10 Best Socks For Men That Are Comfy & Durable

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From the onset, purchasing a pair of socks seems like a straightforward purchase – find one with good reviews, toss them on under a pair of jeans and go about your day.

However, as any fashion forward man can tell you, selecting the right pair of socks should not only withstand a full day of abuse, but can also work to prevent your feet from stinking while at the same time demonstrating a subtle sense of style.

The focus of today’s guide is separated into three sections:

  1. A few things to keep in mind before you buy your next pair of socks (and tips on how to navigate the product selections in order to not waste any money)
  2. Reviews of several vastly different pairs of socks that can work for just about any occasion

How to care for your socks the right way in order to extend their life

Let’s get started:

Before You Decide: A Few Things to Think About

Whether you visit your local discount fashion store (i.e. Marshalls/T.J. Maxx), high-end department store (i.e. Nordstrom) or even simply an online retailer, here’s a few things you will want to take a minute or two to think about before you purchase a new pair of socks.

Not only is each of the below considerations extremely important as they will save you from wasting your money, but we also provide you with a bit of help on deciding various features that make sense for you:


When you explore the world of socks – be it athletic, casual, or dress — you will find that the materials they are made from are bucketed into four main categories:

  • Cotton & Cotton Blends
  • Elastane & Spandex
  • Wool & Wool Blends
  • Polyester

Here’s a bit of a primer on why each one of the blends is important:

Cotton & Cotton Blends – Cotton is a natural fabric found in nearly all mass-produced clothes as you are likely already familiar with.  Their composition in socks becomes critical as it will give your toes a bit of natural breathability.

Why is this important?

If your toes get too hot, they will start to sweat.  This sweat build-up creates an environment ripe for bacteria which ultimately leads to stinky feet.

So, when looking at your next pair of socks, no matter the occasion, make sure it contains some level of cotton.

Elastane & Spandex – Another critical fiber in making socks will be elastane or spandex.  This natural and synthetic fiber gives the sock its flexibility.

Of course, this is important to keeping your sock on throughout the day while also allowing the sock to bend with your feet.

A sock that is too rigid or not having a high percentage of spandex (assuming you bought the right size) will quickly become loose or slide off.

Wool & Wool Blends – Popular particularly in the winter months, wool is a terrific insulator for your toes while still providing some great moisture absorption properties.

Fun fact: Wool can actually carry one-third of its own weight in water (source).

In addition to being a terrific insulator and moisture absorber, wool has a bit of natural elasticity to its fiber allowing for a reduced use of spandex or elastane. This is great for guys who don’t like their socks feeling like they are too tight on the skin.

Lastly some wool, especially merino, neutralizes odor naturally – a great plus if you like to wear your socks for a few days.

Polyester – One fiber that gets way too much hate, but is critical for the textile industry, is polyester.

Synonymous with plastic suits from the 70s, polyester gives socks better structure than natural fibers and will be much more durable.

In addition to its rigidness, polyester has advanced quite a bit over the years and doesn’t feel nearly as ‘stuffy’ as it once was.

So, if you see a small percentage of polyester contained within the sock, don’t dismiss it right away.

Sock Height

One of the toughest decisions you will have to make when buying a pair of socks will be around the sock height.

This simply comes down to your personal preference and how versatile you want the sock to be.

For instance, a crew or over-the-calf sock is completely fine when worn with jeans, but when worn with a pair of nice dress shorts, well…it just doesn’t work.

And of course, you can’t really do ankle socks with dress shoes and trousers because that too would look equally ridiculous.

To try and help you decide the perfect sock for you, we go over a few examples of the different types of socks and their intended uses.

But first, here’s a quick diagram we threw together visually comparing how these socks differ from one another:

No-show / Liner – No-show or liner socks are quite possibly one of the best, yet most frustrating socks to buy.

The reason is that if the company cuts the sock just a little too high, they look bad.  But if they go too low with the cut, they will slip off and ball up at the toes of your feet while you are walking.

