6 Reasons You’ll Love Shaving Your Head Completely Bald For the First Time

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I am a guy that was not given a ton of hair.  Genetics wasn’t nice to me.

It stinks!

Or so I thought…

You see, I started losing my hair before I could actually drink.  Yeah, it was that bad.  So you could say I am an authority on the manner of being a guy with very little follicle growth up top – and the fact that I have been shaving my head bald for some time!

However, that’s not to say that when I was losing my hair for the first time I was asking myself the tough questions like: should I shave my head at 20?  Or better yet – should I buy rogaine extra strength?

This was such a blow to my ego as a kid.  But now over 10 years later, I like to think I am a little bit wiser and a whole lot more confident in my hair style.

Now I realize all of the benefits of shaving all your hair off (or at least six really good ones below).

But that’s not to say that my ego wasn’t torn to shreds at the time.

Especially when you were in the middle of going to college and felt like the oldest young guy in the classroom.

After all, my options were limited:

I could either sport a toupee, pay for hair transplant surgery (I was in college so this wasn’t even an option), maybe try to let my hair go a bit longer and help hide the bald spot in the back just a bit more, shave down my hair a little bit (size 3 on the hair clippers), or lastly, completely shave it all off with balding clippers.

Honestly, I was scared, self-conscious and couldn’t make up my mind.

I took the plunge and tried Rogaine.

Even though it definitely worked and grew a bit of hair back in its place – I knew that this wasn’t going to be a long-term option.

Does any of this sound familiar at all?

Here are the reasons why shaving my head was by and far one of the best decisions I ever made in my life:

1.  Shaving My Head Myself Saved Over $400 Dollars a Year!

Visiting the Barber Shop

When I would go to the barbershop here in the city, I would spend about $16 including tip every couple of weeks.

Roughly $416 a year on cutting what little hair I had.

I mean come on!

I would sit down in the chair, they would break out the professional barber clippers and I would be opening up my wallet within 10 minutes.

The barbershop was so quick, I could pop over on a half-hour lunch and still have plenty of time to get back to work and actually enjoy my lunch!

It’s not to say that they didn’t do a good job, but I figured if I were paying my hard earned cash on a haircut when I didn’t even have hair, then why not just do it myself?

You see, normally I reserve my dislike for companies that make safety cartridge razors.

The markup that they apply to those blades are insane.

Here’s the kicker, though:

Even though the markup is so high on cartridge blades like Gillette or Schick – they are still cheaper than going to the barbershop and having them cut your hair.

For a quick comparison, as outlined above, I would spend about $416 per year making visits to the barbershop.  When purchasing my own cartridge blades, I spent about $40 annually for 12 blades.  Each blade you can get about four really good shaves out of it – this is assuming you shave weekly:

Annual Cost of the Barbershop vs Shaving Your Head Bald

Yes, it really is that drastic of a difference.  That is a net savings of $376!

But that’s not all:

Not only are you now saving a ton of money by skipping the barbershop every couple of weeks, but you now don’t have to worry about using that much shampoo or conditioner.

Even though you are bald, one bottle of all-natural shampoo and conditioner should last you pretty much all year. Shampooing and conditioning is critical to making sure your scalp stays well-moisturized to prevent dry skin and flaking.

I don’t know about you, but I sure would like to have that money in my pocket instead of just throwing it away every few weeks.

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out this complete guide to proper bald head care and all the stuff you should invest in to make your dome look its best.

2.  From Hollywood to Pro Sports There are Plenty of Famous Bald  People

Bruce Willis Hair Throughout the Years - Shaving His Head

Which Bruce Willis looks best?

If you say #1, there’s no hope for you 🙂

Ok, #2 isn’t bad by any means.  I mean who is more badass than John McClane?  Even as a fictional character in Die Hard, he has his own Wikipedia page:


How badass is that?!

But you definitely have to go with #3 in the pic above.  I mean he looks just like an awesome guy!

So be it Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Woody Harrelson, Andre Agassi, Bryan Cranston, Michael Jordan, Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel, Samuel Jackson or a multitude of other famous people, they all have one thing in common:

You guessed it!

They’re completely bald celebrities – or at least nearly bald!

Sure, they might have a full-time makeup crew that follows them around and makes sure they always look their best for the camera, but take away all of that – they are human after all and embrace their hairline.

Of course, sitting on a few million dollars always helps, too – but that’s not the point!

If you are thinning out on top, you can definitely get away with cutting your hair a bit closer.

Need further affirmation? Just check out the pictures below:

Bald Famous People

I get it – celebrities are only one slice of the pie.

Of course, they are famous for so many reasons and being bald isn’t exactly one of them.

Which leads me to the next section…

3.  Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive?

Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive

Yes, yes, annnnd yes!

Oh, did I say yes!?

Sure, there are definitely the skeptics out there where women don’t find bald men attractive.

As the saying goes ‘to each their own’.  Honestly though, after reading the testimonials below, I would almost venture to say that women find bald men more attractive.

But why?

There are a few reasons for it (oh yeah, and we have facts at the end of this to prove it):

1.  Bald men exude a lot more confidence

A guy that can sport going bald proves that they are comfortable with their own body.  Instead of sporting a combover trying to hide the inevitable, they like when a man embraces what they have.

2.  Bald men seem more organized

Bald men appear to be more well put together and neat.  Women would rather be with someone like this:

Patrick Stewart - Bald Famous People

…than someone who kinda looks like this:

Shaving Your Head Bald Sloppy Guy vs Clean Guy

Instead of letting hair grow in patches or unkempt on your head, going completely bald makes you seem on top of your game.

3.  Everything appears under control

Lastly, a bald guy looks a lot more mature and in control instead of being all over the place with different hairstyles every couple of months trying to hide what is going on.  Women love men who take control of their own destiny.

So I mentioned there would be some testimonials from women to back this up, right?

Here you go:

Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?
Do Women Find Bald Guys Attractive?

4.  Shaving Your Head Bald for the First Time – What Other Guys Thought

Sure, we went over what women thought in the previous section, but it would only be fair to also hear what guys thought once they saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Shaving Head Bald Confidence
Shaving Head Bald Confidence
Shaving Head Bald Confidence
Shaving Head Bald Confidence

You have to always remember, though:

Even if you are completely bald and decide to shave your head just to test out the waters, it is always temporary from where you currently sit today.

So don’t be too shy on jumping off the deep end and giving a shave a whirl!

5.  Shaved Head With Beard = The Ultimate One-Two Punch!!!

Shaved Head with Beard

The single best way to make yourself look even better while sporting a bald head is to grow a beard.


If you are going bald, chances are that you have higher testosterone levels.


With higher testosterone levels, it will allow you to grow out a killer beard.

So while you may have lost all of the hair up top, don’t fret–you can even it out with facial hair.  In my book, that’s a net difference of 0-total hair growth above the neckline!

If this is your first time growing a beard ever (or if it’s something that you don’t do often), there are definitely some important things you need to know.

First: Understand how to maintain your beard properly.  In fact when you grow a beard, you may experience a bit of beardruff – don’t fret.  You can get rid of that rather quickly when using a beard oil.

We recently wrote a post outlining all of the benefits of beard oil.  So be sure to check it out when you have a minute.

When using beard oil, it can get a bit pricey and could offset the savings we acquired in step 1.  But don’t fret–if you have the time (i.e. about 15 minutes), you can actually make your own beard oil recipe.

Again, this will get you back in the black and fatten that piggy bank a bit more.

Here’s the deal, though:

You might be the guy that got the double whammy – no beard and no hair.



You may have tried rogaine (a.k.a minoxidil) in the past and clearly didn’t receive the results you were looking for.

However, you can definitely try it out on your beard and see if the results could differ.  Up front, you have about a 40% chance of a success rate if everything goes well.

In fact we have an entire writeup about your beard and minoxidil.

Regardless of what others think and whether or not you are sporting a beard, it all comes down to confidence, which leads me to my next point:

6.  When Shaving Your Head, Confidence is Key

Confidence in Shaving Head

Credit: AMC/Frank Ockenfels 3

I am not the most confident guy in the world.

From speaking in front of others to making decisions – sometimes I feel like my confidence falters.

When it comes to hair, anytime someone would make a bald joke it seriously upset me.

While I tried my best to hide it, it definitely hurt.

Perhaps I wasn’t the best at taking a joke, but it was just something that I couldn’t help and I honestly didn’t know what to do.

Like I was saying earlier, when I first had started to lose my hair, I had a tough time grappling with the change.  Heck, I was only 20 years old after all.

So the night I decided to first take clippers to my head to get my hair close, and secondly run a safety cartridge through it, there were several thoughts that went through my head.  Most along the lines of – damn this is going to look horrible – I am going to feel like a cue ball – What if I don’t like it? – Am I going to slice my head open from the razor and have to go to the emergency room?

The point is – I was terrified.

But when I finished up, dried off my head, and put on my glasses, I was honestly amazed!

It was a crazy experience!

I felt awesome!

Plain and simple!  It was definitely one of the better decisions of my life.

If you’re on the edge thinking about shaving your head, I couldn’t be happier to urge you to do so.

It will make you feel awesome as a man, and heck, you have to always think to yourself – ‘it will always grow back’.

I know it’s not easy to put yourself in that mindset, but trust me on this one, you’ll love it!

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