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Best Beard Brushes

A beard brush is an indispensable grooming tool for men with facial hair. It can help to untangle knots, remove dead skin cells, stimulate beard growth, and distribute oils evenly throughout the hair. 

There are many different types of beard brushes available on the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In this guide, learn how to buy the right beard brush for your needs, along with in-depth reviews of the best beard brushes currently available.

Beard Brushes Compared

RankingBeard BrushBristleBristle CutHandlePriceAwardRating
1Kent Beard BrushBoarOffsetOval$64Best Overall98
2ZilberHaar Beard BrushBoarOffsetPaddle$18Top Seller97
3CanYouHandleBar’s Beard BrushHorsehairOffsetRound$20For Travel93
4Badass Beard Care Beard BrushBoarOffsetPaddle$20For Long Beards92
5ZilberHaar Vegan Beard BrushPlant fibersOffsetPaddle$18Vegan91
6Cremo Beard BrushBoarOffsetRectangular$10Affordable88
7Grave Before Shave Beard BrushBoarOffsetPaddle$18For Thick Beards87

Best Beard Brushes of 2023

Here are our reviews an ratings of beard brushes:

Kent Beard Brush

Best Overall
Kent Men's Oval Men Military Hair Brush, 100%...

What We Think:

If you want a reliable and well-performing beard brush, consider this brush by Kent. It has natural boar bristles that are effective at detangling knots and distributing oils, and the machine sewn bristles are less likely to shed.


Sewn bristles mitigate shedding

Luxurious cherry wood handle

Natural boar bristles are effective at detangling knots and distributing oils


Travel pouch not included

Some may find the bristles to be too stiff

Kent’s expert craftsmanship coupled with uncompromising materials results in quality products that are designed to last a lifetime.

Made in England, the Kent Beard Brush relies on a natural boar bristle that has been offset.  Whether untangling knots or distributing an oily beard conditioner, the natural fiber delivers reliably good performance.

Unlike most beard brushes where the fibers are glued into the handle, the fibers in this Kent brush are machine sewn.  By taking this additional step, the brush will last significantly longer while also being less likely to shed.

The handle is made from cherry wood.

What customers are saying: Many customers are extremely satisfied with the beard brush, praising its high-quality materials and exceptional performance in taming their beards. They also appreciate the comfortable grip and compact design, making it an excellent choice for beard maintenance.

ZilberHaar Beard Brush

Top Seller
Beard Brush by ZilberHaar - Stiff Boar Bristles -...

What We Think:

Looking for a proven, yet affordable beard brush? Look no further than the ZilberHaar Beard Brush. With its genuine boar hair bristles and 5/8″ length, it can reach into even the thickest beards for superior volume, oil distribution, and overall appearance.


Made with genuine boar hair for superior performance

Lifetime guarantee

Pearwood handle is sleek and portable


Bristles not sewn into the knot

Small size requires extra passes

Made from genuine boars hair, the ZilberHaar Beard Brush is one of the most popular beard brushes among beardsmen.  At 5/8″ in length, the fibers have plenty of length to reach into thick beards.  This makes for greater volume, better distribution of oils, and ultimately a better-looking and feeling beard.

While the pearwood handle is smaller than most, many enjoyed the increased portability.  While not as sleek as a beard comb, you can store this brush away in your backpack, briefcase, or leather messenger bag for midday cleanup.

Unlike many cheap beard brushes made in China, the ZilberHaar brush is made in Germany.  The brush also comes with a lifetime guarantee.  

CanYouHandleBar’s Beard Brush

For Travel
Can You Handlebar Mens Beard Balm Application...

What We Think:

Horsehair is making a comeback in the beard brush world and CanYouHandleBar is leading the charge. If you are looking for a travel-friendly option that is easy to control, this is the brush for you.


