Best Shaving Cream Warmers

To achieve a smooth and comfortable shave, you must get the surface on your skin warm so the hair will soften and your skin will be supple. 

Whether you are considering a shaving cream warmer for personal use or your barbershop, below we share with you a few we think you will like.

Shaving Cream Warmers Compared

RankingShave Cream WarmerWarrantyAdjustable Temperature?AwardRating
1Lather Time Professional Hot Lather MachineNoNoBest Overall97.4
2Conair HGL1NR Gel And Lather Heating System1 YearNoFor Canned Shaving Cream95.1
3The Latherking1 YearNoFor Barbers93.7
4Common Wealth Professional Deluxe Hot Lather Machine1 YearYesAffordable92.3

4 Best Shaving Cream Warmers in 2024

Here’s our list of the top shaving cream warmers currently available:

1. Best Overall: Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

lathertime shave cream warmer

Suppose you want the same lather machine that barbers use and will give up a few conveniences such as footprint size or temperature control. In that case, the Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine by Scalpmaster will be your best bet.

This liquid-based shaving cream dispenser will work for you and about 100 others on any given day.

The workhorse of shaving cream warmers comes with a extra-large soap cup, a rubber foot pad for reduced slippage when using the front pump, and a cleaning brush to maintain your dispenser over the course of its life.

With a 120V DC motor, this powerhouse will maintain a consistent temperature throughout your shave.

While this might be overkill for the bathroom countertop, men striving to get a shaving cream warmer that they are so accustomed to seeing every time they go to the barbershop will love this option.

When it comes to the specific solution used within this dispenser, a popular choice among men and barbers alike is the highly revered shave cream by Campbell’s.

With each dispense of this machine and the Campbell’s shaving cream, you should be able to generate a warm and incredibly rich texture that will leave your razor blade singing when gliding effortlessly to cut your whiskers down.

While this machine is a bit overkill for a bathroom countertop, it will be incredibly well suited for those who come from larger families where many men may be shaving within the house – making it an exceptionally well-placed investment.


  • Perfect for those who want the same lather machine that barbers use
  • Comes with the essentials
  • 120V DC motor will maintain a consistent temperature throughout your shave


  • Might be too large for some bathroom countertops
  • Not all men will need such a powerful machine

2. For Canned Shave Gel: Conair Gel And Lather Heating System

conair shave cream warmer

Beyond just hairdryers, Conair has been making hallmark bathroom appliance brands for years.

Based out of Glendale, AZ, comes this unique and compact warm shaving cream dispenser that should work for just about man’s shaving cream or gel canister.

Taking up a relatively small footprint on your countertop, this 120V plug-in operated dispenser is great for the man looking for a no-nonsense shaving cream warmer that gets the job done adequately.

Ripe for the man on a budget, this affordable shaving cream dispenser won’t set you back hundreds of dollars like others listed below that are better suited for daily shaving and industrial standards.

Unlike many of the other shaving cream warmers reviewed in this article, Conair does back the HGL1NR with its one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Therefore, this shaving cream warmer will provide the peace of mind you have come to expect from quality brands like Conair.

When using the Conair warmer, you will want to switch it to the on position before hopping into the shower. Then, once the LED indicator stops blinking on the top, your shaving cream will be ready for dispensing, and you will be on your way to a much more comfortable (and affordable) shave!


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Backed by a one-year warranty


  • Not as durable as some of the more expensive options on the market

3. For Barbers: The Latherking

latherking shave cream warmer

With a name like Latherking, you know this product takes its job seriously. A workhorse like the Scalpmaster, this shave cream warmer is primarily aimed at barbershops.

However, given its relatively sleek design, it can also be a welcomed addition to many men’s countertops who shave daily.

While we covered this above in the Scalpmaster section, shaving cream warmers of this capacity may be a bit overkill for just a single guy. However, if you share your sink with other folks in the household that shave regularly, this is an incredible way to cut costs for everyone across the board instead of paying the steep prices that canned creams demand.

Being made in the USA, you should expect quality construction not seen in other warmers made overseas. Beyond just being made in the United States, this dispenser by Latherking is UL certified (and the only one we found to be the case on our list).

It’s important to note that since this dispenser doesn’t come equipped with a dish or tray to rest in, you may want to pick up a product upon check out. However, it’s not to say that it doesn’t have an enclosed motor case, just that a rubber mat to rest on should help to increase its lifespan and prevent mildew buildup along the bottom.

Secondly, given its industrial first design, this shaving cream warmer will take some time before it’s ready. The expected wait time till a warm lather should be around 30 minutes.

Therefore, you will want to turn this one while brushing your teeth before you hop into the shower.

Lastly, given its barbershop focus, there are no ways to adjust the temperature setting on this machine.


  • American made and UL certified
  • Quality construction
  • Enclosed motor case


  • Takes some time to warm up
  • Lacks temperature adjustments

4. Affordable: Common Wealth Professional Deluxe Hot Lather Machine

common wealth shave cream warmer

Somewhere between industrial dispensers like the one listed above by Scalpmaster to those that are incredibly consumer-oriented like the Conair lies this shaving cream warmer by Common Wealth.

First and foremost, this shave cream warmer comes with temperature control.

However, this warmer cannot dial in on an exact temperature setting. Instead of a degree-specific temperature, you can set it anywhere between on, medium, and hi – much like an iron’s dial when straightening your clothes.

While the temperature can be a bit vague, likely after a few uses of this dispenser, you will know your preferred temp and have no future adjustments.

Another great feature about this dispenser is its pump top design, making it incredibly easy to get your shaving cream out with only one hand.

Unlike the Conair dispenser, this warmer can only take on liquid concentrates. Therefore, if you want to use your favorite canned cream, you are out of luck.

Beyond the shave creams operations, this product does come packed with a badger brush. If you have only ever used your hands to apply shaving cream, you will quickly realize all the benefits that these brushes hold, especially when helping to increase the overall comfort of your shave.

What’s also great is that this warmer by Common Wealth also includes an 8oz shave cream concentrate to get you started.

This warmer comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty providing extra peace of mind when purchasing.


  • Comes with temperature control
  • Pump top design makes it easy to use with one hand
  • Badger brush included


  • Cannot take canned shaving cream
  • The temperature can be a bit vague

3 Tips for Buying a Shaving Cream Warmer

Shaving Cream Variety

Most shaving cream warmers require that you use a particular shaving liquid concentrate (sold separately). This limits your ability to test across brands should you not be satisfied with the results.

Some consumer-facing shaving cream warmers may work with a limited number of shaving gels and foams. Be sure to check the compatibility before purchasing.

Temperature Control

Some shaving cream warmers allow you to change the temperature, whereas others only have an on/off switch. The ability to control temperature typically isn’t a leading consideration but a feature that some models may add. Our recommendation is to put little weight on this feature.


When considering shaving cream warmers, it’s important to remember that industrial options like The Latherking are often found in barbershops rather than in homes. In addition, they usually are placed in a central location, so many barbers can share one unit.

If you are buying for home use, check the device’s dimensions to ensure it doesn’t take up too much countertop space in your bathroom.

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