11 Best Natural & Organic Shampoos For Men: Top Brands Reviewed

When it comes to selecting a natural shampoo for your hair and scalp, it’s important to focus on two parts: ingredient composition and results.

Any quick trip to the local natural grocery store or online retailer can quickly turn daunting when faced with a wall of shampoos that claim they will add ‘100% more volume’ or ‘revitalize thinning with natural vitamins’ all while claiming to be natural, organic, or some composition between the two.

But before you click that Buy Now button – read the following:

Natural vs. Organic: Is There a Difference?

When it comes to labeling claims, it’s imperative as a consumer that you equip yourself with accurate knowledge on the subject when making a decision.

For example, did you know that natural and organic claims aren’t heavily regulated?  

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as stated the following: 

Can I label my cosmetics “natural” or “organic”? 

The same requirements for safety and labeling apply to all cosmetics, no matter what their source. This includes, for example, making sure that all your labeling is truthful and not misleading.

FDA has not defined the term “natural” and has not established a regulatory definition for this term in cosmetic labeling.

FDA also does not have regulations for the term “organic” for cosmetics. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the use of the term “organic” for agricultural products under the National Organic Program (NOP). If you have questions about the use of the term “organic,” contact USDA. Answers to some common questions about “organic” cosmetics are available on our website under “‘Organic’ Cosmetics.” 

Don’t use terms such as “natural” as part of an ingredient statement, because ingredients must be listed by their common or usual names, without additional description.

And remember, choosing ingredients from sources you consider “organic” or “natural” is no guarantee that they are safe. You are still responsible for making sure your ingredients are safe when used according to the labeling, or as they are customarily used, no matter what kinds of ingredients you use.https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/resources-industry-cosmetics/small-businesses-homemade-cosmetics-fact-sheet#7

The takeaway: 

The FDA has not defined the terms natural and organic for cosmetic purposes.  Therefore, it’s up to the companies to decide, making it more challenging for you to sift through some of the claims.

To ensure you are getting a natural or organic shampoo, simply look at the ingredient list.  If there is a bunch of artificial ingredients, then avoid that shampoo altogether.

For further help, we recommend checking out the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database.  The EWG is a nonprofit, nonpartisan orgaanization that examines many ingredients used within cosmetics.

The 11 Best Natural & Organic Shampoos For Men

1. Dr. Squatch Natural Men’s Shampoo

squatch shampoo

Herbs full of vitamins and minerals are infused within this blue-collar hardworking shampoo to create the ultimate in men’s hair care.

It smells like the ocean breeze; no more floral scents for the hard-working man. This product is made with all-natural ingredients and contains natural cleansers that help restore your hair’s balance.

It also works on most hair types, from dry to oily and everything in between. This shampoo is for every man, no matter your needs.

Customers love the way that this shampoo works on their hair. They report that it really makes their hair fuller, thicker, and overall more pleasant to work with.

It doesn’t irritate the scalp, nor does it cause any adverse effects on the hair itself. It’s completely natural, not tested on animals, and contains no harmful additives.

The key ingredients in this shampoo are tea tree oil, aloe vera, and many more to put back much-needed vitamins and minerals into the hair to make it stronger and less likely to fall out or thin over time.

Of course, it may take some time for the full effect of this shampoo to be visible, but it begins working after the first wash.

2. Rugged and Dapper Dual Purpose Power Body Wash + Shampoo for Men

RUGGED & DAPPER Dual Purpose Power Shampoo & Body...

If you want to save time in the shower, this product not only acts as an effective natural shampoo but also can be used as a body wash.

Two functions, one bottle; perfect for rushed mornings and tired evenings. This shampoo is ideal for all hair and skin types, containing natural and organic ingredients such as plant-based oils and extracts to put minerals and vitamins back into the body.

While this product doesn’t double as a shaving cream, it does clean the hair and the body remarkably well.

It implements tea tree oil, a known anti-fungal, and disinfectant, as well as aloe to give you the deepest, most refreshing clean with natural ingredients.

Men will love this masculine scent; it’s not too strong, but it’s definitely there.

Buyers of this product are blown away by how well it cleans both the hair and the body, and one of the only complaints about this product is the price.

You do only get 16oz of product for a little under $20, but if you only use a quarter-sized amount for your hair and your body, the bottle should still last you a couple of months.

3. Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo

Brickell Men's Products Daily Strengthening...

Simply put, this is a product for all men, no matter what hair type.

If you want to see stronger, thicker, and fuller hair after you wash it, this is the product for you.

