Best Shaving Brushes

A shaving brush is an essential tool when you want a traditional wet shave.  With the ability to whip up a rich and thick lather, a shave brush can help to make your shave both more comfortable and yield better results.

But here’s the deal:

Not all shave brushes are created equal.  As we reviewed countless brands and options available on the market, the quality of the shaving brush can vary greatly.  In this guide, we not only look at the best shave brushes, such as the Parker Silvertip Brush shave brush, but we also constructed this guide to help in both research and care of the new shave brush you decide to purchase.

Comparing Shaving Brushes

RankingShaving BrushBristle TypePriceLoft LengthHandle LengthHandleAward
1Parker Silvertip BrushBadger / Silvertip$6557mm58mmChromeBest Overall
2Omega HI-BRUSHSynthetic$2558mm50mmSyntheticSynthetic
3Omega Professional BrushBoar$1365mm80mmSyntheticBoar Hair
4Kent BK8 BrushBadger / Silvertip$21055mm55mmSyntheticLuxury
5Parker Travel BrushBadger / Pure$4253mm105mmAluminumFor Travel
6Vie Long BrushHorse$4061mm56mmWoodenHorsehair
7Simpson Special 1 BrushBadger / Pure$3051mm47mmSyntheticFor Gift Giving
8Perfecto BrushBadger / Pure$1750mm50mmWoodenAffordable

Best Shave Brushes of 2024

Here’s our list of the top shaving brushes currently available:

1. Best Overall: Parker Silvertip Bristle Shaving Brush

parker shaving brush

When it comes to silvertip shaving brushes, among the most popular, will be the Parker Silvertip Shaving Brush.  Not only is this brush made from genuine silvertip badger fibers, but it’s also affordably priced compared to other brushes relying on the same grade of fibers.  When looking at it from a performance standpoint, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s why:

Whether you are a wet shaving expert or one starting to unlock the true joys of this process, the Parker Silvertip Shaving brush relies on pliable fibers that can draw out the best properties of just about any decent shave cream.  When combined with hot water, the soft badger bristles will hold moisture better than most other brushes allowing the mixture of water and shave cream to really shine.

Beyond simply applying shaving cream to your face, a shaving brush plays a critical role in both softening your whiskers while also providing gentle exfoliation to your skin.  This can help knock loose any dead skin cells along with dirt and debris.  The quality silvertip badger bristle found in this brush makes this exfoliation both deeper and better.

While lightweight acrylic handles have their place, particularly when it comes to durability, the handle on this Parker Silvertip Bristle shaving brush is among the heaviest out there.  Not only does this feel great in your hand when you are whipping up a good lather, but it will also not tip over easily when it is docked in the stand.

Other Important Features:

  • Modest base and height (103mm) strikes a great balance between control and comfort
  • The 24mm knot is packed tightly and will provide a rich lather
  • Includes a clear lucite shaving stand for simple countertop storage
  • Parker is a trusted brand by wet shaving enthusiasts

What customers are saying: This shaving brush receives mixed reviews, with some customers praising its longevity and quality, while others report discomfort due to hard bristles and shedding hairs. The brush is not silvertip badger despite its higher price point.


  • Made from high quality genuine silvertip badger bristles
  • Provides a rich lather and gentle exfoliation
  • Affordably priced given the quality


  • Handle weight may be a bit too much for some men

2. Synthetic: Omega HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush

omega hi brush shaving brush

When it comes to shaving brushes, and brands respected within this space, Omega will be ranked among the top.  Their nearly 100-year history in this space has made them a force to be reckoned with.  As for the Omega HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush, here are a few noteworthy features that we think you will like:

When it comes to working a thick and rich lather, a good brush should be able to draw up an adequate amount of soap so you can apply it liberally to your face (or elsewhere where you plan on shaving).  Thanks to their reliance on technologically superior thermoplastic semi-crystalline polyester fibers, the bristles in this brush perform exceptionally well.  Beyond carrying abilities, the bristles feature a moderate backbone and a soft splay to the fibers that will feel great when applied to your skin.  

