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16 Best Garment Bags To Keep Your Suit Safe

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Garment bags are one of the many types of bags at a man’s disposal.

Their sole purpose is for transporting your favorite blazer or slacks in a safe and relatively unwrinkled manner.

As you can see in our lofty list below of the 16 best garment bags on the market, you will find that they come in a variety of sizes and form factors.

Popular Styles of Garment Bags

As you can see below, garment bags come in a variety of styles including bi-fold, tri-fold, roll-up, and a single sleeve.

For short trips (i.e. only a couple of hours) any of the popular garment bag designs should prove to be more than adequate in transporting even your most beloved custom made suit.

However, for the long haul (i.e. cross-continental flights), you will want to typically go for a garment bag with less folds.  Therefore a bi-fold like the WT 5.0 Deluxe Garment Bag would be a sound choice.

But if you want to have more of a stylish approach to your garment bag, you simply can’t go wrong with the Biaggi Haneroo.  It’s roll-up design transforms what would be a bulky garment bag into a compact duffle.

Lastly, tri-fold garment bags also keep a relatively small profile which can be great for those narrow overhead bins or if you are traveling with a separate carry-on piece.

The over-shoulder Alpha 2 tri-fold by Tumi is a terrific garment bag that compliments your carry-on while still protecting your favorite suit.

Does Material Of The Garment Bag Matter?


In fact, when reviewing all the garment bags below, you will find many of them are crafted from a light-weight ballistic nylon.

This synthetic material is incredibly durable which should withstand the toughest conditions (especially if you decide to check your bag at the airport).

If you are looking for style, there are definitely some great options as well.

Specifically both the Gravely Garment Bag by Moore & Gills and the Intrecciato Leather And Canvas Garment Bag by Bottega Veneta feature a finely crafted leather trim that bleeds elegance and style – but be prepared to pay for this luxury.

If you ever want to stylize your garment bag on the cheap, a quality luggage tag can always be a terrific option as well.

Will Your New Garment Bag Be Safe For Travel?

Many of the best and well-known garment bag manufacturers always take into consideration the strict carry-on restrictions set by airlines across the world.

When purchasing your next garment bag, its always best to just double check that it adheres to your favorite airlines size restrictions (as they can vary from one airline to the next).

Here is a list of some of the more popular airlines (55 in total) and their restrictions for carry-on luggage:

For the most up-to-date information, be sure to search on Google  “[AIRLINE]” + “carry on dimensions” (i.e. JetBlue carry on dimensions).

Best Garment Bags Reviewed

1. Alpha 2 Tri-Fold Carry-on Garment Bag

Folding garment bags are usually still very long when folded up, and are really only good for hanging in your closet or for very short trips lest it get crushed.

Bags that get rolled up are nice, but lack a lot of functionality found in tri-fold bags.

The Alpha 3 Tri-fold garment bag, however, is a sophisticated mix of function and style, giving you everything you need for your next business trip. It has a fully compacted length of 15”, and is 22” wide, which leaves you with more than enough room to not only pack your suit, but also your little necessities as well.

The garment bag is built from ballistic nylon, making it extremely durable when taking it on a plane.

Because it is only 15 inches high, it’s easily carried on your shoulder via the adjustable shoulder straps.

The only downside to this bag is that it can hold two suits at the most; any more, and you risk overcrowding which then leads to more wrinkles.

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2. Bankroll Garment Bag

Transporting suits over long distances can be tricky if you want your clothes to remain unwrinkled.

A standard garment bag can only do so much, and even then suit jackets may slip and crumple at the bottom.

Plus, you have shoes, shirts, and ties that also need to come with you unscathed.

The Bankroll garment bag takes all of these issues and quite literally rolls them up into a convenient travel package. This garment bag can hold up to 2 complete outfits that include suit, shirt, tie, and shoes so everything stays together.

The package can then be compacted into a very neat package that complies with carry-on regulations.

No more trying to keep your suit wrinkle free with the rest of your luggage.

Shoes are stored in the hard center container around which everything else is wrapped. There are also compartments for your shirts, ties, and accessories to complete your look.

Finally, up to two suits can be fit comfortably within the main compartment. This leaves you with an easy to carry, portable wardrobe for business meetings or special occasions.

The Bankroll garment bag is a prime choice for frequent business flyers.