Unlike Art Natural’s Argan oil shampoo, this formula uses mint and tea tree, a refreshing blend of citrus and melaleuca oil.

Tea tree oil has long been used as a disinfectant and anti-fungal treatment, however, there are few people who aren’t crazy about the smell. It is very strong, but it works wonders. This product helps encourage hair growth by stimulating the roots and repairing damage to the strands.

Men all over the U.S. have reported fantastic results by using this product. Their hair is fuller and thicker and feels great on their head. While it won’t regrow bald spots, it will fix what hair you have into a full and luxurious mane of hair that is sure to please.

But there is a sticking point…

The biggest complaint that people have with this product is that the tea tree oil really isn’t the best smelling.

It is countered somewhat by the citrus lime scent, but it is a very unusual-scented product. It is also a touch more expensive than other products such as the Everyone Soap for Every Man, also covered in this article.

4. Byrd Purifying Shampoo

Byrd Shampoo

This is the shampoo to have if you’re looking for a natural, cleansing hair product that not only repairs damage but makes your hair healthier after only a couple of uses.

It achieves this with vegetable glycerin and aloe vera, two naturally derived ingredients that are well known for repairing skin and hair effectively, while also putting moisture back where it belongs.

The result?

Hair that is soft and silky smooth.

Other ingredients include sea salt (also found in their award-winning sea salt spray for men’s hair), red algae, and kelp for added minerals. They also help to give your hair volume; no more sad hair days!

Because this is a natural product, it’s great for most skin types and doesn’t usually cause an allergic reaction.

You will find that the price is well worth it, as the natural ingredients in the shampoo are incredibly effective at repairing a year’s worth of damage in just one application.

The coconut fragrance is fantastic, so if you’re looking for something that doesn’t smell like an overabundance of citrus and tea tree oil, this is a prime choice for you.

5. Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

artnaturals Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and...

Argan oil is a popular ingredient for shampoo and conditioner products because of its ability to promote healthy hair growth. Art Naturals is a 100% natural hair care product that makes your hair appear thicker, healthier, and longer after each use.

But it gets even better:

Men love this product because of its pleasant scent and its tried and true hardworking formula that helps to restore damaged hair back to its former glory.

The shampoo and conditioner comes in separate bottles, because unlike 2-in-1 products, this product works best when you can apply them separately.

Buying them together does work out to a higher than average price tag when compared to other comparable products, but it is well worth the price for the results that you get.

So if you have thinning hair or split ends – you should see a marked improvement from using this product. Customers have reported longer, fuller, and thicker strands after just one use!

While it won’t get rid of balding spots since it doesn’t have any biotin, minoxidil or finasteride in the formula, it will help keeping the rest of your hair very healthy.

This product is ideal for all hair types, and is gentle on skin so it should not cause an adverse reaction.

6. Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo

Avalon Organics Therapy Thickening Shampoo, Biotin...

Are you suffering from thinning hair due, either due to age or workplace stress?

Sure, you could shave your head completely bald.

But if you are looking to keep onto your locks a little longer, then this shampoo from Avalon might be exactly what you need to get that mop back into shape.

Unlike the Every Man Jack Thickening 2-in-1, this shampoo is enriched with biotin B-complex, an organic thickener that repairs damage and makes your hair follicles thicker, stronger, and longer than they ever have been before.

Besides the thickening agent, this shampoo is ripe with natural ingredients such as aloe barbadensis, raspberry extract, tomato extract, eucalyptus, and many more.

All of the ingredients used help to add some vitamins and minerals back into the hair, giving it a new lease on life, and in turn makes your hair thicker and healthier.

This is a 100% natural, vegan formula that doesn’t test on animals. It contains no GMO’s, no parabens, and no harsh, toxic chemicals that may irritate the scalp.

What this shampoo does have is all-natural ingredients that are fresh, effective, and give your hair volume and thickness with constant use.

7. Daily All Natural Nourishing And Moisturizing Shampoo by Fleur Products

All Natural Eco Friendly Shampoo for Men, Women, &...

As far as natural shampoos go, this is an incredibly simple shampoo that does a lot.

It contains Morrocan Argan oil, strawberry extract, amino acids and keratin for extraordinarily healthy hair.

Unlike Art Natural’s shampoo with Argan oil, this shampoo advertises only these four ingredients; very simple, and yet very effective.

The one thing that you may notice when applying is that it does smell like strawberries. The gentle fruit mixture may seem a bit feminine to some, but it really isn’t that bad once you rinse it out.

In fact, the smell is barely there, and you can go throughout your day without smelling it.

As for customer reception, buyers of this product love the shampoo and how well it works, even though it seems to lack ingredients.

