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Understanding Triple-Milled Shaving Soaps & How They are Different

Triple-milled shaving soap is popular in the wet shaving community as it often delivers reliably good results, whether shaving with a safety razor, straight razor, or any other shaving tool.

As the name infers, triple-milled soap is a type of soap that has been grated three times to remove excess water to create a more concentrated product. During the milling process, companies may add fragrances, superfats, and colorants to improve the texture and appearance of the soap.

But does triple-milled soap always correlate to a quality product and an improved shaving experience?

Well, it depends on the company making the soap and its processes. Today, we’ll look at what sets triple-milled soap apart from other shaving soaps and why you should consider trying it out.

What is triple-milled shaving soap?

As we mentioned above, triple-milled soap is just a soap that has been grated three times to remove excess water. While the scope of this article is to talk specifically about shaving soaps, triple-milled soaps can be found in other applications, including bath and hand soaps.

Triple-milled soaps tend to be much more rigid due to the lack of moisture in the soap.

Due to the resulting moisture loss, triple-milled soaps will last significantly longer than traditional shaving soap. While their costs are typically higher (more on this in a minute), the soap’s longevity may provide better value than traditional soap.

Also to Note:

Companies may add ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, and glycerin to provide extra nourishment and protection to the skin during the shave.

How does it differ from other shaving soaps?

A side-by-side comparison of triple-milled and traditional soap isn’t as dramatic as you may think. The reason is that if a company relies on quality ingredients, be it a single or triple-milled soap; the performance will be similar (think: garbage in, garbage out).

The biggest difference between the two soaps is how long they will last. A triple-milled soap by a reputable company like D.R. Harris or Mitchel’s Wool Fat can last you about three months before needing to be replaced. Given that it has a much longer shelf life, some wet shavers like this as it reduces overall packaging and shipping waste – making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Another important difference between a triple-milled and traditional soap is when you generate a lather. Some may require a bit of effort to build the lather as you are effectively adding back in the lost water that was removed during the production process.

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Is the fragrance better?

Fragrance plays an important role in many daily grooming products, including shaving soaps. The scent of a triple-milled soap isn’t any more or less pronounced than other types of soaps, as it’s largely up to the soap maker on how much fragrance they want to add. So if you have a sensitive nose or perhaps prefer stronger or more subtle fragrances, there is nothing particularly to be mindful of here.

How triple-milled shaving soap impacts your shave

Given that the soap has had all the water removed and tends to have fewer impurities, wet shaving enthusiasts find that a triple-milled soap often provides much slicker lubrication when shaving. In particular, those that use a safety razor or straight razor will find that the soap provides a much smoother shave.

While the expected lather varies on the shaving soap, the shaving brush, amount of water, and effort to build the lather varies from person to person; expect to get a thick, creamy lather that provides excellent cushioning, which results in a razor blade gliding effortlessly along the contours of your skin without causing nicks, cuts, or irritation.

Cost of triple-milled shaving soap

With the increase in raw materials and production costs, expect to pay more than $25 for a single puck. For comparison, a traditional shaving soap from brands like Proraso or Cella can be found for $15 or less.


If you are looking for a reliable, concentrated shaving soap that will provide a smooth shave, triple-milled shaving soaps are worth trying out. While they cost more than traditional shaving soaps, they tend to last longer and provide a smoother shave.

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