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3. Baseline Classic Garment Cover

Pockets are great for holding all sorts of things, but they are invaluable for holding small accessories such as tie clips, cufflinks, and pocket squares.

When you purchase a garment bag, you want options to hold everything that goes with your garment as well.

The Baseline Classic garment cover is one of those bags that features ample pocket space to keep everything you could ever need with your outfit.

Exterior zip up pockets can hold money clips, important papers, and small documents for easy access, while the inner mesh pockets are great for your shirts and accessories. No matter what you keep in your pockets, it is all within easy reach.

The bag closes all the way using a full length zipper.

Your clothes will remain dust-free thanks to the secure seal this gives you. Fold the bag in half, and you have an easy to carry bag that fits on any airline flight without needing to be checked in.

Travel in style with this bag, and be reassured that everything will arrive at your destination when you do.

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4. Baseline Luggage Compact Tri-Fold Garment Bag

Tri-fold garment bags are all the rage, with their compact size and numerous pockets for storing other necessities.

It is hard to look at anything but, especially if you want to take your suit with you on a plane.

You want a bag that is sturdy and effective in carrying all that you need and more, so why settle for just a simple roll-up garment bag?

The Baseline Tri-Fold garment bag is made to last on those long, rough flights, thanks to its ballistic nylon exterior that resists dust and dirt. The external pockets when it is all folded up make grabbing your wallet or your passport easy, and when you reach your destination, your suit is in near-perfect shape to be used.

The interior of the bag is roomy, and can fit one or two full outfits comfortably.

There are also additional spaces within the main compartment for shirts, ties, socks, and other necessities to complete your outfit.

This Baseline product is great for short business trips where you do not need to pack too many suits.

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5. Baseline Rolling Carry-on Garment Bag

If you are tired of the fabric garment bags that always get your suits wrinkled before they arrive, why not invest in something a little sturdier?

Sure, you could always put your suits in with your regular luggage, but that is just asking for disaster.

The Baseline rolling carry-on bag looks just like a little luggage case, with a harder exterior shell that protects the contents from bumps and scrapes.

Opening it up reveals a roomy place specifically designed to hold your suits and suit accessories.

Internal compartments are big enough to hold spare shirts, ties, cufflinks and more, while the external pockets are designed to hold important papers that you need on hand.

The whole package is small enough to be taken on any plane as a carry-on item, which is great if you absolutely need your suit when you land.

It also reduces the risk of airport personnel losing your luggage.

When you need your suit, simply unzip the bag as you would any other suitcase and enjoy a virtually wrinkle free suit whenever you need it.

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6. Biaggi Hangeroo Garment Duffel Bag

In many cases with garment bags, you can either let it hang, roll it up, or fold it in half to save space.

Hanging it is great for storage, but is often too long for travel, and folding it may cause wrinkling. Garment bags usually just take care of the garment, but what if you had a bag that also held your other small items?

The Biaggi Hangeroo does just that; it functions as both a hanging garment protector and has options to turn it into a carry-on bag that keeps your other small items together.

Simply pack your hanging garments in the spacious 40” long bag, then zip up the side sippers to create a wide compartment to keep small items such as toiletries, lint rollers, or even shoes.

This bag is great for travelling as it does not take up much space.

The duffel bag design is familiar and structurally sound, so your items won’t get crushed during transport. Even better, it can be stowed under an airplane seat and still be good to go at your destination.

This garment bag comes in four bright colors, as well as black and gray which enables added personalization.

The nylon fabric is water resistant, and the fabric linin on the interior resists lint on your clothes.

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7. Royce New York Leather Garment Bag

You are an entrepreneur, an investor, a man of poise and stature unlike the world has ever seen.

Or, perhaps, you want to feel that way.

A garment bag says a lot about you without saying anything, and this Royce Leather masterpiece is just the thing to get conversations going.

This garment bag is made with lightweight full-grain leather, handcrafted and packaged with an authenticity card. The interior is sturdy and spacious.

Your suit is going to make it to your destination unscathed and pristine with this designer bag.

The interior has a zipper to fully enclose your garments, and then the bag folds closed via velcro around the inner edges.  No more fumbling with snaps and clasps just to get at your precious garments.  There is also an outer zip pocket for accessories.