Here’s the deal:

All our feet come in different shapes and sizes.  So, what might work for one person may not necessarily work for another.

Therefore, when treading around this area for reviews, you must be careful, especially if you are 6′ 2″ reading reviews from a guy who is only 5′ 2″.

Sizing aside, no-show socks are great for those men who want the appearance that they are going barefoot in their shoes while still having the moisture wicking properties of a standard sock.

No-show socks are great when paired with shorts and tennis shoes, or if you are wearing a more contemporary suit and want the appearance that you are wearing your shoes barefoot.

Of all the socks, these will undoubtedly be the most versatile type you can own during the summer months.

Ankle – Ankle socks are another tricky purchase largely since they are oftentimes marketed as being ‘no-show’ when in fact they are highly visible.

The reason for this is two-fold:

No-show in this case is only if you are wearing a high-top sneaker.

Additionally, there is no governing body that oversees the exact labeling of socks (i.e. FTC doesn’t care about this).

So, what one company may call no-show, another may call ankle socks.

Our best advice here is to look for fit pictures in the product reviews for a better understanding of how they may look on your feet.

Beyond label confusion, ankle socks are great in both athletic and casual applications.  Their low-profile appearance doesn’t beg for attention and are subtle.

Quarter – Directly between the crew and the ankle sock you will find the quarter sock.

Perfect for men who wear Chukka boots or high tops, this sock is cut just above the top line of these sneakers and will prevent any sort of uncomfortable rubbing on the back of your leg.

Being that this is a sock cut intended for casual or athletic use, the quarter sock oftentimes comes with a fair bit of cushion for greater comfort.

Crew / Over-the-Calf – Whether you are looking for a pair of socks to be worn while playing basketball or you are searching for your next dress sock, crew or over-the-calf socks will be the highest sock cut of the bunch.

Great for all scenarios, the crew sock will do a good job at not only keeping the lower half of your leg warm, but it ensures that no skin is shown, particularly when wearing dress pants and crossing your legs.

For men looking for improved circulation to their lower extremities, you will want to look for compression crew socks.


As we mentioned earlier, socks come in three primary categories: casual, athletic and dressy.

Now we won’t expand too much in this particular area as its fairly self-explanatory; however, we did want to make a few quick mentions on each of these different sock types:

Casual – Typically the most comfortable of the bunch, casual socks are intended for daily and non-formal use.

They are usually made from cotton and offer some great breathability properties.

While it might be tempting to use a casual sock inside your running shoe, many brands, even those that are athletically-centered, make a separate sock for high performance applications.

The reason is that softer cotton-based casual socks may cause blisters on the bottom of your feet due to the friction between the foot, sock and bed of your shoe.

So be sure that you don’t try and extend the use of your casual socks beyond their intended application.

Athletic – As we eluded to previously, athletic socks are going to be completely different from both casual and, of course, dressy or formal socks.

Typically made from polyester and spandex, athletic socks feature moisture wicking properties that reduce the chances of blisters occurring on your feet.

In addition to having some critical moisture control and venting capabilities, athletic socks also feel like a second skin on your feet and are great for joggers.

Dressy – Dress socks have evolved a great deal in recent years.  What was once considered a great sea of navy and black in the men’s section of the department store is now available in a wide array of colors.

They have become a great way to demonstrate your distinct personality and sense of style while keeping the appearance formal.

Should your workplace or occasion allow, have fun with some funky colored socks here.

Now if you are going for a job interview, work in finance or are attending a funeral, you will probably want to tone things down and go with a more conservative sock choice.


Technology used in making socks has vastly improved over the years.

Instead of just having your standard sock made from cotton and a little bit of elastane, socks now come equipped with better technology such as moisture wicking, reinforced footbeds, compression fibers for increased blood flow, etc.

What’s the key takeaway here?