Easy to use

Includes a lightweight travel tin

Made in the USA


The lack of a handle makes it somewhat challenging to use on long beards

CanYouHandleBar was one of the first companies to make a name for themselves in the beard care space.  This round horsehair beard brush works well for when you need to clean up your beard quickly.  The puck-like design makes it rather easy to control, especially on a medium-to-short length beard.

The softer horsehair bristles will feel pleasant against the skin compared to the rigid backbone of the boar bristle. 

One nice feature of this brush is the included tin.  The tin will keep your bristles safe from damage when stored during travel.  

Lastly, this beard brush is made in the USA.

What customers are saying: The beard brush has received mixed reviews. Many customers appreciated its softness and ability to apply beard oil evenly, while others were unhappy with the odor, bristles shedding, and receiving used or damaged products. Some customers also found the brush to be overpriced.

Badass Beard Care Beard Brush

For Long Beards
Badass Beard Care 100% Boars Hair Hardwood Frame...

What We Think:

The Badass Beard Care Beard Brush is a great choice for those with long beards. The 100% natural boar bristles add sheen and softness, while the 6.75″ length and paddle head make it easy to reach the skin’s surface for optimal oil distribution.


6.75″ length and paddle head make it ideal for long beards

Offset bristles reach the skin’s surface for easy distribution of natural oils


Size may make it difficult to use and travel with

This brush by Badass Beard Care relies on a 100% natural boar bristle.  The natural animal fiber will help add sheen and softness to your facial hair.

At 6.75″ in length and a broad paddle head, this brush is best used on long beards.  However, given the size, you may want to relegate this beard brush to home use only.  The offset bristles should reach the skin’s surface with ease to help distribute the natural oils. 

What customers are saying: Customers have mixed feelings about this beard brush. Many appreciate its ergonomic design, effectiveness in taming beards, and making them soft. However, some have concerns regarding the quality of the wood and bristles falling out easily, even right out of the package.

ZilberHaar Vegan Beard Brush

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar - Stiff Boar Bristles -...

What We Think:

Eco-minded beardsmen rejoice! The ZilberHaar Vegan Beard Brush is made from Mexican tampico fibers and high-quality walnut wood. The stiff bristles are great for untangling knots, while the offset design makes it easy to reach the skin’s surface.


Made with eco and animal-friendly materials

High-quality walnut wood handle is comfortable to grip

Stiff Mexican tampico fibers provide a strong backbone


Small size may make it difficult to use

If you want an eco and animal-friendly brush, then consider the ZilberHaar vegan beard brush.  

Rather than relying on plastic or another manmade material, the bristles found on this brush are made from stiff Mexican tampico fibers.  The vegan fibers provide a hardy backbone that can untangle stubborn knots while also performing well in distributing oils.  

For the handle, ZilberHaar relies on high-quality walnut wood.  The rounded handle provides a comfortable grip when holding the brush.

At 0.6″ long, the offset bristles should be able to reach the skin’s surface, even if your beard is rather bushy or long.  

While small in size, the shape may be difficult to travel with.

ZilberHaar makes this vegan beard brush in Germany.  

What customers are saying: Most customers are extremely satisfied with this beard brush, praising its perfect size for detailed grooming, its effectiveness in maintaining a full and styled beard, and its quality. Some users mentioned that it’s great for on-the-go styling and combing. However, a few customers experienced increased hair loss when using the brush. Overall, it has received positive reviews and high ratings.

Cremo Beard Brush

Cremo Beard Accessories, 100% Boar Bristle Beard...

What We Think:

Just because you’re on a shoe-string budget doesn’t mean you can’t find a great beard brush. The Cremo Beard Brush is one of the best values currently available, made from 100% boar’s hair bristles.


Rightly priced so anyone with a beard can look great

Rounded rectangular handle

Available at local stores


Reports of bristles shedding

The Cremo beard brush is well-made and priced competitively.  At less than $10, it’s one of the best value beard brushes currently available.  Despite the low price, the brush is made from 100% boar’s hair bristles.