When laid out, the whole bag is 44 inches long and 23 inches wide and 2 inches deep, perfect for about 3 suits to fit snugly inside.

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8. DEGELER Travel Garment Bag

Travelling on planes is a complicated matter, especially if you are travelling with delicate garments that need protection.

Suits are prone to wrinkling, and putting them in with your regular luggage makes more work than you should have to deal with.

You are not always going to have time for that last minute iron before the big meeting.

DEGELER has made a garment bag that is the ideal bag for the busy businessman.

Featuring a multitude of pockets that can hold everything from important notes, to spare shirts, to even a small laptop, this is almost a dream come true.

The bag itself is simple in design, with three external pockets for your small documents and toiletries, as well as the large laptop pocket. The inner pockets are designed for shirts, shoes, and ties to keep your outfit together.

Essentially, this garment bag is a portable office without the desk. It is perfect for long flights or road trips across the country, and you can be sure that when you arrive you will look perfectly fresh for whatever business you have.

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9. Gravely Garment Bag

Leather has always been a mark of refined tastes.

Leather wallets, leather jackets, even leather belts can make a statement on the right man. This leather garment bag is a statement all on its own, and shows the world who you are.

The Gravely garment bag is made primarily of waxed canvas, which serves to keep out water and dirt while also remaining clean looking. The leather trim and handles feel good in the hand, and resist scratches and scuffs while traveling.

This bag is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to hang thanks to the large handles on the top of the bag.

Folding and unfolding the bag feels effortless, and your suits are just as nice as when you packed them. The bag is soft around the canvas area, so it is prone to scrunching, but if you keep it in your hands it should not be too much of an issue.

The bag looks good, feels great, and does exactly what you need it to do without being too complicated.

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10. Prottoni 44” Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap

A garment bag should do more than just transport your suits. Shoes shouldn’t need to go in a separate bag, because you need them to go with your suits.

Plus, you have ties and cufflinks that you could theoretically throw in the bottom of your garment bag, but you risk losing them or worse, ending up with wrinkled ties.

The Prottoni garment bag is the answer to your packing woes, offering a roomy space to not only carry your suits, but also your shoes and a spare set of clothes.

The outside pockets give you a secure place to put ties and accessories for safe keeping, plus it is easy to retrieve them quickly. This is handy if you’re running late for that important business meeting and need to get ready in a hurry.

The rounded bottom helps ensure that you are as wrinkle free as possible while travelling, and the canvas exterior lets your garment breathe while still keeping dust and sunlight off of your expensive wool suits.

This garment bag can hold up to 6 wire hangers, though if you use thicker hangers to preserve your suit jacket shoulders it will obviously hold fewer.

Hanging this bag is easy thanks to the built in hook, which prevents you from fussing with numerous hangers all sitting on the same bar. This is a great garment bag for short flights or long road trips.

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11. Tumi Alpha 2 Classic Garment Bag

A great organizational design is a must with garment bags that want to utilize pockets.

Too many pockets results in clutter on the outside of the bag, and too few leaves you without places to put things. The Alpha 3 Classic garment bag features just enough pockets to put all of your necessities, but also comes with a few additional features you didn’t know you needed.

The exterior of the bag is made with ballistic nylon, a fabric that is sturdy as well as breathable to keep your suit fresh. Inside, the bag features multiple pockets as well as a garment curtain that adds another layer of security from the outside.

If dust somehow manages to get inside the bag, it is certainly not going to get inside your suit.

The bag has several external pockets for your papers, passport, and other small items. The interior has two zip pockets that are used for ties and other small accessories, as well as a shoe or extra garment extendable pocket for convenience.

The Alpha 3 garment bag is hung using an integrated hanger bracket, so you don’t have to worry about looking for an appropriate hanger.

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12. Werks 6.0 Folding Garment Sleeve

When you look for a garment bag, you want something that allows your suit to breathe, but is also sturdy enough to stand up to the wear and tear of travel.

Many suit bags are either too thick and trap moisture, or too thin and tear very easily.

The Werks garment bag is a perfect blend between the two, made with sturdy nylon to ensure breathability and durability during transportation.

This folding bag has straps to carry your garments comfortably, as well as zippered pockets that hold important valuables such as identification, accessories, and ties.