If you find that your feet are constantly getting pretty smelly and you felt like you have tried everything, simply looking for some foot odor control tech built into the sock is definitely worth considering.

The biggest culprit of smelly feet isn’t the food you had, nor is it the type of shoes you wore, but rather it’s the fact that moisture was being trapped in your socks and the bacteria could fester, multiply and emit a foul odor.

If this hits a bit too close to home, get a sock with moisture wicking technology baked in; you (and others around you) will thank us later.

Style Preference

When it comes to styles, this largely boils down to personal preference.  Whether you are looking to just go with a solid block of color, a pattern or even a drawing – the choice is yours.

As we mentioned previously in the dress sock section of occasions, you will want to exercise some self-discretion when choosing your socks.

Wearing pictures of puppies on your socks probably wouldn’t be a good idea to wear to an interview – unless, of course, you are interviewing for a job at an animal shelter or Petco.

The biggest takeaway here – know your audience, and don’t be afraid of letting a little bit of your personality show through in your sock selection.


Socks come in a wide variety of price points.

Whether you are looking for something that can be worn for days without needing to be changed, like the 72-Hour Merino Crew Sock, or one that is more budget-friendly like the Dickies Dri-Tech Quarter Socks, it’s largely up to you.

Based on our research, we found that the cost of socks often correlates to additional features or higher quality / purity of fabrics used in the construction of the sock.

Overall, expect to pay about $20 for a decent pair of socks.

Monthly Clubs

Everything has turned to a subscription model as of late…

…and socks are no exception.

Services like Sock Club and Sock Fancy help to build your sock selection over the course of the year and provide some awesome seasonal offerings.

These services are perfect for men who aren’t really the most fashion savvy and need a bit of handholding when it comes to ideas or colors that work well at various times of the year.

In addition to providing you with socks on a monthly basis, many sock subscription services offer a ‘Pay as You Go’ plan which is a great option if you only need a few new socks sent over.

Overall, we would recommend services like this if you work in a formal office setting where you are required to dress up daily.

10 Best Socks for Men of 2020 Reviewed

After researching for several hours and reading the feedback of other men, here were a few socks that we wanted to share with you:

1. 72-Hour Merino Crew Socks

Materials: 63% Merino Wool / 33% Nylon / 3% Spandex | Sock Height: Crew | Color Variants: 1 – Black | Sizes Available: 2 | Noteworthy Tech: Odor Neutralizing / Moisture Wicking

Known as both the extreme hiker and also lazy man’s sock, the 72-Hour Merino Crew Socks are perfect for those long adventures outdoors or simply as a casual sock to wear during the daily grind of life.

As the name infers on this pair of socks by Proof, they are made to be worn for multiple days as they won’t build up any sort of nasty odors or become damp as the natural merino wool will work to wick away any moisture from your feet.

Now normally most men are wary of purchasing wool socks as they may become a bit too hot after only be worn for a few minutes – and that may have been true in the past (especially with thick wool socks). However, with socks built from merino wool, quite the opposite is true.

As evident in this Reddit thread, one Redditor made mention that they had no problems wearing merino wool socks for weeks on end:

There were many other comments within this same thread that further supported that merino socks (not necessarily shirts) are great for extended use.

Now beyond its ability to stop odor from permeating, these socks are also incredibly comfortable and thick, making them feel much better than your standard cotton crew sock.

Lastly, the price.

Given that these are made to be worn in a much heavier manner – you won’t need as many to get you through the week.  Double that with a fiber that needs to be manually sourced, then you have a price tag that continues to rise, making this one of the more expensive pair of socks on our list.


  • Can be worn for days with no odor
  • Moisture wicking tech prevents odor build up
  • Made in the USA


  • Limited size options
  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

The hype is true when it comes to merino wool.  As evident in the screenshot above, men love this fabric when it comes to socks.  The ability to be worn for days on end without stinking is great for both hiking and casual wear.

