15 Best Hair Combs For Men: Get Perfect Looking Hair

Behind every man with impeccably coiffed hair and immaculately manicured beard is a trusty comb (or two or three).

Usually small and discreet enough to be stuffed in a pocket and carried around, the comb is a classic staple of men’s grooming kits everywhere and is indispensable for proper styling.

They also help your hair maintain its natural health and shine, removing leftover residue from hair products and untangling mats and knots.

And as you start taking your grooming more seriously, it’s time to graduate from those plastic, drug store combs to something a little heavier duty.

Today we review some quality combs that will make your ‘do on-point.

3 Quick Tips for Buying a Comb

1. Comb Material 

Combs are made from a variety of materials, each with its advantages and disadvantages.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Metal: Great at preventing friction from building up in your hair during use.  Metal is also the most durable and has a timeless look.
  • Carbon: This material will withstand heat from thermal styling and prevent static buildup in your hair. Carbon is also extra durable and lightweight, making them suitable for thick, tangled hair.
  • Wood: Naturally anti-static.  Wood can help with distributing conditioning oils for a nice light sheen.
  • Synthetic: Vary significantly in quality.  Cellulose acetate combs are hand-cut, polished, and can last for years.  
  • Horn: Made of buffalo or ox horn, they are some of the nicest and most luxurious materials available. Horn combs provide a smooth and comfortable stroke.  This material is also anti-static.

2. Tooth Width

Combs come in a variety of tooth widths, and you will want to be sure you use the right one for your hair and style:

  • Fine Tooth: Best for thin hair.  You can also use fine-tooth combs for straightening and removing tangles.  
  • Medium Tooth:  This is the most common and versatile tooth width.  Good at removing tangles, straightening, and general styling.
  • Wide Tooth: This tooth type is suitable for both curly and thick hair. A wide-tooth comb is also ideal for detangling wet or extra matted hair.

3. Handle & Length

Combs come in varying lengths; here are a few tips for deciding the appropriate size:

  • Standard (appx. 7″): Best for home use.  A standard length comb may have two different tooth sizes.
  • Pocket or Folding (appx. 4″ to 6″): The portable design allows for midday touchups.
  • Tail Combs (appx. 8″+): Extra-long comb with a thin, pointed tail on the handle (like a rat tail) and are used to divide hair into sections or create fine details.  It can also help to manage cowlicks and stray hairs.

Best Hair Combs For Men Reviewed

1. KENT 143mm Pocket Comb

Kent 9T Pocket Comb & Hair Straightener - Wide...

This Kent pocket comb is handmade with smooth, high-quality tortoiseshell synthetic, and sawcut with two tooth sizes, suitable for both fine and coarse hair.

Rounded edge teeth remain flexible and gentle enough so as not to damage your hair.

At 143mm, the Kent is large enough to make combing easy while convenient enough to still fit snuggly in your pocket all day. Kent has been making brushes and combs since 1777, and are known all over the world for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. If that is what you’re looking for, this comb will last years to come.

2. Go Comb

Go-Comb - Wallet Comb - Sleek, Durable Stainless...

The Go Comb is an incredibly thin, fine-toothed wallet about the same size as a credit card, meant to fit in your wallet and carried with you wherever you go.

Made of high-strength stainless steel, it is coated with an anti-static coat painting; this not only helps it slide effortlessly through your hair, but also further protects it from corrosion and rust. The fine-teeth are specifically designed for those with short hair, or for mustaches and beards.

If you’re looking for a comb that you can carry with you discreetly at all times and you’ll never lose, this is the one.

3. Ti EDC Titanium Hair Comb

TI-EDC Titanium Hair Beared Comb Handmade Premium...

For the ultimate lightweight, durable comb, take a look at the Ti-EDC. Handmade from TC4 Titanium Alloy (one of the lightest, strongest and non-toxic metals on Earth) this comb is ultra-small and lightweight, measuring at only 4”.

It fits into any pocket and goes anywhere. The Ti-EDC features wide-teeth, for untangling some of the toughest hair; the rounded, polished ends are gentle on your head. Titanium is also hypoallergenic and does not cause any irritation. Thanks to its small and light nature, the Ti-EDC is an excellent choice for everyday carry.

It also looks pretty cool.

4. Breezelike Sandalwood

Breezelike Hair Combs - Sandalwood Fine Tooth Comb...

Like the Woods World comb above, this wooden tail comb from Breezelike is made from 100% natural green sandalwood.

Breezlike claims that it helps calm nerves and relieve stress with its warm fragrance. Whether that’s true or not, sandalwood certainly makes this tail comb a delight to work with; the soft, refined wood glides easily through your hair without static, the oils imparting a natural shine. As it ages, the wood turns naturally greener.

The tail-shaped handle makes parting and working fine details and delicate hairdos a breeze.

5. Cricket

Cricket C30 Professional Hair Stylist Carbon Comb...

Light, strong and static-free, the Cricket C30 Power is constructed of carbon and perfect for use on thick hair.

It has two teeth sizes – fine and coarse – for combing all different kinds of hair, and the Cricket touts it as good for all-around cutting and styling jobs.

The sleek carbon material runs through hair without snagging, tugging or pulling, and helps keep the comb light and durable. If you’re just looking for a compact, versatile, and quality carbon comb, this one will do the trick.

6. Cricket Rake Comb

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Rake Comb...

