Best Leave-In Conditioner For Men Of All Hair Types

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  • Best Masculine Scent – Olivina Men
  • Best Performing Leave-In Conditioner – ORIBE
  • Best Leave-In Conditioner For Hair Strength – CHI Keratin

When it comes to caring for your ‘do and looking your absolute best, there is no greater weapon than a leave-in conditioner.

Formulated in a completely different manner than your typical rinse out conditioner, leave-in conditioners help to make your hair look and feel insurmountably better.

But for those guys wanting more from their hair (why else would you be Googling best leave-in conditioner in the first place?!), here’s some of the best on the market that you should be checking out.

Reviews Of The Best Leave-In Conditioners For Men

Here’s a detailed look at some of best leave-in conditioners that will make your hair look and feel incredible:

1. Olivina Men Rinse Out / Leave-In Conditioning Cream

A multifunctional conditioner that can be used in a traditional sense (rinse out) or as a leave-in, comes this man fueled product by Olivina Men.

Packed full of barley, hemp, birch, juniper and countless other natural ingredients – this is a conditioner that is squared directly at the men out there who seek out the more natural offerings.

While there is no denying the intoxicating scent of bourbon and cedar mixed together – it’s really the results that count.

Men with coarse or textured hair loved this product by far…

…and that makes complete sense.

Chocked full of natural oils, it can penetrate deep to unwind any knots and make you look your best.

What You Need To Know

It’s a great natural offering with a wickedly manly scent.  If you have coarse hair, try a bit of this and be prepared for some great results.

2. ORIBE Leave-In Conditioner

“Like crack for hair”

That’s just one of the many quotes we saw from people who have been using the ORIBE line of products.

While CHI is considered to be a pretty damn good brand when it comes to hair care products, for those men out there that want the best and don’t mind paying for it – then buy this leave-in conditioner.

Coming in two varieties (Supershine and Supershine Light) with the former for medium to thick hair while the latter for fine hair, this product is perfect for giving your hair an amazing non-greasy shine.

Formulated from a batch of natural ingredients that are absent of parabens and is safe to use on color treated hair, you will not only get great looking hair, but one that is equally healthy.

What You Need To Know

It’s incredibly expensive.  But after using it once you will be hooked.  Just be sure you hide it from your significant other.

3. CHI Keratin Leave-In Conditioner

Among the top of the pantheon of luxury brands that deliver uncompromising performance you will find CHI.

A staple brand for men who care about style, CHI Keratin is a leave-in conditioner that is a great weapon for fighting damaged hair.

Keratin is a structural protein (source) that will help to repair hair cuticles that have been damaged through heat (blow dryer), excessive brushing, or general environmental abuse.

But not only will this leave-in conditioner repair your hair, it will also further strengthen it to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged again.

Beyond the Keratin, in the bottle you will also find natural oils (jojoba and argan) which work together to help moisturize and detangle.

Now don’t worry about your hair looking greasy due to the oils, given that these are very much like the natural sebum your scalp is already producing, it should compliment it and make your hair ultimately look healthy.

What You Need To Know

It’s among the best leave-in conditioners on the market.  If you had to pick one, this would be it.

4. TIGI Bed Head B For Men Leave-In Conditioner

Maker of countless hair care products for men, TIGI knows a thing or two when it comes to making you look your best.

Their latest offering with this leave-in conditioner is no exception.

Rather than a cream like the Olivina Men we just covered, the TIGI leave-in conditioner is a spray.

This can make application be a bit easier to work through your hair when also dual-wielding a comb.

Another advantage of this spray as opposed to most leave-in conditioners will be scalp penetration.

With creams you have to watch out for applying it too close to the scalp as it can create a greasy mess.  However, with this spray from TIGI it will be completely fine if it reaches all the way to your scalp as it can help provide some much needed moisture to your skin (this is especially important for the men who suffer from mild dandruff due to a dry scalp).

When it comes to preferred hair types, men with frizzy hair tend to like this one the most.

Lastly, scent.

Scent is a polarizing thing in general as its highly subjective.

Most men were mixed with the hair product as it smelled like a mix of botanical and manly.  Perhaps a bit to feminine for some.

But regardless, give it a few minutes after applying and it will be sure to dissipate.

What You Need To Know

The spray application can be a bit messy or tough to target, but it does allow you to work it into your hair while combing.  At the end though, it’s a great leave-in conditioner from a trusted brand that delivers results.

5. Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner

This ain’t no 7 second abs gents…

If you want salon quality products and don’t mind paying the premium for them, then this conditioner by Unite is where it’s at.

With a stellar rating from several online retailers, men (and women) are finding this to be the latest product they have added to their hair style game.

Perfect for multiple hair types including dry, frizzy, and just generally unruly hairUnite is a spray leave-in conditioner that not only works quickly, but effectively.

Unite can even work wonders on men with thinning hair by adding additional strength to the entire follicle shaft.

With just the recommended 4 to 6 sprays of this stuff, it will get your hair looking on point and prepped for your favorite hair clay or wax.