Read hundreds of other reviews here.

2. The Kennedy Luxury Athletic Sock

Materials: 77% Supima Cotton / 14% Nylon / 7% Polyester / 2% Spandex | Sock Height: Crew | Color Variants: 2 | Sizes Available: 1 (Shoe Size 8.5 – 13) | Noteworthy Tech: Premium Materials

If there is any one president of the United States known for their style, it would have to be John F. Kennedy.

Known primarily for wearing his Tortoise Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Kennedy also developed quite the following for his sock choice as well:

The fashion that this man wore still lives on today with the Kennedy-inspired luxury athletic sock by American Trench.

Mimicking the same exact look as the socks Kennedy wore, this contemporary take has come with modern-tech built in.

The most notable feature of this luxury athletic sock will undoubtedly be the heavy reliance on Supima Cotton (77% of total sock).

This extra-long staple cotton represents less than 1% of total cotton grown in the world and gives the sock key properties, including increased breathability, softness and color retention (source).

While feeling great, this sock is a shallow crew, making it just a touch shorter than your standard over-the-calf crew sock while not rolling down to your ankles – largely because it relies on 2% spandex for flexibility and a fair bit of both polyester and nylon for structure.

Great for casual use, these socks are a great way to demonstrate restraint and classy subtlety.

Don’t forget to check out their alternate color as well.


  • High Supima Cotton concentration is incredibly soft
  • Made in the USA
  • Inspired by our 35th President


  • Pricey for a pair of socks
  • Available in only one size

What You Need To Know

Overall, these are a terrific lounge sock.  Their heavy composition of Supima cotton ensures that the sock feels soft on your feet for the entire day.

Read hundreds of other reviews here.

3. Arvin Goods No-Show Socks

Materials: 52% Upcycled Cotton / 40% Recycled Polyester / 3% Nylon / 3% Spandex / 2% Elastic| Sock Height: No-Show | Color Variants: 4 | Sizes Available: 2 | Noteworthy Tech: Moisture Wicking / Elastic Cuff

Evoking many of the same principles as Everlane when it comes to corporate stewardship, Arvin Goods is working hard to transform the world by making the cleanest basics on the planet.

To explain why this is so important, we recommend that you check out this interesting and powerful video (only 1:47 duration) by Arvin that demonstrates why thinking about your socks and underwear is important:

Cool stuff, eh?

It’s through this noble mission that we had to include these no-show socks…

…but great mission aside, their socks are also well received.

During our research, we saw other men state that they were “thick and soft” and were undoubtedly the “perfect no-show sock”.

Now when it comes down to the composition, these socks are crafted from the following materials:

  • 52% Upcycled Cotton
  • 40% Recycled Polyester
  • 3% Nylon
  • 3% Spandex
  • 2% Elastic

As you can see, 92% of the actual sock is made from sustainably sourced materials while still relying on the essentials — notably nylon, spandex and elastic — in order to keep the sock firmly on your feet throughout the day.

Given that these socks are likely to be worn in the warmer summer months, moisture wicking is key in order to prevent sweat build-up and foul odors.

Some of the baked-in tech in this sock accounts for this and will keep your feet dry with no issues.


  • Made in an environmentally conscious way
  • Wicks away moisture to prevent sweat and odor
  • Perfect for summer months
  • Moderately priced


  • Size limitations for large feet (max foot size 12)

What You Need To Know

Great and environmentally friendly no-show sock that will stay on your feet, pull moisture from your feet and prevent your toes from stinking.  One of the best picks out there.

Read hundreds of other reviews here.

4. Dickies Dri-Tech Crew Socks

Materials: 70% Cotton / 28% Polyester / 2% Spandex | Sock Height: Quarter | Color Variants: 2 | Sizes Available: 2 (Shoe size 6-12 / 12-15)  | Noteworthy Tech: Moisture Wicking / Arch Compression / Reinforced Heel & Toe

There is a lot to love about these quarter-length socks from Dickies.

