better in no time.

9. Best Cheap Beard Comb: Red Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb by EQLEF

This beard comb overall is a good entry level beard comb that offers two distinct distances between the teeth of the comb.

With its finer teeth (pictured left side), and wider teeth (pictured right side) will be able to suit most mens beards whether they are either on the thicker or thinner side.

One thing that we at Tools of Men really dug about this comb was that it is made from wood.

Therefore the amount of damage that you will be doing to your beard follicles (as outlined how important this is above), is for the most part pretty minimal and forgiving.

But the wood benefits will last long into the life of the comb.  You see the more you use this comb, unlike a plastic comb, the more softer the edges are going to naturally become.

Word of warning though – suspect quality is surrounding this comb in regards to the reviews on Amazon.  Folks have found that some splinters may show up between the teeth of the comb and it appears that this company ships their products directly from China.

One of the major drawbacks of this comb is that its relatively smaller – 10cm x 5cm (roughly 4″ x 2″).  With such a smaller size, this would probably suffice better as a pocket comb over a full on styling comb.

Even so, with it being a pocket comb, it still is pretty chunky!

It is just about .5″ longer than your standard deck of cards.

How does this all relate to the general styling ability?

You see pocket combs are great when you need to clean up on the go, but if you are preparing your beard in the morning, pocket combs simply aren’t the go to option since they are a bit more on the clumsy side when it comes to handling.

This puts this product in an awkward niche of not being the best pocket comb nor the best general comb for your beard – therefore receiving generally negative styling ability scores.


  • It’s a great beginners beard comb.
  • No frills and will keep your facial hair in check.
  • Rightly priced.


  • Some concerns over quality control.

What You Need To Know

This beard comb is a great entry level beard comb. If you want to maintain your beard a bit better but want an affordable and budget friendly option – then this is it.

Other Beard Combs We Considered

Zeus Handmade Saw-Cut Beard Comb

Similar in design and composition as the Kent beard comb, this Zeus Handmade Saw-Cut beard comb is made from cellulose acetate and will natural resist static.  At 6” long it can work as both a home and travel comb.

Swissco Folding Beard Comb

Folding combs are great for travel.  If you like to keep things compact, this folding beard comb by Swissco is the gold standard for men that want uncompromising quality throughout the day.

Ace Beard Comb

The classic drugstore beard comb at an affordable price.  While not saw cut or hand polished it can work as a last resort.

Badass Beard Comb

Known for their amazing beard oils, Badass Beard Care has a great walnut hardwood beard comb that will naturally resist static.  Given that there is no variation in comb tooth width, this is a one size fits all comb.

Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb

This 4” long natural horn comb by Zeus is the ultimate offering in static control.  The hand polished teeth will be a joy to work through your beard.  Zeus does also include a leather travel case for protection.

Skull Beard Comb

Make a statement with this skull beard comb pick.  Made from metal, this EDC beard comb features a drill bit, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, and of course a comb.

Baxter of California Beard Comb

Handcrafted and Swiss made, this beard comb by Baxter of California is another cellulose acetate beard comb that will keep your facial hair styled.  At 3.25” long, its great for sliding into your back or chest pocket.

How To Comb Your Beard For Best Results

Now combing your beard should be fairly straightforward.

However, we found time and time again, men getting tripped up on silly nuances that lead to less than desirable results.

Therefore, we wanted to put together this very quick and easy 5 step tutorial to get the best results when combing your beard.

Let’s get started:

1. Give Yourself A Good Cleaning

shower before combing beard

A well styled beard needs a good fresh start.  Not only will a shower knock away any dirt that may have been trapped in your beard from the previous day, but the added warmth from the water will soften the facial hair making it much easier to style.

2. Apply A Beard Conditioner

apply beard oil

Whether you are a beard oil or beard balm guy, your beard needs to get conditioned before it is combed.

So take a minute to work your conditioner thoroughly into your beard starting at the root of the follicle and working your way towards the ends.

This will provide adequate and even coverage to not only soften your beard, but also reduce the chance of split ends – especially if you plan on using an electric beard comb.

3. Detangle First

detangle beard first when combing

Depending on the length of your beard, you might have a few whiskers that could have gotten tangled up in the washing or conditioning steps above.

If your beard is a few inches long, take a minute to untangle the whiskers beneath your jawline first, then work on your cheeks.

4. Get A Good Grip On The Comb

get a firm grip on your beard comb

In order to get straight and controlled results, make sure that you have a firm grip on the comb.  This will allow for an even pass on the beard as the comb won’t bend when working through the thick parts of your beard.

5. Comb Downward For A Straight Beard

comb your beard downward

The reality is that much of your facial hair grows in a variety of directions.  Therefore, you need to train your facial hair to grow in a uniform and straight manner.

Let gravity assist you and always comb your beard in a straight downward direction.

Diligence is key here, so make sure you do this every day.

6. Use A Beard Pick For A Fuller Beard (Optional)

use a beard pick for dense curls

Should you have a dense and curly facial hair, then a beard pick can help to untangle and pull the facial hair away from the skin.

Some men also can use a beard pick to add volume to their beard, especially if it grows in a bit thinner.