The zipper all around the outside of the garment bag ensures that dust cannot get in, keeping your suit fresh and clean as though it was right out of the dry-cleaners.

At about 20 inches long, it does stand a bit small. Those with long or extra-long jackets may have to do some impressive folding to keep the jacket from getting too wrinkled. Regular and short jackets should have no problem fitting into this carry bag.

The size keeps it airplane-friendly, and the semi-sturdy structure will keep it from crumpling in case it gets bumped around.

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13. WallyBags 42 Inch Garment Cover

Simple garment bags often do not hold the hangers in place, causing considerable wrinkling when the clothes inevitably fall down.

You can prevent this with elastic bands, but it is a hassle getting the clothes in and out quickly.

Plus, cheap garment bags only have so much room, leaving you with just enough room to put in two, maybe three hangers.

The WallyBags garment cover offers solutions to all of these problems in just one simple bag.

This garment cover can fit up to 6 hangers of clothes, which is perfect for extended trips across the country. Keeping your suits and shirts in this bag protects them from dust and sun damage, ensuring that they look fresh and new the moment you pull them out.

WallyBag also features a unique hanger lock that keeps all of your hangers from slipping into the bag. This means fewer wrinkles as a result of hangers slipping and falling.

The bag is 42” high and 22” wide, which holds most short and regular sized suit jackets with ease. The full length side zipper allows for easy retrieval of any clothing item quickly and easily.

The days of crumpled suits are over; travel confidently with the WallyBag garment cover.

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14. Werks Traveler 5.0 WT Porter Garment Bag

The problem with a lot of garment bags is that they only have two states: either they hang completely open, or they fold in half for semi effective storage.

You could buy one of those garment bags that roll up to save space, but you run the risk of severely wrinkling your suit if you’ve put it in wrong.

That’s where tri-fold bags are king.

The Werks Traveler garment bag is just that; a simple, compact 3-fold bag that keeps your suit in tip-top shape while also saving you an immense amount of space.

This is partly due to the fact that this bag is only 39” long when completely extended, but it still works for a number of short and regular sized suits, so the length should not matter too much.

It is made with polyethylene foam, giving your clothes an added layer of protection when you put it in the overhead bin on an airplane.

It is great for keeping dust and sunlight off of your clothing, but due to the thicker than normal foam insulation it does not allow your suit to breathe, which is especially important for 100% wool suits.

If you prefer the polyester style, then this bag should suit you just fine.

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15. CabinMax Cabin Sized Suit and Dress Carrier

For events that require you to dress up, there are a number of things to consider.

The most prominent issue is how you are going to get your suits, dresses, shoes, ties, and other necessary accessories to your destination in one piece and wrinkle free?

If you don’t travel too much, the thought of spending over $100 on a suit carrier may seem daunting.

Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives, such as the CabinMax suit carrier.

This garment bag is roomy enough for at least two different suits or four thin hangers, with zippered compartments for your shirts, ties, and whatever else you may need during your event.

It extends out to 42 inches, or three feet, so it is perfect for even long suit jackets. However, extra-long jackets may experience some light crinkling at the bottom due to their length.

The dimensions of the bag when closed reach 21 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 7 inches deep, just enough to be allowed as a carry-on for any flight.

Now your important outfits are on hand all the time, so you do not have to wait for the rest of your luggage. The CabinMax garment carrier is both convenient and affordable, allowing you to worry less about your suits and enabling you to focus more on your upcoming event.

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16. Henty Wingman Commuter

The Henty Wingman Commuter garment bag is ideal for city life.

It looks exactly like a duffel bag, but can carry all of your office necessities. If you are a man who likes to change at work, then this is the garment bag for you.

It features a hard inner container to hold your dress shoes, tie bar, cufflinks, and other accessories, while the soft outer shell holds your shirt and suit. It is very small and compact, so there is just enough room for one outfit.

It is not ideal for long business trips where you would have to take more than one suit with you, but it is perfect for commutes to the office and back again, as it shields your business wear from every day accidents.

Plus, the bag is stylish and looks good with any jacket.

When the soft outer shell is wrapped around the inner tube, there is a flap that is just the size for a tablet or very small computer.

There is also space for pens and business cards, making this and ideal carry bag for day trips.

Because it is so compact, you could take it on an airplane without having to check in your carry-on, making transportation a breeze.

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