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5 Mustache Styles for Bald Men That Look Great

If you’re bald and looking to add some sophistication or personality to your look, growing a mustache can be a great option. A mustache can alter your appearance significantly and gives you a chance to express your individual style. Here, we cover various mustache styles that complement a bald head and offer tips on how to maintain them.

Why Go for a Mustache with a Bald Look?

The combination of a bald head and a mustache creates a distinctive and striking appearance that can instantly set you apart. It gives you a chance to experiment with your look and portray a certain attitude or persona.

Mustaches are versatile, and you can switch up your style whenever you like.

Having a mustache could also help balance your features if you have a larger forehead or a prominent chin.

Mustache Styles for Bald Men

Let’s look at some terrific mustache styles that work particularly well for bald men:

1. Handlebar

Name a more iconic mustache style than the handlebar; we’ll wait! The handlebar mustache is recognized by its distinct curves at the ends, which are typically styled with some form of mustache wax to achieve the curled aspect. This style is a classic and can be a fantastic choice for bald men as it draws attention to the mustache and away from the lack of hair on top.

With its vintage appeal, a well-groomed handlebar mustache can add sophistication to your look. But, it does require regular upkeep. You’ll need to keep the rest of your facial hair clean-shaven and use wax to maintain the curl.

2. Chevron

Also known as the Selleck mustache (think Tom Selleck), the Chevron is a full, thick, and wide mustache that covers the top lip. It’s a classic and masculine style.

Only men who have been graced with the ability to grow thick facial hair should attempt this style, as thin or patchy hair can make the Chevron look a bit off. Those who can successfully pull off this style will find it balances facial features and draws the eye towards the center of the face, detracting attention from the bald head. Regular trimming is essential to maintain the shape and prevent it from growing over your upper lip.

3. Walrus

Jean_Nelson /

Perhaps the most iconic walrus mustache (IMO) worn by a bald man is none other than the one owned by television star Jamie Hyneman who taught kids (and adults) about science in a fun and engaging way on MythBusters. The walrus mustache is characterized by its thickness – it’s dense and hangs over the lip, almost resembling the whiskers of a walrus

This is a daring style and not for the faint-hearted. It’s an excellent choice if you’re aiming for a dominating, powerful look. The large size of the walrus mustache can also help balance a wider forehead. However, it does require a significant amount of facial hair growth and maintenance to keep it looking its best.

This mustache is also great for those looking to blow things up, bust myths, or simply create a larger-than-life persona. It is, however, a high-maintenance style and needs consistent grooming to avoid looking unkempt.

4. The Thin Pencil ‘Stache

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The pencil mustache is a thin, straight line of hair that sits just above the top lip. It gained popularity in the 1940s and gives a certain refined elegance to your look. Think Clark Gable or Prince.

This mustache style can be an ideal option for bald men with more subtle features as it can add sharpness and definition without overwhelming the face. The pencil mustache can emphasize your eyes and smile, creating a more inviting appearance. It’s also relatively low-maintenance compared to other styles, requiring only a close shave and regular trimming to maintain its slim line.

However, it’s important to note that the pencil mustache can also be a polarizing style, with some people associating it with the Hollywood glamour era, while others may perceive it as slightly outdated or overdone. But if you’re someone who enjoys standing out and being unique, this style can certainly make a statement.

5. Horseshoe

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Break out your leather chaps gents, the horseshoe mustache screams ruggedness and masculinity. The horseshoe mustache is named for its distinctive shape – a full mustache that extends downwards on either side of the mouth, often reaching the jawline. This look is synonymous with bikers and cowboys and often associated with tough-guy characters in movies.

This style stands out and gives your face a structured, powerful look, drawing attention away from your bald head. It can also help to balance out a narrow chin. The horseshoe mustache is a good fit for someone who can grow dense facial hair and isn’t afraid of a little extra maintenance. Keeping the lines of a horseshoe mustache sharp and clean requires diligent trimming and shaving, so be prepared for this commitment if you choose this style.

The biggest badass who rocked the horseshoe ‘stache is undoubtedly Hulk Hogan, the legendary wrestler. This style is perfect for those looking to exude strength and ruggedness, and it can also serve as a fun conversation starter.

Tips for Maintaining Your Mustache

Maintaining a mustache involves more than just letting it grow. Here are some essential tips to ensure that your mustache always looks its best:

  1. Trim Regularly: Even if you’re growing your mustache out, regular trims can keep it looking neat and prevent it from getting too wiry or unruly.
  2. Use a Mustache Comb and Scissors: A mustache comb can help you style your mustache and keep it in shape. Pairing it with a good pair of grooming scissors can help you achieve a precise and even trim.
  3. Apply Mustache Wax: Mustache wax can help maintain the shape and style of your mustache, particularly for styles like the handlebar that require a more defined shape.
  4. Keep It Clean: When you eat or drink, your mustache can catch crumbs and droplets. Make sure to clean your mustache regularly to avoid any accidental leftovers.
  5. Moisturize: The skin beneath your mustache can become dry and irritated. Apply a moisturizer or beard oil regularly to keep your skin and mustache in a healthy condition.

A bald head with a mustache is a powerful and appealing look. Whether you choose a simple, classic style or go for something more elaborate, your mustache can transform your bald look into something uniquely your own.

Don’t forget to add a hat to incorporate more layers to your style.

Are Mustaches in Style?

By taking a quick look at Google Trends, we can see that the interest in mustaches has been relatively consistent over the past five years, with a slight increase in recent years:

This could be attributed to the rising popularity of “Movember,” an event where men grow mustaches during November to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

Moreover, various celebrities and influencers continue to sport mustaches, from actors like Chris Evans and Brad Pitt to athletes like Aaron Rodgers, proving that mustaches remain a trendy element in male grooming.

However, it should be noted that the popularity of specific mustache styles varies. For instance, the handlebar mustache has seen a resurgence as part of a general interest in vintage styles. On the other hand, the pencil mustache peaked in popularity during the 1940s and 50s but has since become a niche choice.

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