Thanks to the reliance on a rather wide 25mm knot, the Omega shave brush has been widely reported by men to have very little shedding with continued use.  This is likely due to the fact that the strong synthetic fibers can be tied into place and will not likely break even after extended use.

One of the unique advantages that synthetic brushes have over other fibers is that they can be washed thoroughly and still not lose their quality.  With that being said, men with sensitive skin find this to be a great advantage as fewer bacteria will be held in the fibers and should help to reduce any post-shave razor burn or skin irritation.

Other Important Features:

  • The reasonable price will work for any man’s process
  • The long loft (58mm) should make the lathering process much easier
  • The short 50mm base of the brush will work for most hand widths

What customers are saying: Customers find this synthetic shaving brush to be soft, effective at generating lather, and a great travel tool. Though some prefer natural bristles, overall the brush receives high praise for its performance and value for money.


  • High quality brush for an affordable price tag
  • Great for men that want an animal-free shaving experience
  • Generates a great lather for both soaps and creams


  • Doesn’t include a shaving or drip stand
  • Loft height may be a bit too long for some
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3. Boar Hair: Omega Professional (#10098) Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Omega Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

The most noteworthy feature of the Omega Professional Boar Bristle Shaving Brush isn’t just the animal hair of which it was sourced, but also the extended handle that makes the brush a lofty 145mm in length.  Here are a few notes on why men loved using this boar brush:

One of the primary reasons why men opt for boar brushes over a traditional badger hair shaving brush is that the bristles are much stiffer.  This not only will extend the life of the brush as it can withstand more abuse (particularly when it comes to generating a lather), but it also provides a richer and deeper exfoliation prior to shaving.  This is really beneficial for those men with naturally oily skin that want to try and lift excess oil and dead skin cells prior to shaving.

While some men may like to whip up a good lather in a shave bowl, when using the Omega Professional Boar Bristle Brush, your options open up when it comes to tools to use within the bathroom.  Ideal for shaving mugs and scuttles, you can still get plenty of leverage on the brush thanks to the curved resin handle.

As the loft of a shave brush gets longer, so, too, does the amount of shave cream that can be carried in it.  While yes, some control is lost due to the longer loft, many men love this feature of the shaving brush as it can be easily used on other areas of your body.  Whether you are shaving your chest, arms, legs, or elsewhere, the extra bit of shaving cream that it can hold means that you won’t have to whip up another lather mid-shave.

Unlike the traditional badger hair brush, a boar hair brush has less than stellar water retention, hence the longer loft to compensate for this inherent difference (source).   Therefore, if you are coming from a badger brush, there may be a learning curve (albeit small) when using this shave brush.

Other Important Features:

  • The loft is one of the longest in a shave brush we reviewed standing at 65mm
  • Acrylic handle won’t rot if left in a water puddle like a traditional wooden handle
  • Widely available at several online shaving retailers
  • Not ideal for men with smaller than average hands given the length

What customers are saying: Customers praise this shaving brush for its firm bristles and comfortable long handle. They report that it is effective in creating a thick lather and works well for both face and head shaving. However, some customers experienced issues with the handle cracking.


  • Considering the price tag on this brush, it showcases high quality craftsmanship
  • Perfect for wet shavers on a strict grooming budget
  • Carries a ton of shaving cream, making it great to use elsewhere on your body


  • Using a boar bristle shaving brush takes some getting used to

4. Luxury Pick: Kent BK8 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

kent shaving brush

Known for their well-respected combs and brushes, Kent has been a fixture in the men’s grooming category for nearly 250 years.  With such a rich history, they have helped countless men rediscover the lost art of traditional wet shaving.  The Kent BK8 is an elegant brush that is at the top of the consideration list for many.

