Best Manicure Sets For Men: Top 8 Brands Reviewed In 2020

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Whether you are a business traveler that always finds themselves on the road or a man that simply likes to have a comprehensive grooming regimen, manicure sets are a great way to keep all your essential tools organized in a an easy access pouch, especially if you are fishing around inside your favorite dopp kit.

Here is a roundup of the best manicure sets for men that offer not only a wide array of tools, but come in several different price points.  With these options, you no longer have an excuse to not have well kempt hands:

Best Manicure Sets For Men In 2020 Reviewed


1. Corewill Manicure and Pedicure Set Nail Clippers 12 in 1

Like the OMNE 15 piece set, this nail-clipping kit comes with a whole host of tools that perhaps you never thought of owning. This kit in particular comes with 3 different sized nail clippers, a nail file, an ear pick, a blackhead remover, eyebrow tweezers and scissors, and many more.

All of this is conveniently stored in a small, lightweight kit that can be brought with you traveling, or you can leave it on your bathroom counter where it won’t take up too much room on your counters.

Men say that this is the best nail and foot care kit, especially because of how inexpensive it is. It is a little more expensive than OMNE’s set, but the tools are considerably different, and cater to different needs as well.

For the every-day man who sticks to a regular routine of clip and trim, this is the set for you.

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2. Czech & Speake Air-Safe Leather Bound Travel Manicure Set

Like the other Czech & Speake product on this list, the air-safe travel set from the same company offers high-quality tools on the go. It’s another expensive product, to be sure, but it’s coated with highly resilient coating that ensures that the product lasts through years of constant use.

This set contains a nail clipper, a nail-file, a pair of air-safe safety scissors and a pair of tweezers. Great for throwing in your carry on while you travel.

The sticking point is the price; for a small set, this nearly $400 kit is a little daunting for some, especially with how little is in the kit itself. However, the quality of the tools is vastly superior from anything you can buy on Amazon or in stores, and as such is well worth its weight.

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3. Czech & Speake Leather Bound Manicure Set

This is a kit that cannot be compared to anything you’ll find on Amazon.

While the other nail-care kits are all fairly inexpensive for their quality, this is a product that you can be sure is an exceptional product. It comes with 8 different tools, including scissors, a nail-file with pointed end, tweezers, a cuticle trimmer, a cuticle pusher, and toenail clippers. The whole thing is wrapped in a hard, leather bound case that is just the peak of sophistication.

However, such luxury does come at a price, and is the reason why you can’t compare this product to anything else. It’s a $650 set, made with the finest materials from Germany. The special coating on the tools helps reduce signs of wear and tear, and ensure that this set will last you a lifetime.

While it is expensive, it’s a fantastic quality and every man should own at least one high-quality nail clipper in their life.

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4. Gentlemen’s Hardware Men’s Manicure Set

Nail care is an exceptionally important part of any hygienic routine, especially if you work with your hands a lot. This manicure set from Gentlemen’s Hardware has everything you need to make the most of your nails, and includes numerous tools to get started. The tools included are  a nail clipper, scissors, tweezers, a cuticle posher, and a nail file.

These essential tools are stored in a handsome gray felt case, trimmed with genuine vegan leather. Additionally, the product comes in a brown gift box, so if you are giving it as a gift, you have a nice way to display it.

This is a must have item if you want to take care of your nails. It’s a great product for men who tend to work with their hands a lot, and need to keep the nails short.

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5. HeadBlade The Groomster Manicure Set

This is another really simple, yet incredibly effective set that has all of the necessities. The Groomster comes with six fantastic, high-quality tools including a nail-file, nail clippers, a cuticle trimmer, and even an ear cleaner.

It’s perfect for any sort of man, with any kind of special needs, and the discrete, leather-like kit that it comes in is incredibly durable and easy to conceal.

Men say that this is the kit to have for travel, or just for sticking in your back pocket. The quality is good, especially for the price, and you can take it with you everywhere you go, so you’re never without. Men also love the inclusion of some unconventional tools (such as the ear cleaner and the small scissors) and give more options for an every-day routine.

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6. Men’s Basics Nail Clippers Set

Your nails are important, and it only stands to reason that you’ll want to take care of them. Unlike women, you don’t need 17 different tools to get the job done, which is why Men’s Basics offers a simple, hassle free set so you can get the job done qquickly and easily.

First, it comes with a fingernail clipper, a toenail clipper, and a hooked nail file for cleaning underneath the nails. If you work in the dirt and the mud, you know that sometimes, not all the dirt comes out after washing your hands. Keeping your nails trim means they aren’t likely to snap off and break, which is not only annoying, but also detrimental to nail health. Finally, a toenail clipper for pesky, long, or partially ingrown toenails.

The set is stainless steel, and it comes in a super luxurious leather pouch. Because nothing says manly quite like leather.

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7. ONME 15 Piece Manicure/Pedicure Set

Unlike Men’s Basics, ONME values choice. And, oh boy, do you have choices with this set.

It comes with a whopping 15 pieces, and not just limited to nail care. Sure there, are your nail clippers, toenail clippers, an oblique nail clipper (for peskier nails), but there’s also ear spoons, a dead skin fork, an eyebrow cutter, and not one, but two knives. These tools, and a few others, are all contained in a little leather case that is perfect for traveling with.

Customers like this set because of all the options it gives them to take care of their nails. Even if you’re just a clipper and file kind of guy, the choice to add to your nail care routine is spectacular.

The best part?

This entire set is just under $20; buying all these tools separately would easily run you well over $50, and these here are great quality.

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8. Wild & Wolf Gentleman’s Hardwear Manicure Set

Go back to the basics with this simple, yet elegant, manicure set for men. This set includes more tools than just nail clippers. In fact, it contains clippers, tweezers, scissors, and a file for optimal nail health without getting too complicated. The carrying case is compact and sturdy, and folds over and zips closed to keep everything in one place without being a hassle.

This is a perfect gift for travel or just for leaving at home. It’s small and lightweight, but has all of the necessities that any man needs to keep their nails in tip-top shape.

This is a great quality set that will replace your cheap dollar-store nail-clippers and last through years of use.

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Best Manicure Sets For Men: Selection Process

While we wish we had the resources to review every single manicure set designed for men on the market, the reality is that we don’t.

However, after several hours of research, reading other reviews, and careful consideration – we are pretty happy with the list that we put together above.

While we found these to be the best manicure sets for men in 2020, if you think we should look at any other sets, please drop a line in the comment section below and let us know!

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