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Merkur Futur Review

The Merkur Futur is perhaps one of the most beautifully designed safety razors available today.  Evoking Apple-esq design aesthetics with a brushed metal finish, it looks beautiful.

But despite its sleek looks, this is not a suitable safety razor for beginners.  

Today, we will take a look at both the packaging and performance of the Merkur Futur in this comprehensive review.

Editor’s Note: We paid for the Merkur Futur out-of-pocket. This is not a paid review.  This post contains affiliate links.  Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  Merkur is not aware of this post before publication.

Merkur Futur Overview

Like other Merkur razors, the Futur has many identical features.  First, the packaging:


The Futur comes in the standard Merkur packaging:

merkur futur in box on bathtub ledge

Within the packaging, you will get the following:

all items merkur includes with the futur in packaging
  • Merkur Futur
  • 1 Merkur Super Blade (good for about five shaves)
  • Short user’s guide

Consider buying a variety pack of safety razor blades so you can determine which blade works best with your new Futur.


Here’s a look at both the weight and length of the Merkur Futur:


The Merkur Futur is unlike any other safety razor we have reviewed in regards to weight.

weighing a merkur futur on a scale

The Merkur Futur weighs 4.44oz (126g).  When compared to other safety razors, it is significantly heavier.  Here’s a table comparing the Futur to other popular safety razors:

RazorWeight (g)Weight (oz)
Merkur Futur1264.44
Merkur 34C772.72
Merkur 38C1113.92
Edwin Jagger DE89772.72
Bevel Safety Razor873.07


merkur futur on a black measuring mat next to other razors

As evident in the picture above, the Merkur Futur is among the longest safety razors available.  At 4.25″, it is longer than even the comparable Merkur 38C, which stands at 4″.  

Therefore, holding and using the Merkur Futur will require practice.  Additionally, the increased length allows it to work well for men with larger hands.


hand holding the merkur futur

One of the most striking features of Merkur Futur is the design.  A chrome-plated matte finish (a polished finish is also available) has an elegant and minimalist design.  The Futur expertly demonstrates precision German craftsmanship.

On the razor cap, there is a nice little Merkur Germany logo in an off-white color:

closeup of merkur logo on razor cap


The Merkur Futur is a two-piece safety razor.  Unlike one, two, and three-piece safety razors that have a twist handle to access the blade, the Futur razor cap and body are separate pieces that snap together:

merkur futur disassmebled next to razor blade

Here’s a top-down view of the Merkur Futur to give you a better idea of the mechanics:

diagram point out clips on merkur futur blade mount

The two prongs on the razor cap will “snap” in between the two metal bars noted in the picture above.

Razor Blade Compatibility

merkur futur next to six different razor blades

Like most safety razors, the Merkur Futur offers a universal blade fitting.  Therefore, you can easily test across many different brands to find the razor blade that works best for your facial hair and skin type.

The Merkur Futur is considered a double edge safety razor:

diagram pointing out razor blade edges on merkur futur

Comb & Safety Bar

The Merkur Futur is a closed comb safety razor.  It has a solid safety bar.

Blade Gap

The Merkur Futur is an adjustable safety razor.  This means that you can change the razor’s blade gap with a simple twist of the handle.

The Merkur Futur offers six adjustment levels.  The adjustment levels do not click or lock into place, allowing you to fine-tune your preferred aggressiveness easily.

To demonstrate how much the blade gap changes, here’s the Merkur Futur set at 1 (mild) and 6 (aggressive):

comparing merkur futur blade gap at 1 and 6


Per the Merkur website, the Merkur Futur is made from die-casted zinc.  The body has been chrome-plated and treated with a brushed finish.

Country of Origin

Like all Merkur razors we have reviewed to date, the Merkur Futur is designed and manufactured in Germany.

Merkur Futur Review: Performance

Before we share how the Merkur Futur performs, here are a few important notes:

  • Beard Length: Two days growth
  • Pre-Shave Prep: Warm water liberally applied for one minute
  • Pre-Shave Treatment: Proraso Pre-Shave Cream
  • Shaving Cream: C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream
  • Razor Blade: Merkur Super (included with the Merkur Futur)
  • Skin Sensitivity: Mildly sensitive
  • Facial Hair Type: Dense, mildly curly
  • Adjustment Setting: Futur set to 1 (least aggressive)


Here’s how the facial hair length looked before shaving:

And how the shaving cream looked when applied:

man smiling with shaving cream on face


Here’s how the Merkur Futur performed while shaving – analysis of the shave provided in just a moment:

man shaving cheek with merkur futur
man shaving mustache with merkur futur
man shaving neck with merkur futur


Lastly, here is how the skin looked when finished shaving:

man looking straight ahed to demonstrate shave result of merkur futur
man looking up to demonstrate shave result of the merkur futur


The Futur provided an experience unlike any other.  Here is a breakdown with some important notes from the shave:

AggressivenessThe Merkur Futur is incredibly aggressive.  Even set to 1, the Futur cuts incredibly close.  If you are coming from a 38C or 34C, expect a completely different shave experience.  Have a styptic pencil handy.
WeightThis razor is heavy.  No pressure is needed.  This makes it tricky to use on areas such as under the chin.  When shaving other areas, just let the razor and gravity do all the work for you.
SizeThe Futur has a larger head when compared to other safety razors.  Despite the size, the Futur can still navigate tight contours around the mustache and nose with little issue.
Skin ReactionDue to the aggressiveness, the skin did feel a bit tender post-shave.  Be sure to have an aftershave balm readily available to prevent dryness.
Razor BladeMerkur razor blades always perform rather well for my facial hair and skin.  They are sharp and require minimal effort when shaving.
ValueFor a safety razor, the Futur is expensive.  The design aesthetics are modern and clean-looking.  The razor is also made in Germany.  It should last you for years.  However, the cap and clip design may show signs of wear.
OverallIf you are confident in your ability to wield a safety razor, the Futur is a great adjustable safety razor.  The ability to fine-tune the aggressiveness to your preference is nice.

Final Thoughts on the Merkur Futur

The Merkur Futur is a beautiful but aggressive razor best suited for those with an intermediate skill or higher. Beginners should avoid this safety razor as the mildest setting is still fairly aggressive. The razor is heavy and requires no pressure to glide and cut through facial hair. Consider this razor only if you are committed to using it regularly.

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