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Best Shower Caddies: Top Brands Compared & Reviewed

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Whether you are living in a tiny New York City apartment or a house in the burbs, one way to make the most use of your shower stall is through the use of a shower caddy.

Shower caddies come in many different shapes and sizes.  But regardless of dimensions, the best shower caddie should withstand the toughest conditions and ward off rust build-up if possible.

To help guide you on this journey of selecting a top-rated shower caddy, we have spent countless hours researching user reviews, studying the construction of the top brands in order to deliver you this comprehensive list for your consideration.

Here is a summary of our results:

Comparing The Best Shower Caddies

NameItem WeightMaterialRazor HooksShelves/CompartmentsDimensionsPrice Range
Gecko-Loc Heavy Duty Suction Cup Bathroom Shower Caddy Shelf Storage Basket1.2 poundsStainless Steel0115 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches$$
InterDesign Forma Bathroom Over Door Shower Caddy2.2 poundsMetal3226 x 13.6 x 5.1 inches$$
InterDesign York Lyra Bathroom Shower Caddy1.9 poundsSteel229.7 x 21.8 x 3.8 inches$$
mDesign Bathroom Hose Shower Caddy2.5 poundsSteel2833.1 x 15.2 x 9 inches$$$
mDesign Swing Bathroom Shower Caddy2.5 poundsMetal2321 x 9.3 x 4.8 inches$$
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Shower Caddy1.9 poundsStainless Steel234.8 x 10.2 x 28.5 inches$$
Quick Dry Hanging Toiletry and Bath Organizer with 8 Storage Compartments4 ouncesMeshPouch88 x 8 x 9 inches$
simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy2.6 poundsStainless Steel & Anodized Aluminum225.9 x 13.3 x 27.6 inches$$$
Zenna Home 2130NN, Tension Corner Pole Caddy5.2 poundsMetal0497 x 8.6 x 12 inches$$$
Zenna Home 7546NSP, Expandable Over-the-Showerhead Caddy3.9 poundsChrome244.5 x 12 x 25 inches$$$

Design Choices Available When Selecting a Shower Caddy

As we previously eluded to, shower caddies come in a multitude of design choices.  Here are the more common ones that you will find on the market when browsing online retailers:

Hanging Shower Caddy

By and far the most popular of any shower caddy design will be the type that hang over the standard .5” pipe that your shower head connects to.

The largest advantage of this caddy design is that it’s easy to remove when you clean out your shower while also being extremely easy to grab your bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, or even favorite razor from the rack.

Another huge benefit that comes with a hanging shower caddy is that its largely resistant to mold build up.  Since its not resting on a flat surface, water is easily able to drip off the wires (if metal) before any unsightly listeria or black mold and mildew begin to form.

A large caveat to the hanging shower caddies has to do with their position in the shower.  Being that this is resting directly under the shower head, depending on your water pressure, the water flow may be impeded if the caddy is fairly large.  Therefore, we highly recommend those with weak water pressure to also invest in a high-pressure shower head to remedy this situation.

In addition, if you use a handheld shower head, hanging shower caddies may obstruct the hose – if this is the case, then we recommend checking out those that hang from your shower door.

Tension Corner Pole Caddy

Another popular option in the market is the tension rod shower caddy that rests in the corner of your bathtub.

Limited only to bath tub molds (i.e. not shower stalls), tension rod shower caddies will rest on the corner of your bathtub and is held in place by a tension bar (much like your shower curtain rod) and will have several shelves affixed to the pole.

Tension poles are great for extra storage, especially if you have a bathroom that is used by more than 3 or 4 people.

A large downfall to tension rods though is their susceptibility to rust.  Being that its held in place in a corner of the bathtub, sedentary water that is resting on the ledge of the bathtub will often break down the metal composition on the bottom of the pole leading to regular replacement – even if it has rubber feet.

Another drawback to a tension rod shower caddy is it being overloaded with your grooming gear.  There is nothing more terrifying that having a tension rod tip over at 2am in the morning and having a loud crashing sound wake you from your sleep.

Suction Cup Caddy Shelf

Largely reserved for two bottles of your favorite shampoo and conditioner, suction cup caddies are great for single people.

With their streamline design, they are incredibly small and compact and should be able to fit into the smallest of shower stalls.