Cricket’s Ultra Smooth plastic comb is infused with a blend of argan and olive oils, as well as keratin proteins. Keratin is found naturally in hair, and infusing it into the comb helps create healthier hair and silky shine.

The large, rake comb design works well for mid-length, long and thick hair, and is excellent at separating and untangling hair without combing out the body or pulling, snagging, and breaking hairs. Instead, it flows easily, its ergonomic design fitting comfortably into your hand and giving you control over your style.

7. Sheep Horn Comb

Premium Quality 100% Handmade Anti Static Natural...

Hand-carved from genuine ox horn, it comes in beautiful shades of yellow; as no two pieces of horn are the same, every comb is its own unique piece.

It is also a pleasure to use, thanks to the horn’s natural properties; it doesn’t snag or tear, does not build up static, and is thick enough for untangling even the nastiest of hair.

Small enough to carry in your pocket.

8. Kent 85mm Folding Pocket Comb w/ Clip, Fine

Kent 82T 4

Like the Kent above, this folding pocket comb is handmade from durable tortoiseshell synthetic, with Kent’s premium, refined quality.

The saw-cut, fine teeth are perfect for fine, straight hair, while their rounded points and flexibility keep them from damaging your hair.

Thanks to its quality synthetic material, this comb moves freely and easily through hair, untangling without a hint of static. In addition, the plastic folding handles keep it compact; 6.5” unfolded, the Kent folds up to a nice 3.5”, making it the perfect size to fit in your shirt pocket.

9. Kent 8inch Thick/Wet Hair Comb

Kent 10T Large Wide Tooth Comb - Rake Comb Hair...

If you have extra thick or curly hair and need something with the durability to handle it, this may be the last comb you ever need.

This handled rake comb from Kent is a thick, burly piece of plastic, meant to handle some seriously thick, coarse, and wet hair with its wide teeth. It is hand-cut from faux tortoiseshell plastic, and hand-polished to a smooth finish to avoid friction or snags, traveling easily through your hair and over your scalp.

8” long, its robust handle makes it easy to use and means that it can handle extra thick and matted hair.

10. Pureglo Green Sandalwood/Horn

No Static Hair Comb [Gift Box] – pureGLO...

The craftsmanship and quality of this comb from PureGLO are evident as soon as you pick up the box.

PureGLO took their favorite Green Sandalwood Comb and added bristles carved from natural Black Buffalo horn.

The result is a beautiful and all-natural comb that not only looks great and smells better, but is incredibly easy on your hair and scalp, thanks to buffalo horn’s natural proteins and oils.

Using this comb will help your hair regain its natural luster. The teeth are medium-cut and suitable for fine hair, while still burly enough for those with thick, curly locks.

11. Stainless Steel Switch Comb

Rhode Island Novelty 9 Inch Stainless Steel...

Inspired by the classic switch-blade style combs of the 1950s, this comb adds some retro, greaser cool to your hairdo.

The handle is stainless steel, but the comb is itself plastic. It’s more of a novelty or gift than anything else, but if you like to rock a pompadour or have swag like the Fonz – grab one of these.

12. Rocky Mountain Sandalwood Hair Comb

Hair Comb - Wood with Anti-Static & No Snag...

Continuing in the trend of green sandalwood combs, this comb from Rocky Mountain Barber is luxurious and well-made.

It comes in two variations: a regular comb, with medium teeth, and a double-sided version with both coarse and fine teeth for grooming any kind of hair or beard. The soft sandalwood is strong, sturdy,  and resistant to warping from moisture.

It keeps combing a fluid, static-free, and enjoyable process; it also ages beautifully. Compact and light enough to fit into your pocket, the Xpreen comes with a cloth pouch and goes with you anywhere.

13. Salonchic Rat Tail Comb

Salonchic 8

This carbon comb by Salonchic is smooth and 100% static-free.

Thanks to its hard rubber construction, it glides coolly through your hair without snagging or irritating.

It is also exceptionally lightweight, as well as extremely heat-resistant, should you feel the need to use a curler or straightener. The large, wide-cut teeth are exactly the right strength for detangling and controlling thick, heavy or curly hair, while the rat tail is perfect for sectioning and fine detailing.

Light, durable, and convenient, this Salonchic comb is a worthy addition to any grooming arsenal.

14. Tough and Tumble Barcode

Tough & Tumble Tough & Tumble -

Like their Revolve, this stainless steel comb from Tough and Tumble is robust and built from .01” thick stainless steel.

The Barcode comes custom-cut for each owner, the pattern of the teeth generated by a barcode – reflecting the owner’s birthday, and imparting a personal touch on your hair that no one else can have. As such, the tooth size and pattern vary heavily and may come with fine, medium, and wide teeth. (It also comes in a standard version.)

Every Barcode comes with a leather carry pouch, for extra added, old-fashioned convenience, and is built with Tough and Tumble’s premium quality.

15. pureGLO Green Sandalwood Hair Comb

pureGLO Green Sandalwood Hair Comb [Gift Box] - No...

Handcrafted from 100% green sandalwood and full of natural aromas, this comb from purGLO is a premium, burly wood comb.

It has a pleasant aroma that lasts for decades, while its natural oils cause the wood to change color over time.

These large, wide teeth work well with all kinds of thick, tangled hair, while soft enough to massage the scalp; the wood helps fight frizz and spread natural oils for smooth and healthy hair. With its large wooden handle, this is a solid comb that will stand up to daily use, travel, and the thickest of tangled mats.

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