Featuring their proprietary Dri-tech fabric, these Dickies socks are the perfect everyday sock for a lot of men.

Not only do they draw moisture away from your feet — which of course reduces both the occurrence of blisters and smelly feet — but they are also designed for the rigors of daily life.

With reinforced toes and heels coupled with arch compression, the bottom of your feet will feel like they are in the clouds when you slip these babies on.

Available in two sizes (shoe size 6-12 and 12-15) and two colors (black and white), they are nothing fancy and should serve most men.

The quarter-cut design also makes these perfect when paired with your favorite Chukkas.

When it comes to value, the Dickies deliver.

Retailing for about $2 per pair of socks, these are one of the most affordable picks on our list.

Now naturally given that these are a mass-produced sock that are made to be affordable, we did come across a few quality issues reported by other men.

Therefore, if you decide on these, just give them a quick look over before wearing.


  • Reinforced bottom provides additional comfort
  • Tremendous value
  • Moisture wicking technology is welcomed


  • Some quality control issues reported

What You Need To Know

These are a great sock to pair with shorter ankle boots as they are cut just above the ankle.  The additional fabric on the bottom provide extra support throughout the day.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

5. Gold Toe Cotton Crew Athletic Sock

Materials: 82% Cotton / 10% Nylon / 7% Polyester / 1% Spandex | Sock Height: Crew | Color Variants: 3 | Sizes Available: 2 (Shoe Size 6-12.5 / 12-16) | Noteworthy Tech: Aqua FX Moisture Control / Reinforced Footbed

Serving men since 1934, Gold Toe sets the standard when it comes to daily casual socks.

Now owned by Gildan, which participates in a variety of social causes in both the environment, communities and their own workers, it’s easy to see why men love this sock.

With over 7,000 reviews (at the time of initial publication), these crew socks balance a variety of qualities perfectly.

Not only are they inexpensive, but they are highly comprised of cotton (82%) that has been sourced from here in the U.S. (even though the label says Made in Honduras).  These also have a few synthetic fibers also thrown in (nylon and polyester) that help to give this sock some rigid properties.

The heavy reliance on a super soft cotton, along with their AquaFX moisture control technology, allows this sock to be highly breathable in order to prevent moisture from building up between your toes.

Like the Dickies we reviewed, this pair of Gold Toe socks has a reinforced cushion on the footbed that allows for all day comfort, especially welcomed if you are on your feet for the better part of the day.

If there were any major drawbacks to the Gold Toe’s, it would be around their Spandex composition.

At only 1% of the total sock, they will eventually break down after a few months of use and not adhere to the calves as well.

However, given that these are an affordable pair of socks, replacing them won’t clean out your wallet.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect composition of cotton to keep your feet cool
  • Reinforced cushion provides greater comfort


  • Light on the spandex/elastane fibers

What You Need To Know

It's easy to see why these are one of the most popular socks on the market.  Their high cotton concentration and moisture wicking technology make your feet feel great.  We just wish there was a bit more spandex or elastane in them.

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6. Mio Marino Fun Dress Socks

Materials: 80% Cotton / 10% Spandex / 10% Polyester | Sock Height: Crew | Color Variants: 48 | Sizes Available: 2 (Shoe Size 6-12 / 12-16) | Noteworthy Tech: Moisture Control

When it comes to dress socks, it’s great to have a bit of fun.

While joining a sock club might not be your thing (after all who wants to wait every month for a new pair of socks), this 12-Pack of Mio Marino Fun Dress socks is a quick and easy way to expand your wardrobe with fun designs.

Not nearly as aggressive in design choices as some of the others on our list, the subtle patterns are great for semi-formal work settings and won’t draw too much unwanted attention.

Patterns and colors aside, these socks are built with some great technology that handles both moisture buildup and durability concerns.