A common complaint among users of the suction cup caddy shelf will be around its longevity.  As we highlighted several times in our fogless mirror roundup, suction cups just simply will deteriorate over time.

Even if a company markets their suction cups as being ‘heavy duty’, the natural chlorine and minerals found in your water coupled with soap scum and general mildew and mold will break down the integrity of the plastic.

Like the tension bar outlined above, suction cup caddies will need to be replaced on a regular basis (i.e. appx. 9 months).

Also with suction cup caddies, they will only work on flat surfaces – natural stone and sucking to grout lines are out of the question.

Shower Caddies For College, Dorm, Gym

When you find yourself in a situation where you must share the shower stall with several others such as dorm living or your local gym, there are caddies that are made for this occasion.
Usually constructed of a fine mesh or plastic shell, portable shower caddies are a great for light/occasional use while keeping all your grooming equipment in check.

While most of these types of shower caddies market themselves as ‘quick drying’, we do recommend that they aren’t used in a home in lieu of a hanging or tension bar caddy.  Since its still made from a porous material (typically polyester), over exposure of water may lead to pockets of bacteria.

These bacteria could cause irritation, especially if your razor is exposed to them before shaving.

Over The Door Caddy

Much like the shower caddy that hangs from your shower head, you have the over the door counterpart.

This type of shower caddy will typically last the longest as its exposure to the water will be minimal.

However, as long-lasting as these types of shower caddies may be, they will only work on shower stalls that have an actual door.  Therefore, if you, like most people, shower in a bathtub/shower combo, this caddy will simply not work for you as it will block the shower curtain from closing completely.

A key advantage to this shower caddy is that they usually rely on two hooks.  Therefore, if one side of the caddy is weighed down, you shouldn’t have to worry about the entire caddy tipping and subsequently spilling your grooming gear to the floor mid-shower.

Coatings And Materials To Be Aware of When Selecting The Best Shower Caddy For You

metal construction

Shower caddies largely are made of three primary materials: metal, plastic, and polyester.

Here are a few key points on each of the materials that you should be aware of:

Metal Shower Caddies Will Be The Popular

When searching on retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart for the best shower caddy, you will nearly always find that they are constructed from metal.

The reason for this is that they will be the least susceptible for mold buildup along with being th most durable for long term use.

However, even the best shower caddies on the market will fail with time.  The reason for this is that the welding points along the frame are always going to be the first areas to show signs of rust.

Even if its coated in a ‘rust-resistant’ spray or manufacturer applied coating, it’s inevitable that it will rust at some point in its lifetime.

However, with that being said, solid metal caddies will be the best to invest in for your shower.

We do want to caution folks on selecting chrome-plated shower caddies.  Much like your favorite safety razor, chrome-plated caddies will have a steel, or in some cases hollow frame.

Once the chrome is nicked in the slightest or receives a hairline crack due to the constant change in temperature coupled with the severely humid climate, rust will begin to form almost immediately.

Therefore, when possible, we recommend that you invest in a stainless-steel frame for optimal performance.

Plastic Frame Shower Caddies

While typically the most affordable of all the shower caddies, plastic caddies are incredibly lightweight and perfect for those who are a bit older.

Installation of plastic caddies will usually be effortless and often come with either a hanging option or one that can rest in the corner (not a tension bar).

However, given their low-price point along with its flat surfaces, plastic caddies are a cesspool of bacteria when it comes to entering your bathroom.

Of all the materials, this is one that is geared for short term situations or for those who are on a shoestring budget.

The only other scenario where plastic caddies make the most sense is if you bathe regularly as opposed to showering and water will never be exposed to the surface or deep pockets.

Mesh/Polyester Caddies

As we eluded to earlier, these types of caddies are perfect for the gym or dorm room living.  Their portability is what makes them so incredibly useful.

In addition to portability, mesh caddies can be washed regularly to ensure that they don’t get too gross with continued use.

What’s Your Grooming Lineup?  Will All Your Products Fit On The Shower Caddy?

how to get a close shave

There is no worse feeling than ordering a brand new shower caddy, installing it, and then finding out that it can only fit a bar of soap and that your favorite shampoo and conditioner cannot even fit on the shelves.

