RazoRock Mamba 53 safety razor
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RazoRock Mamba 53

The RazoRock Mamba 53 stands out for its precise engineering and quality materials, being CNC milled from 316L marine grade stainless steel in Ontario, Canada. Designed with the intent to provide a mild yet efficient shaving experience, the Mamba 53 is noted for its ability to deliver close shaves with minimal irritation, making it particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin or who prefer a gentler approach to shaving. Its construction is evidently built to last, with each head coming individually serial numbered, reflecting the manufacturer’s commitment to precision and longevity.

The Mamba 53 received a warm reception for its balance and weight, contributing to its overall satisfactory performance. While its ‘Super Knurl’ handle contributes to a secure grip, it was mentioned that the grip could become slippery when wet, which could be an area of improvement. The blade changing process, based on the design of the low-profile alignment pins, is also remarked upon as slightly tricky, requiring a bit more attention during assembly. Despite its mild nature, the razor seems to require a specific angle to achieve the optimal shave, which can be mastered over time for consistent results. Overall, the RazoRock Mamba 53 is commended for being a durable and well-crafted tool for daily shaving, with its performance enhanced when paired with sharper blades.

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Details RazoRock Mamba 53 Bevel Safety Razor × Parker Variant × Parker 64S × Blackland Sabre × Shavent × Razorine FLATBOY × The Goodfellas Smile Syntesi ×
Brand RazoRock Bevel Parker Safety Razor Parker Blackland Shavent Razorine The Goodfellas' Smile
Country Of Origin Canada China India United States Germany Italy Italy
Length 3.5 4.25 4 3.35 4.72 3.74 3.43
Materials 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Chrome Plated, Brass Brass frame, Satin Chrome Plated, Electroplated Finish Marine Grade 316L STAINLESS STEEL 303 Stainless Steel Zinc, Chrome-plated Brass Head, 316L Stainless Steel Handle Stainless Steel 303, Aluminum
Pieces 3 1 2 3 3 1 2 N/A
Razor Adjustable No No Yes No No No No No
Razor Head Type Closed Comb Closed Comb Closed Comb Closed Comb Closed Comb Closed Comb Closed Comb Closed Comb
Weight 3.2 3.1 4 3.9 3.92 3.17 3.42 3.46

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7/10 Sharpologist +

Sharpologist's review of the RazoRock Mamba 53 highlights its quality construction and design, aimed at those who prefer a mild shave. The weight and balance are described as very good, especially with the 'Super Knurl' handle providing a grippy yet comfortable experience. The reviewer appreciates the overall excellent fit and finish of the razor, anticipating its durability. The Mamba 53's design, with low-profile blade alignment pins, however, is noted as a point of contention, making blade changing more cumbersome than the reviewer would prefer.

While the Mamba 53 is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable shave, the reviewer finds that achieving a 'BBS' (baby-bottom smooth) shave requires extra effort compared to 'DFS' (damn fine shave) results, which are easier and quicker. The angle of the razor also requires some adaptation, as it has a narrower 'sweet spot' for effectiveness. Overall, the review suggests that the RazoRock Mamba 53 is a solid choice for those seeking a mild and comfortable shaving experience, especially when paired with high-performance blades.

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Overall, the Mamba 53 provides a satisfactory shaving experience, particularly for those seeking a mild razor. Despite its mildness, it achieves a close shave, indicating a good balance between comfort and efficiency. However, the handle grip could be improved, as it becomes slippery once lathered.

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The Mamba 53 is noted as being one of the milder razors, akin to a Gillette Tech or slightly less aggressive than a Henson medium. It offers a comfortable shave without much irritation, ideal for those who prefer a gentle approach or have sensitive skin. - From the Tim Shaves video

Handle Grip


The grip was described as lacking 'a lot of knurling' and becoming a bit 'slippery' once lathered. It seems to be adequate for grip but could be improved for better control during wet shaving conditions. - From the Tim Shaves video

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