10 Best Hand Lotions (Creams) For Men to Fight Dry Conditions

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Let’s face it guys, no girl wants to have some scaly fingers in their hand or anywhere really on their body.

To be quite frank, there is nothing ‘manly’ about having bloody knuckles due to the harsh winter air or the radiator drying out your skin – if anything, it sends a sign that you really don’t care too much about your grooming game. To make matters worse, with flu and cold season fast approaching, you will likely be running your hands under the sink more often in order to wash all the nasty germs to keep any illness at bay. That’s why we recommend using a bar of soap that will further help keep your skin in better shape between washes.

Being that your hands are void of any sort of sebaceous glands, a critical gland found throughout your skin that is responsible for producing sebum oil, they will naturally dry out as the environmental elements worsen.

Therefore, you need to use one of the best hand lotions for men to keep your hands in tact.

By the end of this guide you will be well on your way to having some great hand repair products that will not only be affordable, but products that will actually work while not making your hands smell like dandelions and god knows what else.

What To Look Out For When Selecting A Top Rated Hand Lotion

Lets be honest, when was the last time you spent more than a half a second considering a hand lotion? When going to the grocery store you see all the big box names and a huge list of ingredients that require a degree in Chemistry in order to pronounce half of them!

When you cut through all the marketing garbage, a hand lotion needs to have a base of all natural ingredients that will serve your hands well like the Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer that we talk about below.

There is a reason why you want to rely on all natural ingredients as opposed to harsher chemicals like parabens. All natural ingredients found in the top hand lotions will help to naturally compliment your skin. For example, the hand lotion by Pre de Provence relies on glycerin (which is a natural humectant), shea oil, and aloe vera which will help to not only retain moisture in your skin, but to also add an extra layer of nourishment. When you use an all natural product you will have yourself a much more effective lotion as opposed to one that is loaded with alcohols that will require constant re-application.

Just like a top notch shaving cream or aftershave balm, heck even a beard oil, these all natural conditioning agents will keep your skin feeling smooth while still smelling like a man. Therefore your dignity isn’t compromised!

Comparing The Best Hand Lotions For Men

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream Man Lotion Beauchamp's Hand Lotion AHAVA Time to Energize Mineral Hand Cream for Men Burt's Bees 100% Natural Hand Salve The Hand Stuff Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer Pre de Provence Aromatic, Warm and Spicy, No. 63 Men's Lotion Everyone Lotion Bath & Body Works Lotion For Men
Packaging View View View View View View View View View View
Size 3.4oz 8oz 4oz 3.4oz 3oz 2oz 3oz 8oz 32oz 8oz
Scent Unscented Light clean scent Camphor - Strong at first then fades Manly smell Herbal Scent Manly smell (like cologne) Light refreshing smell Manly - warm and spicy 3 Scents: Citrus & Mint, Coconut & Lemon, Lavender & Aloe Mixture of Wood, Vanilla, and Bourbon
Cost $ $$ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $$ $ $$
Peer Review Average 4.6 3.7 4.5 4.8 4.5 4.1 4.7 4.4 4.5 4.3
Details See Price See Price See Price See Price See Price See Price See Price See Price See Price See Price

Best Hand Lotions For Men Of 2019 Reviewed

1. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is just as the title says; a hand cream for those blue-collar, tough hands that see endless work. Typically, the working man’s hand is tough skinned, yet dry and susceptible to cracking and bleeding.

Whether you work with your hands or just suffer from dry hands, O’Keeffe’s will be your saving/soothing grace as it gives deep moisture to even the toughest skin and its non-greasy formula will get you back to work quick. It is completely odorless and hypoallergenic so everyone can use it, but what’s more is that the fine folks at O’Keeffe’s stand behind their product with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

2. Man Lotion

The creators at Man Lotion boast that “this is not your wife’s lotion,” meaning just because your skin needs moisture does not mean you need to smell like a field of lavender and lilacs. Man Lotion is, obviously, designed for men, with a light clean scent derived from natural products like coconut, sweet almond, and grapefruit seed oils.

The lotion is fortified with vitamins A, D and hydrolyzed wheat protein to build strong, healthy skin. Also, it is fast absorbing and non-greasy so you won’t find yourself wiping your hands on your pants after application. The idea is to fight dry skin with natural moisture and keep your manhood intact with a quiet clean scent.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

3. Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion

Beauchamp’s brings us a unique hand lotion that was developed to help Vermont’s marble workers battling hard work and cold weather to soothe dry, chapped hands. The lotion is fantastic for relief of chapped hands in that it helps calm the pain of chapped/cracked hands and soften to improve comfort.