Or worse, if you like to shave regularly, find out there are no razor hooks making it a major pain in the neck to balance your razor between the metal bars so it doesn’t fall through.

Here is a list of common products that men use in the shower that you should consider when deciding on a shower caddy for you:

10 Best Shower Caddies To Keep Your Bathroom or Shower Stall Organized

1. Gecko-Loc Heavy Duty Suction Cup Bathroom Shower Caddy Shelf Storage Basket

Normally we wouldn’t heavily recommend a shower caddy that relies on suction cups to stay affixed on the bathroom wall, however, this option by Gecko-Loc got our attention.

If you are in a tiny NYC apartment, or simply in a situation where the shower stall is incredibly small and every inch counts, then this shower caddy can make a great option for you.

Featuring just a single shelf, you should be able to store just the essentials on this caddy.

The single shelf is 15” wide by 4.3” deep allowing for storage of sizeable shampoo and conditioner bottles.

With its suction cup design, we do have to warn that it must be affixed to a non-porous surface.  If you have natural stone or small tiles with several grout lines, the suction cups won’t be able to stick to the surface safely.

Crafted in stainless steel, this shower caddy should perform on par with others we reviewed constructed of the same material.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

2. InterDesign Forma Bathroom Over Door Shower Caddy

Among the highest peer reviewed shower caddies comes this over the door option from InterDesign.
Featuring two hooks that will slide over most shower stall doors, you will never have to worry about this shower caddy tipping by becoming too heavy on one side.

Coming in several finishes including bronze, matte black, pearl satin, and satin you should be able to find one that matches the design taste of you and your bathroom.

With its two oversized shelves, you will be able to fit just about all your grooming gear.

If there was one downfall about this shower caddy though, it simply boils down to the lack of a soap tray.

While InterDesign does have a single rod that extends on the bottom of the shelf, your soap may slip between the racks when showering.

On the other hand, the inclusion of the three razor hooks are nice.  This will allow you to not only store your razors, but also to hang your wash cloth or loofah.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

3. InterDesign York Lyra Bathroom Shower Caddy

With its rigid steel frame, this hanging shower caddy by InterDesign is by and far one of the most popular shower caddies on the market.

Featuring two oversized shelves, you should be able to comfortably fit in your most popular grooming products.

The streamline soap shelf will make it easy for you to grab your favorite bar of soap to lather up while in the shower.  The soap shelf itself, like the rest of the caddy, is constructed from metal and features a checkered design ensuring that your soap not only lasts longer (since it doesn’t rest in a pool of water between showers), but will make it easy to fish out with wet hands.  Also, the checkered design will ensure that the soap never slips through the cracks as the bar gets smaller.

The two razor hooks are great if you share the shower with another, or prefer to use one razor on your face and another on the rest of your body.

In addition to the two razor hooks, this shower caddy also has two oversized hooks for holding a loofah or wash cloth.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

4. mDesign Bathroom Hose Shower Caddy

Don’t you hate having to shake out the last bit of your shampoo or conditioner while you are trying to rush through your shower?

Apparently so does mDesign!

With its best in class six shelves for your shampoo and conditioner bottles, this shower caddy was designed for efficiency by having the shelves slanted at a 45-degree angle.

This unique design not found in any other shower caddies that we reviewed will make for a much more enjoyable showering experience.

Beyond the slanted shelves, mDesign also allows for two soap shelves – perfect for those who share a shower stall with their significant other and want to use their own soap.

Unfortunately, these soap shelves don’t feature a checkered design, which may lead to some accidental drops of soap through the cracks.  A simple plastic soap dish (with slots), can counteract this downfall.

Lastly, at the bottom of the shower caddy you will also find two razor hooks.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

5. mDesign Swing Bathroom Shower Caddy

This oversized shower caddy is perfect if you have enormous shampoo and conditioner bottles.  With its two shelves that hang off to either side of the shower head, the ceiling is the limit for your bottles – literally.

The center shelf will be perfect for a body or face wash.  Now one caveat to this shelf is that it’s not a checkered design.  Therefore, if you wash regularly with a bar of soap, you may drop the soap continuously through the slots, especially when the bar gets smaller.

Clad in metal, this heavy-duty shower caddy should stay put in just about any shower stall.

With its oversized neck, the shower caddy should have no problem making it around wide rainfall shower heads as well.