With a high concentration of cotton (80%), their breathability is on par with the highly touted Gold Toe Crew Socks and will prevent any sweat build up, especially when walking for an extended period of time.

One feature that men really loved about this sock was its high concentration of Spandex (as you may recall, this was a shortcoming of the Gold Toe’s we also looked at).

At 10% of total composition, these spandex laden socks will feel like a second skin on your feet, allowing for greater comfort and less time spent readjusting.

Lastly, if you are looking to purchase these as a gift for someone else (or perhaps yourself), they do come in a nice presentation box with each sock individually wrapped – making it a great gift for birthdays and holidays.


  • The perfect dress sock that isn’t too trendy
  • High cotton concentration prevents moisture buildup
  • Packaging is great for gift giving
  • Rightly priced


  • Lack of additional cushion on the bottom

What You Need To Know

These are a fun dress sock featuring patterns that won't go out of style with the latest fashion trends.  With a high cotton and spandex concentration, they will allow your feet to breathe while also staying put throughout the day.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

7. WeciBor Men’s Cool Dress Socks

Materials: 80% Cotton / 15% Nylon / 5% Spandex | Sock Height: Crew | Color Variants: Over 100 | Sizes Available: 1 (Shoe Size 7.5 – 12)

If you are looking for a fun and trendy sock – then these are it.

Absent of any cutting-edge tech like the others that we have reviewed, these dress socks are designed solely for those men who want to stand out in a crowd and express their personality through their socks.

Available in a ton of different designs (we lost count after 100), you can truly find the perfect sock to match your style.

Construction of the sock is standard and doesn’t contain any noteworthy tech like the others featured on our list – it’s more of a novelty item.

However, when looking at the composition, you will find the following:

  • 80% Cotton
  • 15% Nylon
  • 5% Spandex

Given that there is quite a bit of cotton, they should have no problem getting air to your toes.  While the spandex concentration is a fair bit lighter than the Mio Marino’s we reviewed, they still should be able to adequately stay on without the need to be pulled up every two minutes.

These socks aren’t made to last you for years, nor are they recommended for heavy walking.  They are a novelty item and should be treated as such.


  • Wide array of designs to suit any personality
  • Fairly affordable
  • High cotton concentration


  • Absent of any key technology

What You Need To Know

A fun novelty sock that expresses your sense of style and personality.  Absent of any cutting-edge tech found in other socks, these are a great conversation starter.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

8. Saucony Men’s No-Show Performance Socks

Materials: 95% Polyester / 3% Rubber / 2% Spandex | Sock Height: Ankle | Color Variants: 6 | Sizes Available: 1 (Shoe size 8 – 12) | Noteworthy Tech: Moisture Wicking / High Performance

For the men who find themselves at the gym regularly and are looking for a sock that can withstand high performance scenarios, then the Saucony Performance Comfort Socks are a match made in heaven.

With a high concentration of polyester (95%), plus the additions of rubber (3%) and spandex (2%), these grippy socks will feel like a second skin and not cause any sort of unwanted rubbing on the bottom of your feet – a key feature in order to reduce the chance of blisters forming.

In addition to the Saucony’s impressive moisture wicking technology, these socks have plenty of ventilation (despite the high polyester concentration) that will allow the air to flow freely between your toes.

To further enhance comfort, the wrapped band on the arches provide some natural support that forms around the mid contours of your feet.

Also worth noting is that the sole of the sock has a slight bit of cushioning that lessens the impact, particularly under the heel.

Lastly regarding the design, these socks by Saucony are marketed as no-show; while that may be the case for larger running sneakers, if you try to wear these with a pair of casual shoes, you can expect the upper part to be showing. These socks are more akin to ankle cut.

If you do want a new no-show sock, go with the Arvin Goods socks we reviewed.