Here’s why:

Unlike a boar’s hair bristle brush that exfoliates deep into your skin pores, the Kent BK8 does just the opposite.  The moppy silvertip bristles are very lightweight and will glide over the surface of your face when applied.  This is a polarizing feature within this particular shave brush and some men will either love it or hate it.  

One aspect of this brush that we loved was the included leather storage case.  Lined with soft red velvet and secured by a single button snap closure, it will keep your valued shave brush secure while in transit.  A perfect inclusion for business travelers or those that are looking for a nice shave brush as a gift.

While the Kent BK8 is among the priciest shave brushes we reviewed, one hidden cost of this brush is the amount of shaving cream that is required in order to generate a rich lather.  With such a moppy head, a lot more shaving cream will need to be used.  While many men may not mind this as the cost is negligible for most, if you are using some high-end shaving cream, it may add up over time.

  • Kent BK2 vs. BK4 vs. BK8 – what’s the difference between them?

When researching Kent shaving brushes, you’ll find that there are three models available: BK2, BK4, and BK8.  The primary difference between them is the type of badger hair used in the brush and the bristle length.  The Kent models feature the following badger hair grades and lengths:

  • Kent BK2: Pure Badger Hair / Medium Bristle Length
  • Kent BK4: Pure Silvertip Badger / Medium Bristle Length
  • Kent BK8: Silvertip Badger / Long Bristle Length

Other Important Features:

  • Kent is one of the oldest and respected brush manufacturers still in existence today
  • Bristles should remain in the knot so long as the brush has been properly cared for
  • The case cannot be purchased separately
  • The ergonomic handle is a resin made to look like mock ivory
  • The moisture-centric design makes it great for men with sensitive or dry skin

What customers are saying: Customers have mixed opinions about this shaving brush. While many people praise its lather generation, soft bristles, and durability, others complain that it feels too soft, sheds too much, or is overpriced.


  • The soft and moppy head will feel great against your skin
  • The travel/storage case is well made
  • Uncompromising materials throughout the brush
  • Ergonomic handle provides plenty of control


  • It’s expensive

5. For Travel: Parker Safety Razor Travel Shave Brush

parker travel shaving brush

Parker is widely known within the shaving industry for offering reliable shaving tools at affordable prices.  While this travel brush doesn’t rely on high-end bristles like their silvertip badger hair offerings, it can provide a reliable lather when on the road. 

While most brands like to rely on chrome or stainless steel when it comes to traditional wet shaving, Parker did a terrific job at carefully thinking about the intent of the brush and where it will be used.  Aluminum is naturally corrosion and rust-resistant alloy.  Therefore, if the tube gets wet when sitting on the countertop or when tossed into your Dopp kit or toiletry bag, it won’t corrode at all.  Furthermore, the screw threads on the bottom of the knot will still work well whether it’s your first or 100th use of the brush.

And if that wasn’t enough – aluminum is extremely lightweight.  When compared to steel, aluminum is about 2.5 less dense (source).

Unlike the other quality shave brushes we reviewed, this travel brush by Parker does rely on the lowest grade of badger hair (pure badger hair).  Therefore, you can expect a less than stellar water retention along with a slightly stiffer backbone.  With that being said, the compromise in bristle quality is more than acceptable if you plan on shaving with a brush while traveling (it still is a good quality brush nevertheless).  

Other Important Features:

  • Can be paired well with a Parker A14 travel razor 
  • When assembled the brush is full-sized
  • The brush head is affixed with a screw top tube that won’t fall off when used
  • The storage tube will resist surface dents and damage

What customers are saying: The Parker Travel Shaving Brush receives mixed reviews, with some customers praising its portability and compact design, while others complain about the stiffness and scratchiness of the bristles. The brush is generally recommended for travel use rather than daily use.