Two razor hooks are available at the bottom of the shower caddy accompanied by a single bar.  The bar itself is wash cloth friendly, however, if you use a loofah, you must share a hook with a razor.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

6. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

When it comes to making home goods, OXO is among one of the most respected brands.  Their products just simply work, and work well.

That’s why we were excited to check out their offering for a shower caddy.

Featuring 2 large shelves and one smaller soap shelf, this shower caddy is a minimalists dream when it comes to design taste.

Constructed from a stainless-steel frame, this shower caddy will be rust resistant (with the exception being the welding points).  Unlike just about every other shower caddy that has a metal mesh that the shampoo or soap rests on, the OXO shower caddy actually relies on plastic.

While normally we would be put off by this design choice, OXO smartly made the plastic trays with slots in them to prevent water from pooling.
This is perfect for not only preventing mold or mildew, but you never have to worry about rust either.

As an added benefit, the plastic trays are removable and dishwasher safe for regular cleaning.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

7. Quick Dry Hanging Toiletry and Bath Organizer with 8 Storage Compartments

One of the best shower caddies for college is this offering by Mayin.  Featuring 8 compartments, you should be able to find a space for just about any one of your grooming solutions .

With its mesh polyester design, you can safely wash this shower caddy regularly to remove mold and mildew buildup.

Weighing in at only 8oz, this shower caddy is perfect to throw into your favorite gym bag or for dorm room storage.

The shoulder strap for this caddy will make transportation of your grooming gear even easier allowing you to keep your hands free in order to carry your towel, change of clothes, etc.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

8. simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy

Quite possibly the best shower caddy ever made comes this one from simplehuman.

The details really count when comparing this shower caddy to others.

First and foremost, the hook shower caddy isn’t just a piece of plastic that rests on the top of the shower pipe coming from your wall.

Instead, simplehuman smartly made a hook that is fastened by a screw to ensure that it never slides down.

In addition to this incredible attention to detail, the shelves are what make this caddy shine.

While just about every other caddy on the market features stationary shelves, this caddy allows you to slide them up/down and sideways.  With this option, you can easily offset the shelves so you can fit just about any sized shampoo or conditioner.

In addition, the lower shelf offers a plastic sliding divider that will keep your small tools in place (i.e. shave brush).

On the side of the simplehuman caddy you will find two razor hooks.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a hook designated for your loofah or wash cloth (although it can share a razor hook).

Lastly, a soap dish is included with this caddy.  With holes at the bottom of the soap dish, your soap wont rest in water making a slimy soap-scum mess.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

9. Zenna Home 2130NN, Tension Corner Pole Caddy

The Zenna Home 2130NN is a tension bar style shower caddy that can fit an enormous amount of grooming supplies.
Geared towards those with large families and need the extra space, this shower caddy features 4 shelves for ample storage.

Coming in 5 different finishes including nickel, brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and bronze, you should be able to find a variant of this caddy to fit your design preference.

Adjustable for up to 8ft ceilings, this caddy should fit most bathtubs (remember: this type of shower caddy won’t work in shower stalls).

Once installed, the Zenna Home 2130NN will look great in your bathroom, however, many users have reported excess rust build-up only a few months after installation.

This is in line with what we expect with tension shower caddies of this caliber.

An important note is that this shower caddy is absent of any razor hooks.  Therefore, you must place your favorite cartridge or safety razor within the shelves.  Furthermore, the shelves don’t feature checkered metal construction, this means small bars of soap may slide out when setting them down.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

10. Zenna Home 7546NSP, Expandable Over-the-Showerhead Caddy

Somewhat like the mDesign Swing Bathroom Shower Caddy, this shower caddy by Zenna Home is great for individual bottle storage without feeling to overly cluttered.

With four individual compartments, it will be perfect for those who share the shower with a significant other.

Coming in both chrome and stainless steel variants, we would recommend selecting the stainless-steel option to reduce the prevalence of rust.

As we eluded to earlier, when chrome is cracked or nicked, rust will form much quicker as opposed to stainless steel.

One noticeable feature absent from this shower caddy when compared to others on the market is the lack of any soap tray.

However, the Zenna Home shower caddy does offer two razor hooks along with two metal bars that can hold either a wash cloth or loofah – or both!

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

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