  • The perfect ankle cut sock for runners
  • Hi-tech polyester pulls the moisture away from your feet
  • Added heel cushion and arch support increase natural foot comfort


  • Largely restricted to athletic activities

What You Need To Know

Perfect for running and casual use where you will be walking for extended times.  The ventilation construction coupled with the moisture wicking properties will keep your toes feeling airy and cool.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

9. Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks

Materials: 80% Polyester / 17% Nylon / 3% Spandex | Sock Height: Over the Calf | Color Variants: 3 | Sizes Available: 2 (Shoe size 9 – 13 / 12 – 15) | Noteworthy Tech: Moisture Wicking / Arch Support / Half Cushioned Foot

If you are looking for a pair of socks to wear with Cowboy or rain boots, then you will want to take a look at the Wrangler Western Boot sock.

Available in three different colors, these high, over-the-calf socks are perfect for not only keeping your feet warm, but your legs protected as well.

We all know just how uncomfortable it can be wearing too short of socks with boots – the rubbing on the back part of your leg slowly removes the skin and gets more and more painful as the day wears on.

But while these socks will keep your feet feeling both warm and protected, their largely polyester design (80%) will keep the moisture away from the toes deep in your boot.

In addition to its moisture wicking tech, these socks also have additional cushion on the bottom and an arch support – which is often found on more athletic centric socks like the Saucony Performance Socks and Under Armour Charged Cotton 2.0 Socks.

As great as the fabric and fit of this sock may be, it was the additional arch support that got this sock on the list.

If you ever wore a pair of boots and your sock was constantly moving around or slipping after walking for an extended period, these socks stop all that and will be perfect for you.


  • Great design all around for boots
  • Keeps feet warm and comfortable without sweating
  • Moderately priced


  • Not suited for men with smaller feet
  • Fairly limited in use

What You Need To Know

Overall, this is a great sock that can be used for both boots and under denims. The technology used in this sock is great, it feels comfortable and is not at all distracting.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

10. Under Armour Men’s Charged Cotton 2.0 Socks

Materials: 80% Cotton / 17% Nylon / 2% Polyester / 1% Spandex | Sock Height: Ankle Cut | Color Variants: 5 | Sizes Available: 4 (Shoe size 1 – 4 / 4 – 8 / 8 – 12 / 12 – 16) | Noteworthy Tech: Anti Odor / Extra Cushion / Charged Cotton / Arch Support

For the men looking for a sock to wear daily under your favorite pair of skinny jeans, then the Under Armour Charged Cotton 2.0 Socks make for the perfect choice.

Not only will they withstand the daily abuse your feet go through, but they are constructed in a way to increase comfort.

First, let’s look at the fabric choices.  The UA Charged Cotton is made from four fabrics:

  • Cotton (80%)
  • Nylon (17%)
  • Polyester (2%)
  • Spandex (1%)

All of them work together to not only provide you with a sock that retains its structure after several washes, but resists pilling (cotton clumping after washing) while keeping your feet comfortable.

The ‘charged cotton’ within the socks features some faster drying tech built in to help keep your feet from becoming damp.

One of the biggest selling points for a lot of men who own these socks is their cushion – particularly those who live in large urban areas where you are always walking (think NYC, LA, etc.)

This added level of cushion keeps your feet from feeling too fatigued after roaming about the city.

In addition, the arch support, like those found on both the Saucony and Wrangler socks we looked at, will prevent this sock from sliding around inside your shoe.

The biggest gripe that we and other men had about this sock would be around the cut.  If you are looking for a low-profile sock that isn’t at all noticeable, this isn’t for you.

The sock does rest just below the ankle, making it visible when boat shoes or standard casual shoes are worn.

Also, one minor nitpick about this sock is the logo location.  Resting rather high on the front top, it may be a bit too noticeable for some men.


  • Great everyday sock
  • Provides great cushion and arch support
  • Color variety is welcomed
  • Inexpensive


  • Not really a ‘no-show’ sock
  • Logo placement should be more discrete

What You Need To Know

These are a great pair of socks when paired with denims.  Their extra cushion and arch support will ensure that your feet feel great even when walking all day long.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

Caring for Your New Socks

Once you have found the perfect socks for you, it’s now time to care for them properly.