What You Need To Know

If you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks to have hair look and feel better quickly, then give this one a shot.

6. MOP Mixed Greens

Also the name of the salad that I ordered for lunch yesterday, Mixed Greens (despite the poor name selection) is a solid all-around leave-in conditioner that works with all hair types.

A cream based formula packed in a 5.1oz container, this stuff will work wonders on your ‘do.

While largely a natural compound, it does have ample Vitamin A & E that helps to get the good stuff to both the root and shaft of your hair follicle.

In addition to this vitamin rich formula, the moisture delivery is another key aspect.

Giving your hair a nice non-greasy look is why people love this product by MOP.

What You Need To Know

It’s a great naturally derived leave-in conditioner that delivers the essentials.  Works with all hair types so you can share with others easily as well.

7. Redken One

Nestled between a leave-in conditioner and detangler you will find Redken One.

Dubbed as an All-One Multi Benefit Hair Treatment, this spray solution attempts to cut down on the reliance of multiple products used for your head every morning.

But don’t worry, if you still like to use your trusted hair gel or pomade, they will still work fine if you use this in the morning.

With a spray design like both TIGI and Unite products we went over, you can quickly apply this to your towel dried hair as soon as you exit the shower.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by the feminine design of the bottle…

…the dominate scent for Redken One is fairly woodsy.

What You Need To Know

It’s a great way to cut on your hair styling bill by getting a product that covers nearly all the bases.  The woodsy fragrance is a nice touch.

How A Leave-In Conditioner Differs From Your Standard Conditioner

Of course, the name is fairly obvious (i.e. leave-in), but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Here’s how:

If you currently use a standard (rinse-out) conditioner, you are likely already familiar with the thick (viscous) solution that comes out the bottle…

…well with leave-in conditioners they are going to be a whole lot thinner.

The reason for this is two-fold:

A quality leave-in conditioner won’t leave any weird white clumps in your hair.

And secondly, the thin solution also helps to largely detangle your hair – perfect for men with frizzy or naturally curly hair.

But beyond being a basic detangler, leave-in conditioners are primarily moisturizers.

This is key.

While a standard conditioner does help to moisturize your hair in the shower, a leave-in conditioner is a great secondary application.

This not only helps to strengthen the hair follicles, but will also help to keep the cuticles (i.e. scales) on your hair to lay completely flat.

Now you might think this sounds a bit weird, but hear us out:

When you work this stuff into your hair, it will just generally give you a much softer and non-greasy look.

This will simply make your hair look on-point like you just left the barbershop…




When To Use A Leave-In Conditioner

Unlike a standard conditioner where you must apply and rinse out while in the shower, leave-in conditioners give you a bit more versatility to work within your morning routine.

Most hair care experts agree that you should apply a leave-in conditioner to towel dried (i.e. damp) hair.

So right after you hop out of the shower and dry off is the best time to work it in.

Now, for the men short on time:

You can apply a leave-in conditioner to your head once you are done shampooing while still in the shower.

While likely not as effective at obtaining the same results as the proper method above, it’s at least going to be a bit better than skipping a conditioner altogether.

How To Work In A Leave-In Conditioner

applying a leave in conditioner

This sounds like it should be pretty self-explanatory…

…but not following this advice could give you really poor results (greasy and damaged hair):

When applying a leave-in conditioner (creamy type), you will want to start out with about a nickel-sized amount in the palm of your hands and rub together to evenly coat (a little goes a long way).

Work the conditioner into your hair at about only ¾ the length of your hair length.

Targeting the root of your hair will allow the conditioner to cake up, ultimately leaving your hair looking greasy (not good).

After you have worked it into your dampened hair, you will then want to comb (not brush) through your hair with a quality hair comb (preferably medium to wide set teeth).

This will help prevent any accidental breakage of your hair when working through the product fully.

Now for spray conditioners:

With these ones you can be a bit more carefree with them.

Most sprays only require a few pumps (typically no more than 6) throughout your hair in order to get adequate coverage.

Selecting A Leave-In Conditioner

A product is only going to be as good as what it was intended to do.

So, if you have thick or curly hair, don’t purchase a leave-in conditioner that is design for men with thinner hair who want to build volume.

In addition, if you blow dry your hair or have split ends, then you will want to also look for a leave-in conditioner that targets these aliments.

Now when it comes to product selection, you will find that hair care products do largely tend to be gender neutral.

Unlike lotions and creams that have been formulated to account for men’s naturally thicker and rougher skin texture, with hair products, it’s not as drastic of a difference when compared to women’s hair (sorry my dudes).

While we outline a few men’s leave-in conditioners above, they are only considered ‘manly’ due to the scents used (bourbon cedar anyone?!).

So, don’t ever feel pressured to go with a men’s specific grooming product as the results won’t largely be that different.

Oh, and if you do use a wax, clay, pomade, or any other hair styling product, you can still use them with any of the leave-in conditioners listed above.

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