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hims Review: Is This The Perfect Cure To Embarrassing Doctor Visits?!

“Hi there, the doctor is ready to see you…”

This can be the most nerve-wracking words that we hear when sitting in a waiting room full of people…

…especially if you are dealing with an embarrassing issue like hair loss, acne, or gasp…

…erectile dysfunction.

What is up with us guys?

Why can’t we simply just go in there, talk to the doctor straight, and say that we have a problem?


I get it…

No one is likely going to be excited to have a conversation with their doctor saying they are having a difficult time having sex with their partner.

For many, it’s embarrassing.

Or perhaps they are just extremely self-conscious about it…

…and if the doctor is a woman, well shit, might as well just forget about discussing it at all…

This is a problem.

And it’s a problem that you shouldn’t just sweep under the rug…

…and no, I am not just talking about erectile dysfunction

This entails all parts of our general wellbeing including hair loss, wrinkling, acne, cold sores, heart health, restless night sleeps, and more.

Enter hims.

Whether you turned on the TV in the past few months or perhaps saw an ad sprawled across a subway, chances are that you have heard of hims.

If not, here’s a brief little intro:

hims is a men’s wellness brand dedicated to empowering men to be the best version of themselves through proactivity around health and preventative self-care. (source)

Hims was founded in 2017 by a couple of guys (Andrew Dudum and Jack Abraham) in San Francisco, CA.

As stated clearly on their purpose page by Andrew Dudum, their goal is to help men think about their health, and more importantly, take action on their health.

Whether you are dealing with issues around hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skin care, or just your general overall health, hims is likely going to have a product that is geared specifically for you.

Here’s the deal:

With many of the problems that men deal with (i.e. hair loss, ED, etc.), in order to actually solve or deal with any of these problems, you will need to get a prescription filled…

…and this is the very problem that hims solves.

Let’s take a deep dive into hims, what they offer, and if you should check them out:

Our Review Of hims

Disclosure:  First up, with hims, many of the products that you purchase through their site are going to require a prescription.  Therefore, as a note of total transparency, we couldn’t test drive half of their offering due to lack of medical qualification. 

So first up, the hims experience.

Heading over to the hims website, you have everything in a clean, clear, and non-medical jargon way – making it super easy to get what you want and get on with your day:

hims Homepage

So, pick the right one for you and move on with your order.

Throughout this page (and every other treatment page we reviewed), they not only clearly tell you the active ingredient that you will be receiving – in this case it’s Sildenafil (same ingredient in Viagra) – but you can also learn about common risk factors, causes of ED, and many other interesting facts around the topic.

Checking out is incredibly easy and affordable (more on this in a minute):

Review an itemized list of the bill:

hims screenshot of checkout

Fill out your shipping and billing info.

Then complete a medical review to make sure that you aren’t abusing the system or trying to get medications that you don’t qualify for.

Assuming you are fully qualified after the review from physicians, the products will be shipped semi-discretely to your door on a recurring basis, so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line at the pharmacy to refill a prescription.

Online Prescription Fulfillment Is A Thing

When taking medical information online, people have a right to ask a few questions about the safety and security of the information that is being processed…

While we didn’t qualify for any of the prescription required products through their site – this is what we learned from both the hims team and on the website itself:

All the doctors that work with hims are licensed, board certified, and located in the U.S. (source).  In fact, you can find if their prescription required products (hair loss, skin care, ED) are available in your state by visiting the list here.

Unfortunately, if you do have an existing prescription for any of the options that hims does offer, you won’t be able to transfer it over.  Instead, you will need to go through their medical review.

Lastly, hims is certified by LegitScript as an approved internet pharmacy.

Beyond the questions around prescriptions, all the information collected by hims is 100% private and confidential and are fully HIPAA compliant (source).

Is hims safe?

With a medical advisory team from Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia, they appear to check all the boxes when it comes to expertise.

In addition to the medical advisors, many of the products that hims sells have been proven in the marketplace for years.

For instance, one of their over-the-counter hair loss product is simply minoxidil, the key active ingredient found in Rogaine – which has been approved by the FDA.

And also Finasteride, the active ingredient found in Propecia – a prescription required hair loss pill that was introduced in the 90s (source).

