Dove Men+Care Spray Deodorant & Antiperspirant Review

So, the other day Dove Men+Care sent me a few antiperspirants to try out…

…well maybe more than a few.

Anyhow, one of them caught my attention:

Their Stain Defense line.

You see, the biggest problem that I, and just about every other man has when using antiperspirants is the yellowing of the pits…

…you know what I am talking about.

That all too familiar stain on your best undershirt appearing after a few months of wearing.

Contrary to popular belief, this nasty yellow ring doesn’t come from just sweat.

In fact, its caused by the interaction of sweat and the active ingredient (typically some aluminum compound) within the antiperspirant that causes the staining.

It’s due to this very reason that men have started to ditch their old antiperspirants and make the switch to more natural deodorants.

But as any guy will tell you, deodorants aren’t the same as antiperspirants…

…no, not in the least.

In fact, deodorants are designed to only mask or neutralize the scent, yet will still let the sweat flow freely from your pits.

So, if you plan on wearing a deodorant at the office or gym, expect those sweat glands to be pumping out uninhibited

…which can be disappointing for a lot of men.

So, when this particular antiperspirant crossed my desk – I wondered if it would be the answer to my grooming prayers…

Now, I am a simple man.

I don’t have too many demands from my grooming products.

But basically I just want an antiperspirant to do the following:

  • Does its job at stopping sweat
  • Smell halfway decent
  • Won’t stain my undershirt

Is that too much to ask?

And is this antiperspirant by Dove Men+Men finally the solution that I have been searching for all these years?!

Well to be quite honest…time will tell.

But the initial results look promising…

Here’s why:

It’s An Effective Antiperspirant That Works Well

When it comes to spray antiperspirants, the Dove Men+Care line is simply above the rest.

Not only does it go on completely dry, but it does an acceptable job at preventing sweat from kicking up through the inclusion of Aluminum Chlorohydrate:

dove men deodorant with aluminum

It’s still not as good as a stick antiperspirant (due to the direct application method), but it still gets the job done.

If there is anything to know, it’s this:

If you are just looking for an antiperspirant that gets you through the work day and prevents any weird smells or sweat rings – this spray will be great.

But if you are living in a 100° degree swamp, a spray will inevitably be less effective over time.

Next up, smell:

It’s No Axe, But It Smells Fresh

Now if you are one that likes to load up on fragrance heavy products, be it sprays, colognes, aftershaves, etc. then you might be disappointed with this particular antiperspirant (of course you could check out their other spray antiperspirants that feature notes of sandalwood, sage, etc.)…

However, if you are a guy that wants something low-key and fresh without being overly strong or manly, then this antiperspirant will be right in your wheelhouse.

I find that the scent does dissipate a few hours after application.

So even if you do like to wear really good smelling cologne or simply a top-rated body spray, then this is still subtle enough to ensure that you don’t have any clashes with your scent style.

Pit Stains Be Gone

Now here’s the tricky part:

I have been only using this spray for a couple of weeks so far – so the jury is still out on the long-term results of the stain defense aspect.

But in the meantime, I did reach out to Dove Men+Care and asked for the details on how they were able to achieve this, and here was they had to say:

“Yellow stains are caused by a combination of skin oil + sweat. New Dove Men+Care Stain Defense Antiperspirant contains anti-marks protection technology to help protect against white stains on dark clothes and yellow stains on white clothes. The technology features a new masking oil that helps shield the appearance of white marks on dark clothes and helps prevent the formation of yellow stains.”

This sounds really promising!

Especially that it will combat stains on both light and dark undershirts.

In order to put this to the test, I will update this post in a few months IF stains start to appear.

Now if you do want to pick up some of this spray (and we think it’s worth checking out), you can find it at your corner drugstore or online at sites like Amazon.

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