  • A great addition to your toiletry travel kit
  • The lightweight canister is perfect 
  • Screw top tube offers a secure fit on the brush head


  • Badger hair bristles aren’t the highest quality

6. Horsehair: Vie Long Professional Horse Hair Shaving Brush

vie long horsehair shaving brush

When it comes to finding a horsehair brush for shaving, one of the most trusted names for wet shaving enthusiasts is Vie Long.  Founded in 1940 in Paterna, Spain, Vie Long makes a wide variety of shave brushes that rely on horse hair.  Unlike the horse hair that caused the anthrax scare in NYC at the turn of the 20th century (and the reason that this fiber fell out of popularity), it has been slowly making a comeback with the modern wet shavers.  

One of the primary reasons that men prefer a horse hair brush is that they are often much cheaper compared to badger and feature a backbone that ages well.  

Like a boar bristle brush, horse hair brushes feature a longer loft to allow for greater water retention as this bristle doesn’t absorb nearly as much water when compared to a badger brush.

While it’s easy to whip up a nice lather with this brush thanks to the stiff bristles, when applying the shaving cream particularly to the mustache area, some control and precision will be lost.  While not a dealbreaker for many – it is an important distinction with this brush.

Other Important Features:

  • This brush does have a slightly more narrow knot diameter at 21mm
  • Bristle tips will splay and soften with continued use
  • The wooden handle features a soft grip that will look and feel nice

What customers are saying: This Vie Long horse hair shaving brush receives praise for its softness, quality and ability to create great lather. However, some customers had issues with the initial smell and the bristle length.


  • Affordably priced
  • Should last for years if cared for properly
  • An animal-friendly alternative to other brushes


  • Stiff backbone may be a bit too much for some men

7. Gift Giving: Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush

simpson shaving brush

The highly popular Great Britain men’s grooming brand Simpson put together a great pure badger shaving brush that is a great introduction for men who are starting to take up the lost art of shaving. 

Many men who try out a traditional shave brush for the first time, unintentionally damage their brush due to misuse.  Whether it’s during the cleaning process, how the brush is stored, or when generating a lather, there are a lot of easy ways to ruin the bristles and how they perform.  

In particular, we liked this brush because the bristles are durable and can withstand quite a bit of abuse.  Handcrafted in Great Britain, they will hold to the knot extremely well.  Furthermore, this grade of badger hair should still offer great water retention and provide a light exfoliation when applied to a man’s face.

The gift box included with this brush is the perfect little container that presents well.  With an old-school look, it is timeless.  Furthermore, Simpson makes a nice little shave brush container that compliments and protects the brush when in transit.  Just make sure it is fully dry before storage.

Other Important Features:

  • Simpson handcrafts their brushes and offers them at an affordable price
  • Imitation ivory handle looks timeless

What customers are saying: Customers praise the high quality and well-crafted design of this shaving brush, although some mention it is on the smaller side, making it ideal for travel or occasional use. Many also appreciate the great lather it creates and the excellent performance it offers for its price point.


  • The nice and simple design is great for gift-giving
  • Great affordable alternative to a boar brush
  • Comfortable handle with sweeping curves


  • Not the best if you are an expert wet shaver

8. Affordable: Perfecto 100% Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

perfect shaving brush

Whether you are just discovering the advantages of traditional wet shaving or you want to keep your grooming expenses to a minimum, the Perfecto Pure Badger Shaving brush should be considered. 

What’s really great about the Perfecto brush is that it doesn’t rely on cheap hog hair or synthetic bristle.  Instead, it uses genuine pure badger hair for the bristles.  This ensures that the moisture retention will be better than average while also providing a nice gentle exfoliation when used on your face.

Whether you apply shaving cream to your mustache, cheek, or along the chin, the shorter loft and handle on this shave brush provide unparalleled control.  This is particularly great for those men who are learning how to use a shaving brush and don’t need a long loft getting in the way.

One of the biggest gripes men had about this brush was the softness of the fibers and knot quality.  We understand that this isn’t the best brush out there, but when you consider the cost into the equation, not many other brushes can match.  

Therefore, when this brush arrives in the mail, expect it to have a stronger backbone and a lengthy break-in period.  Furthermore, since this isn’t handcrafted like others reviewed, hairs will naturally shed over time.