The scent is of camphor (think Vick’s vapor rub) and it fades shortly after application. Like any lotion made for the working man Beauchamp’s is designed to moisturize yet remain non-greasy. The old Vermont recipe boasts unbeatable softness and the years of success in the lotion market are for just that reason – a classic.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

4. AHAVA Time to Energize Mineral Hand Cream for Men

AHAVA’s mineral hand cream comes with glowing reviews because it is packed with ingredients that work in various ways to improve skin and fight dryness. Witch Hazel is present as a sort of astringent to reduce inflammation, while Dead Sea minerals, ginger root extract, jojoba oil and ginkgo biobla work to restore skin health and build a foundation for your fresh, repaired skin.

Even with all of the beneficial ingredients the scent remains masculine and clean, and the formula moisturizes without leaving your hands greasy. The 3.4 oz bottle is priced right considering its benefits and popularity.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

5. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Hand Salve

Burt’s Bees has made their name known from popular natural products like lip balm and the trusted name brings a great salve to the table for skin care. Burt’s Hand Salve has an herbal scent and is built on natural oils that provide moisture and dryness relief.

Burt’s, like their counterparts, is great for repair and added softness, but they depart from the norm by adding bees wax (as expected) to create a protectant that helps seal and maintain your skins new strength. Burt’s 100% Natural Hand Salve comes is a clever 3oz tin that easily fits in your pocket.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

6. The Hand Stuff

Don’t be fooled by the simple name, The Hand Stuff is a balm that has properties of a lotion packed into a rich balm. Natural oils replenish the skin while shea butter, lanolin and vitamin E smooth and rejuvenate the skin.

The healing elements of The Hand Stuff will work to repair heavy cracking, chapped hands, and cuts/breaks so this is ideal for the working man. The balm is best used at night because it is somewhat greasy, but the benefits to hands with severe dryness or breaks are huge. The 2oz can travels easy and has a manly scent similar to cologne.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

7. Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

Jack Black’s Industrial Strength Hand Healer is a well-like name and powerful healer of sore, heavy-worked hands. The people at Jack Black have tested their product with golfers, carpenters, and the like proving its effectiveness in relieving calloused skin and cuticles.

Vitamins A & E provide healthy conditioning, Macadamia nut oil comes in to further moisturize and it is finished with the cooling relief of Eucalyptus. The ingredients are organic and non-greasy, where the scent is light and refreshingly cool. Golfers rejoice, now you can stretch your 18 into 36 with the popular, yet modestly priced 3oz bottle of Hand Healer.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

8. Pre de Provence Aromatic, Warm and Spicy, No. 63 Men’s Lotion

Pre de Provence No. 63 is not only is a solid lotion, it is a hit for the playboy type that love a hearty warm aroma. The fast absorbing lotion formulated from glycerin, shea butter, and aloe vera will hydrate for relief of dry skin without leaving your hands greasy.

What sets this lotion apart is its scent: a masculine aromatic blend that hints citrus-cedar wood, violet and plum, finished with a peppery base of amber and tobacco. The fancy scent will turn heads and the large 8oz bottle gets a nod of approval on stellar pricing for generous portions.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

9. Everyone Lotion

Everyone Lotion comes in a bulk (32oz) because it is a lotion intended for hands, body, and face. This lotion boasts ultra-moisturizing quality through its blend of carrier oils (like coconut oil & sesame seed oil) and herbal extracts that leave your skin soft and vibrant from head to toe.

There are three choices on scent; Citrus & Mint, Coconut & Lemon, Lavender & Aloe so this comes down to preference, but really the importance is in formula that promotes overall skin health and softness. The super price-friendly, natural and organic, Everyone Lotion is a multi-tool for men’s skin care.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

10. Bath & Body Works Lotion For Men

We all know of Bath & Body Works, but did you know they have products for men? Now you do. Bath & Body Works Mahogany Woods Lotion for men not only smells great but has the moisturizing benefits you are looking for at a fair price.

The neat, classic scent is masculine and born from notes of mahogany, bourbon, and vanilla. This lotion provides deep hydration to the skin by infusing Vitamin E and shea butter then adding protection and conditioning with vitamin B5. Bath & Body Works lotion absorbs fast and is a non-greasy formula that comes in a stout 8oz bottle.

Read hundreds of other reviews here on Amazon.

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