So, you don’t have feel like you are a guinea pig testing this stuff for the first time ever or are paying for snake oil – this stuff is proven to work.

Opening Our First hims Package

One facet of hims that we are really digging is their packaging.

Evoking that modern Silicon Valley-esq design flare – their product packaging is on point.

First up, the box you receive in the mail:

him shipping - box

As you can see the packaging is semi-discrete with a simple hims logo on the side of the box.

But where the real beauty of the package shines is when you open up the box – all products organized in their own unique slot:

view of hims packaging inside

We loved that the packaging was clean and not filled with too much clutter selling us on countless other products that we have absolutely no interest in – kudos to you hims!

As you might have guessed, based on the list of products in the package above, we received the Complete Hair Kit – which includes the following:

  • DHT Blocking Shampoo
  • Minoxidil Drops
  • Hair Growth Vitamin Supplement
  • Finasteride Pills (prescription required)

Let’s take a look at each…

First, the DHT Blocking Shampoo:

Like the exterior packaging, the DHT Blocking Shampoo bottle by hims is incredibly minimalist with just a logo and some key packaging details on the front:

product shot of hims - dht shampoo

Followed by a short explanation on why the shampoo is important along with the ingredients found within:

 dht shampoo ingredients

The shampoo itself had an invigorating scent and one that shouldn’t really be a turnoff for most men.

Next up, the minoxidil:

product shot of hims - minoxidil

As we mentioned earlier, this is the same active ingredient found in Rogaine Extra Strength and has been proven to regrow hair.

So, if you are experiencing male pattern baldness, regular (twice daily) application of this solution to the desired area may help to regrow your hair.

In case you forget at all, hims does also provide clear and easy to understand instructions on the back of the packaging:

product shot of hims - minoxidil

The bottle itself comes with a marked measurement (1.0 ml) to assist you with each application.

Note: We did not elect to complete the medical review for the next couple of products.  Therefore, hims sent us just empty bottles to share with our readers on what you can expect.

One thing that we really love about the hims Complete Hair Loss Kit is that it covers all the bases in order to help regrow hair…

…and that includes the addition of a daily multivitamin:

product shot of hims - gummies

With 30 gummies (way better than capsules you need to swallow), they will cover you for the month of your subscription.

But given that this kit is geared towards hair loss, their vitamins have been smartly stacked to help ensure not only healthy hair, but nails and skin too!

A look on the side of the bottle you will see that the key vitamin for hair growth, Biotin, has been heavily loaded into each one of the gummies – which includes 833.5% of your daily value.

That’s insane!!

So, if you aren’t getting enough Biotin pre-hims, you definitely will be now.

Lastly, the pills:

product shot of hims - ed pills

Finasteride to be exact.

The same active ingredient found in Propecia, Finasteride has been talked about countless time as the ‘one thing’ to help stave off male pattern baldness in countless forums and subreddits.

Finasteride was originally made in 1992 to block DHT which would then help to reduce an enlarged prostate.

However, as a side effect of blocking the DHT, it consequently helped to stop hair loss (just like the DHT blocking shampoo that hims also included in this kit).

Furthermore, finasteride has been shown to help “increase the volume and health of your hair in 3 to 6 months.”

Is hims Worth The Money?

One of the tricky parts about hims is determining if it’s worth it.

The fact that you can simply place an order and go through a medical review from the comfort of your pajamas is unmatched.

Not to mention the fact that you dodge that whole awkward conversation at the doctor’s office as well – especially if you plan on ordering a product that requires a prescription (i.e. erectile dysfunction, hair loss, acne, etc.) – there is no real amount of money you can put on that.

But truth be told, when comparing the price of the hims minoxidil and DHT blocking shampoo to that of comparable over-the-counter offering at a local drug store, we think hims is rightly priced.

So, you won’t feel like you are getting ripped off when you place an order.

Final Thoughts On hims

Overall, we really love hims for both its product offerings and what it stands for.

For too long men have done a really poor job maintaining themselves.

With hims mission to go out and change this notion, it’s a noble cause, and one we hope to help them champion.

So, seriously guys, if you are feeling that you need to do a bit of self-improvement, head over to hims and check them out today.

There’s no awkward waiting room, no tough questions, just a simple and easy experience that will help you to feel more confident in yourself.

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