I know this may sound redundant, and something that most men never give two seconds to think about, but be sure to follow the care instructions listed on the packaging.

Not only will this ensure that you don’t shrink your socks, but it will also help to prevent them from pilling or wearing out pre-maturely.

Now if you already tossed away the packaging and are looking for a bit of guidance, we recommend washing your socks in the following ways:

  1. Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle
  2. Use a mild detergent (one absent of fragrances, dyes, etc.)
  3. Dry on a low heat setting (this helps to prevent putting too much stress on the fibers – especially cotton). It’s better to hang dry if you have the time.

Some men may be tempted to use bleach on their socks – especially if you picked up white ones like the Under Armour Charged Cotton’s; however, this wouldn’t be a good move.

Bleach is an incredibly harsh chemical and will cause a rift between the fibers in the sock itself as they all react differently (remember we saw above that socks often contain several different types of fibers).

So don’t rely on this harsh chemical when cleaning.

Washer Bags for The Lost Sock

I don’t know what it is about the dryer, but somehow six socks go in yet five come out…

…where do they go, I have no earthly idea.

But check this out:

If you don’t ever want to lose a sock again, I highly recommend that you invest in a laundry bag.  Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just a little bag like this one that has a zipper closure.

When you go to toss your socks into the washer and dryer, they will all stay contained, and you will never lose one again.

Wash Them Inside Out

When washing your socks, it’s best to turn them inside out.

The reason for this is that any little grits of sand, small rocks, dust, lint, etc. will all get fully washed out of the fabric as it goes through the cycles.

This will provide a much deeper cleaning on the fabric that your toes will thank you for later.

Trim Your Toe Nails

One of the biggest reasons many men are looking to replace their socks is due to holes forming either on the heel or the toe.

While you can’t do too much when it comes to the heel, for the toes, this is often due to longer toenails rubbing up against the fabric.

Make sure that you keep your toenails kempt on a regular basis.

Also, it might be time to upgrade your toenail clipper to a newer one that cuts better – this will help to prevent any sharp little jagged edges from forming.

When Should You Skip Wearing Socks?

Only if you are wearing flip flops or sandals.

When you see men in the fashion magazines or catalogs wearing boat shoes or oxford dress shoes without socks, there is some critical information that isn’t being conveyed to you.

Wearing shoes without socks is a quick way to ruin them.


When wearing close-toed shoes (even boat shoes), there is not enough air circulation to stop your toes from sweating.

In addition, your feet naturally shed skin throughout the course of the day.

When wearing your shoes barefoot, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.  This quickly causes foul odor after only a few times of wearing your shoes like this.

So, don’t follow the ill-informed advice from others.

If you want the sockless look, go with a true no-show sock.

Best Socks for Men: Selection Process

When we initially set out on our assignment to find the best socks for men of 2020 , we knew it was going to be tough.

With so many options available across so many marketplaces, it was hard to narrow down all the options out there.

However, after some careful thought, we are confident that our list above encapsulates some of the finest socks for men in just about any scenario – dress, casual and athletic – and we think you will agree.

Of course, given that there are so many options available and we only reviewed a select few, we would love to hear from you should you think more should be added to the list.

So, send us a quick note over at hello {at} domain name.com when you have a minute.

We hope that the above guide proved helpful in making your next purchase of socks just a little bit easier.

About The Author

Shawn Burns

Shawn is the founder and senior editor at Tools of Men, the leading style and grooming source trusted by men in 187 countries. He started this site with the goal of teaching men proper grooming habits and sensible style. He is an expert in all things men's grooming related. His work has been mentioned on countless sites including The Wall Street Journal, NBC, AskMen, Vice, WikiHow, and the New York Times.

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