Only a few inches in length, the brush is easy to control when untangling stubborn knots.  The rounded rectangular handle should also feel great when resting in the palm of your hand.

While beard brushes are a fairly small grooming category, you may find this Cremo brush at your local drugstore or grocery store.  Therefore, if you want to pick this up locally today, you might be in luck.

Some concerns about shedding were reported; exercise the return policy here should you experience the same.

What customers are saying: Customers are impressed with this beard brush due to its high-quality bristles and sturdy construction. They appreciate the way it effectively removes tangles, ensuring a well-groomed and healthy beard.

Grave Before Shave Beard Brush

For Thick Beards
Grave Before Shave Beard Brush

What We Think:

Got a beard so thick it could rival that of a yeti? This is the brush for you. Made from sustainable bamboo, it’s also great for eco-conscious men.


Great for men with extremely long or thick beards

The offset bristles penetrate deep into the beard to get greater volume and oil distribution

The handle is made from bamboo, a sustainable material


The brush is large and does not travel well

Made from the popular Bass hairbrush company, this large beard brush is great for men with extremely long or thick beards.

Nearly the size of a standard hairbrush, the Grave Before Shave Beard Brush provides significant leverage with each pass.  The offset bristles penetrate deep into the beard to get greater volume and oil distribution.  

Eco-conscious men enjoy the fact that the handle on this brush relies on bamboo, a sustainable material.  

Given the size of this brush, it does not travel well and may shed fibers.  

What customers are saying: Most customers highly recommend this beard brush, praising its effectiveness in taming medium-length beards, soft and smooth bristles, and high quality. However, a few have mentioned issues with bristles falling out after a short period of use. Overall, it’s a popular brush with many satisfied users.

How to Buy a Beard Brush

When buying a beard brush, consider the following:

  • Bristle Type.  Beard brushes rely on one of the three types of bristles: boar, horsehair, or synthetic.  Natural fibers like boar and horsehair are more effective at distributing oils along the entire length of the beard follicle.  This results in a softer feeling beard.  Boar bristles have a rigid backbone making it easier to untangle knots.  Synthetic bristles are an animal-friendly or vegan alternative.  
  • Bristle Cut. Bristles that are offset, as opposed to being completely flat, can reach the skin’s surface.  This provides better results when styling or adding volume.
  • Price.  The price for a beard brush varies depending on bristle source and brand.  Expect to pay between $15 and $50 for a quality beard brush.
  • Handle Shape.  Beard brushes come in a variety of shapes, including oval, extended handle, and round.  Oval and round beard brushes are significantly smaller, making them travel-friendly.  An extended handle may be easier to use on a longer beard.
  • Handle Material.  Most beard brushes are made from wood or plastic.  The selection here is a personal preference.
  • Facial Hair Type.  Thin, thick, coarse, or curly, virtually all beard brushes work with any facial hair density, texture, or thickness.
  • Facial Hair Length. Consider a brush with a longer handle for easier control.  For a short to medium length beard, a round or oval brush is suitable. 

Beard Brush FAQs

How often should you brush your beard?

Try to limit brushing your beard to no more than a few times daily.  Repeated brushing may lead to follicle breakage or split ends. 

Can you just use your hair brush on your beard?

Hair brushes and beard brushes don’t always perform the same.  Hair brushes often have plastic bristles, which do a poor job of distributing oils.  Additionally, hair brushes are usually much larger, making them difficult to control when brushing your beard or mustache.

Which direction should you brush your beard?

Most men will brush their beards in a downward direction.  Downward brushing will provide a more kempt appearance.  Should you want additional volume, consider brushing against the grain; upwards for most men, and then down.  

Will brushing help your beard grow?

According to our research, we could not find any scientific studies that found a link between brushing facial hair and beard growth.

How do you clean a beard brush?

Beard brushes must be regularly cleaned to prevent oil buildup and improve performance. Here’s a short guide we put together outlining the steps necessary to clean a beard brush.

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