Other Important Features:

  • The wooden handle has a clear coat to preserve the wood and prevent rot
  • Perfecto makes a complimentary stand so the brush can easily dry
  • Total length is about 65mm

What customers are saying: Some customers find this shaving brush to be of poor quality, with bristles falling out and the handle cracking. However, others enjoy a smooth lathering experience and consider it a good quality brush.


  • Great affordable beginners brush to learn with
  • Made from real badger hair
  • Easy to control


  • Won’t last for several years

4 Tips for Buying a Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes are similar in both form and function across all brands.  However, there are subtle differences that make an impact on performance.  Consider the following before making a purchase:

1. Bristle Type

bubble graph that states the four different shaving brush fibers

Shaving brushes can rely on one of the following fibers:

Badger Hair

This is the most common bristle type for shaving brushes.  However, quality varies greatly. Here are the different types:

  1. Pure (appx. $15): The most common of all the badger hair fibers is also the cheapest shave brush that you can get. This is an excellent fiber for beginners.
  2. Best (appx. $25): From a visual standpoint, best badger hair will appear a bit darker than its pure counterpart.  It is softer than pure and won’t provide nearly as deep of an exfoliation. The soft bristles retain more water, allowing for a richer lather.
  3. Super (appx. $50): This bristle tends to be a bit thinner than both pure and best grades. This delicate bristle performs well with quality shaving soaps.
  4. Silvertip (appx. $50 – $100): This is the finest and softest fiber collected from badgers. Expect a reliably great lather from any shaving cream or soap. Since these fibers are very fine, a silvertip brush must be carefully handled and stored.

Boars Hair

Boars hair fiber is relatively inexpensive and typically will cost around $10 to $50 for a brush. Expect a stiff bristle that provides a strong backbone.  With continued use, the fibers will splay, resulting in a softer brush.


This is a much softer fiber, especially when compared to boars hair; a horsehair brush is equally affordable and can rival many quality badger hair brushes.


This is an excellent alternative for those men looking for cruelty-free shaving brushes.  The quality of synthetic brushes varies greatly and can be really good or really bad.  The price for a synthetic brush can range from under $20 to more than $75. 

2. Components of a Shaving Brush

The loft, knot, and handle have an impact on the performance of a shaving brush.  Here’s what you should know:

  • Loft: The length of the bristles is known as the loft.  A long loft helps the shaving brush retain heat and moisture more effectively.  Long lofts are commonly found on boar and horsehair brushes.  A short loft provides better control when applying the shaving cream.  
  • Knot Size: The diameter of the knot will often vary between 15mm to 30mm.  A larger knot allows the brush to carry more water and shaving cream within its bristles.  Shaving brushes with a larger knot will usually be more expensive.
  • Handle Length: If you have larger hands, go with a long handle as it will be easier to control.  As a point of reference, the handle should be no longer than the tip of your thumb to the center of your palm:
demonstration of hand size and shave brush handle length

3. Brand

Going with a trusted brand is heavily advised no matter what your budget is.  A well-known brand provides consistency in the fibers used on the shaving brush along with high-quality craftsmanship. Here are a few brands we recommend checking out when purchasing a shave brush:

BrandLocationYear Founded
Edwin JaggerSheffield, England1988
KentApsley, England1777
MuhleStützengrün, Germany1945
Parker ShavingYorktown Heights, NY1973
SemogueS. Félix da Marinha, Portugal1955
MaggardsAdrian, MI2012
Vie-LongPaterna, Spain1940
OmegaBologna, Italy1931
Simpson / VulfixCronkbourne, Isle of Man1919
Heinrich L. ThaterNuremberg, Germany1913

4. Return Policy

Most shaving brushes will shed a few bristles after the first couple of uses. However, if it continues to shed after a week of use, you should return or exchange the brush as it is likely faulty craftsmanship.  Before buying, double-check the return policy, so you are aware of your options.

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