Reviewers have said that their experience with the shampoo has been nothing short of excellent, even reporting fuller, thicker hair after a couple of washes. For a truly organic hair-washing experience, this shampoo is definitely worth a look.

As a bonus, it’s also incredibly inexpensive.

8. Every Man Jack 2-in-1 Thickening Shampoo plus Conditioner

Every Man Jack 2 In 1 Shampoo Conditioner Tea...

Every Man Jack shampoo and conditioner combo is what every man needs to experience a full and thick head of hair after only a couple of washes.

It features invigorating ingredients that work to refresh the scalp, cleaning right down to the roots to ensure an all-over clean. This product was made for men with fine or thinning hair, and is designed to not only cleanse the hair itself, but also the scalp to give you a deep clean that many commercial products can’t give you.

The problem with many conventional shampoos is that they don’t moisturize as you’d expect.

Some shampoos and conditioners merely coat the hair in a thin, wax-like layer that lasts for a day or two. Because this shampoo uses naturally derived ingredients, you don’t have to worry about waxy residue.

What you see on the bottle is what you get in your hair; pure vitamins and minerals essential to healthy hair growth and maintenance.

This product doesn’t contain parabens, dyes, or sodium laurel sulfate, ingredients that can damage hair over time. It works with all hair types, and can even be used on colored hair.

9. Everyone Soap for Every Man

Everyone 3-in-1 Soap for Man, Cedar and Citrus, 32...

What is it about this product that makes it so popular?

Besides being a shampoo, this product also works as a body wash and a shaving cream.

Yeah, you read that right!

This makes showering incredibly easy as you have one bottle for every possible function. The bottles are huge for the price as well, meaning you get more uses out of just one bottle than if you bought three different products for three different functions.

It cleanses with natural ingredients, making this product easy on the skin, leaving you feeling, clean, soft, and invigorated.

Through the use of essential oils, this product makes you smell fantastic. It is available in two scents: Cedar and Citrus, which is a very strong, masculine scent, and Cucumber and Lemon for those who prefer a milder fragrance.

Both products work fantastic and are proudly paraben and polysorbate-free. This all-natural shampoo is perfect for saving time in the shower, leaving you feeling energized, alert, and most importantly, clean.

Shave, shampoo, and shower with confidence with this all-in-one powerhouse of a product.

Everyone Soap for Every Man is wonderfully inexpensive, and can be picked up with a sub-$10 price tag. For 32 ounces of product, this is an amazing deal.

10. John Masters Organics Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

John Masters Organics Daily Nourishing Shampoo 8oz...

Is your scalp a bit more on the sensitive side?

If so, then this product is great for you.

It features natural ingredients derived from nature to give you a completely cleansing experience with a gentle, non-irritating formula.

The end result is a light tingle from the lavender, and a refreshing clean all over. This product does not contain sodium laurel sulfate, a shampoo additive that can occasionally cause irritation on the scalp. The shampoo also helps to remove buildup and alleviate symptoms of dandruff and itchy scalp.

Compared to other products on this list, customers say that the lather is less than what you would get with commercial shampoos.

Overall, John Masters is a fantastic brand all around, and their natural shampoo is exactly what you need for that salon clean without the salon price. It’s gentle, cleansing, and very effective at controlling most afflictions without the need for special chemicals or medicated ointments.

It is perfect for oily hair, but there are some customers who claim that the product doesn’t work so well on dry hair.

Despite this, it is still a great product to use to help minimize dandruff and itching scalp.

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11. Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner with Argan Oil and Keratin

Hair Conditioner for Damaged Dry Hair - Sulfate...

Keratin is key for healthy hair, which is why this conditioning serum has it as one of its key ingredients. This product utilizes organic ingredients such as aloe barbadensis leaf juice, argan oil, pomegranate, and shea butter to give you a more thorough clean.

These ingredients also serve to put back needed vitamins and minerals, and replenish the hair to look and feel healthier. Healthier hair means that it won’t be prone to falling out, and it will be lighter and fuller with each use.

Natural ingredients also mean that your hair won’t feel waxy; many conditioners use a wax base to give you that soft and luxurious feeling in your hair, but all it does is coat the strands, it does not soak into your hair.

This conditioner will work in your hair, leaving it feeling natural and light, not weighed down unlike commercial products.

As well, this product is fantastic for all hair types, and should not irritate the skin on your scalp.

Reviewers of this product have noted a considerable improvement with their hair, saying that their hair feels lighter and more workable than before.

Damage is also repaired, so if you have a lot of split ends, this is a great product to use.

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