7. Don’t Forget Your Travel Beard Comb (Optional)

make sure to bring your travel beard comb

For the midday touchups, don’t forget to drop your travel beard comb into your back pocket when heading out the door.

It can save you in a pinch should a sudden breeze ruin all the hard work you just did in styling it!

Differences Between a Beard Comb and Beard Brush

beard combs vs brushes

Their are stark differences when it comes to beard combs and brushes.

Here’s a quick breakdown of both:

Beard Combs

Typically made from wood, metal, or synthetic (i.e. plastic) materials, beard combs are not only an incredibly popular staple of the well-groomed beardsman, but a necessary product that you must have on hand if you want to keep your beard styled properly.

Quality beard combs like the ones we reviewed in this article, will give you the very best in styling abilities that a beard brush simply cannot compete with.

Perfect for men with slightly longer and thicker beards, beard combs are an easy and manageable way to maintain your furry mane.

But they do have their faults…

Many of the wooden combs that we looked at and researched are susceptible to cracking and splintering.

This can lead to unexpected snags when combing.

Furthermore, synthetic beard combs can come in many different price points and production methods.

Which can lead to a host of quality problems – we touch on this a bit more in the next section due to its sheer importance.

Lastly, metal combs can be a bit rougher when compared to the other materials – which can be discomforting for some men.

Beard Brush

A quality beard brush is normally made from boars hair (although we have seen both synthetic and vegan varieties becoming more popular as of late).

This natural fiber gives the man much greater control when it comes to spreading through product.  Unlike a comb, natural bristles help to evenly spread out product such as beard oil, beard butter, and even beard balm evenly throughout the beard.

But beyond supplemental conditioners or moisturizers that you may be adding to your beard, a beard brush can also get deep to the base of the beard follicle and also distribute the natural sebum oil that is being produced by your sebaceous glands.

This not only means a evenly conditioned beard, but also one that will look and feel a lot better (especially if you have never used a brush previously).

When it comes to style, beard brushes are a whole lot different than combs.

When using a beard brush, you will be able to get a much more fuller or puffier look.

This makes beard brushes a preferred tool of choice for those men who have thinner or even patchier beards.

Like beard combs, beard brushes do have their own problems – primarily size.

Unlike beard combs that can be stuffed away in your back pocket or even wallet (see Go Comb), beard brushes are much larger and can’t easily be taken with you throughout the day.

So if you are a guy that likes to touch up on lunch, know that this is a big limitation with the beard brush.

Common Questions Men Had About Beard Combs (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)

Q: Can you over comb your beard?

No matter the quality of the beard comb that you end up purchasing, one important rule remains in place:

Over combing your beard can cause a lot of problems.

While it doesn’t sound that that big of a deal, for some it is.

Over combing of the beard will not only put strain on the roots of the follicles, but will also open your beard up to split ends, breakage, and in the worse case scenario, patchiness.

No matter the beard comb that you decide to pick up, based on our research and feedback from other beardsmen, we recommend never combing your beard more than 2 or 3 times a day.

This will not only lessen the stress on your beard, but will also allow it to grow in much fuller with time.

Q: When is the best time to comb your beard?

As discussed earlier, the single best time to comb your beard is after a shower.

But not directly after a shower when your beard is still wet.

Instead, you should make sure its reasonably dry (a few minutes at most after pat drying) before doing anything.

Once dry, then apply conditioner (as outlined in our tutorial) and then comb accordingly.

Q: Should you comb or brush your beard?

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether to comb or brush your beard.

If you are going for a fuller more natural look, you will want to brush your beard (although as we covered, a beard pick can get great results).

On the other hand if you are going for styling purposes you will want to comb your beard.

If your main goal is to get your mustache out of your mouth or to begin training your hairs to grow in the direction that you want, its best to start out with either a boar hair bristle brush or mustache comb.

Here’s the truth though:

All guys have their very own preference on either or and in fact many of them prefer to use a comb to get out the knots and tangles of their beard first with a comb and then brush it to train their hairs and lastly comb it (again) to style it even further.

Here are a couple of thoughts of what beardsmen around the web think:

beard brush vs comb testimonal - tools of men
beard brush vs comb testimonal - tools of men
beard brush vs comb testimonal - tools of men
beard brush vs comb testimonal - tools of men
beard brush vs comb testimonal - tools of men
beard brush vs comb testimonal - tools of men

The point is this:

It’s your beard – therefore you are going to find out what works best for you and what doesn’t.

If it’s your first ever time investing in any sort of beard brush or beard comb I would recommend that you pick up both.

Overall its a relatively small investment and in the end you may very end up up using both of them in your daily morning routine.

Best Beard Comb: Selection Process

Picking out the best beard comb of 2021, to say the least, tough.  With so many options available on the market and limited resources, we weren’t able to cover every one.

However, based on our research, we feel confident in the best beard combs we picked out – and we think you will like them too!

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Shawn Burns is the founder and senior editor of Tools of Men. He started this site with the goal of teaching men proper grooming habits and sensible style. Shawn's expertise includes in-depth product reviews and how-to articles. Shawn was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal for his expertise.

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