The 7 Best Fogless Shaving Mirrors

Hard-working men such as yourself demand a hard-working (and well-made) shaving mirror that can markedly improve the efficiency of your morning grooming routine.

What once took several minutes in order to complete, a quality shaving mirror can add back valuable time in your busy day by hastening the shaving process.

Beyond efficiency, shaving while showering allows for a significantly more comfortable and closer shave, which ultimately allows you to look your very best at the start of your day.

In this guide, we will review popular shaving mirrors that are relied upon by men who value both quality and efficiency – such as the ToiletTree Fogless Shaving Mirror.

In addition to our trusted reviews, we will also provide you with guidance on the popular features that are important when considering all the options. 

5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Shower Mirror

When deciding on a shower mirror, consider the following:

1. Anti-Fog Method

All shower mirrors rely on two methods to make them fogless.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each:

  • Chemically Coated:  The most popular type used by companies.  These shower mirrors are much cheaper to produce, making them budget-friendly. However, the coating will eventually wear off, making it less effective at resisting fog.  These mirrors require regular replacement once every year or two.
  • Heated: Has a water chamber placed directly behind the mirror.  By heating the mirror to the same temperature as the water, it will never fog.  The cost is slightly more but often worth the expense as it performs better.  A mirror can be heated through a reservoir or water siphon.  

2. Attachment Method

There are a few different ways you can hang the mirror.  Read below to find out which is best for your shower:

  • Suction Cups: While movable, suction cups are prone to wear and may become unreliable. It is recommended to purchase a locking suction cup for a more secure mount.
  • Adhesive Strips:  This is a permanent solution and will also work with porous and textured surfaces. Verify measurements and that the mirror is straight before mounting.  Lastly, adhesive strips may leave residue on the wall upon removal.
  • Hook: Hung from a shower caddy or shower pipe fitting.  Locations are limited yet are portable, making them ideal for apartments or dorms.

3. Size

Larger mirrors are ideal as they make shower shaving much easier.  A larger mirror also makes it easy to share with other family members who may be taller or shorter.  On the other hand, a small shower mirror can squeeze into a toiletry bag, making it great for gym or hotel use.

4. Warranty

Only a few companies that make shower mirrors offer warranties.  While a warranty may not be necessary, it does demonstrate that the company stands by its product in the event of a manufacturing mishap.

5. Additional Features

Here are a few other features that you may be looking for in a shower mirror:

  • Pivot Head: Helpful for taller or shorter folks, a pivoting head also works well when avoiding the shower jets.
  • LED Lighting: Whether it’s the location of the lights in your bathroom or the type of shower curtain, some shower stalls can be pretty dark.  LED lights along the mirror’s frame make it easier to see while shaving.
  • Razor Hook:  Provides a clean and convenient home for your razor.
  • Water Siphon: Resting behind the shower head, a water siphon will keep the mirror permanently fog-free.  This type of fog-free shower mirror does require a wrench and Teflon tape to prevent leaks.

The Best Fogless Shaving Mirrors

1. ToiletTree Deluxe Fogless Shower Mirror

toiletree fogless mirror

Key Facts

  • Scientifically proven to never fog.
  • The large mirror enhances the shave experience.
  • Meticulously engineered.


The ToiletTree Deluxe Shower Mirror makes for the perfect shaving experience in the shower.  The oversized 6.5″ x 7.75″ mirror allows you to see even the tiniest of whiskers you may have missed when using your favorite razor.

With an easily adjustable pivot design, this mirror is not only good for you but for others that you share the shower with – no matter their height.  

But perhaps the most important feature of this mirror you should be aware of is the chamber that rests behind the shatterproof acrylic mirror.  By allowing shower water to collect in only a few seconds, it will heat the mirror so it will never become foggy.

This unique approach ensures that the mirror will last for years, not months – making it the most sound investment you can make when deciding on a shower mirror.  

Additionally, this mirror comes with an adhesive back that will affix firmly to your shower wall.  Lastly, this mirror also has two slots to store your razor – ensuring that it air dries once you are done with your shower.

For dimly lit shower stalls, you should consider their LED shower mirror.

Other Features You Should Know

  • Backed by an industry-leading 365-day warranty.
  • Includes a mini squeegee for easy cleanup.
  • Self-rotating mirror empties the water reservoir when finished.

The Bottom Line

If you are a man that values functional, well-made products absent of nonsense, then we think there is no better shaving mirror than this one currently available.  It offers unmatched clarity, which will be sure to both hasten and enhance your shave experience.

2. OXO Fogless Shower Mirror

oxo fogless mirror

Key Facts

  • Non-slipping slim profile suction cup design.
  • The mirror cannot be rotated.
  • Behind-the-mirror water chamber prevents fog buildup.


The OXO Good Grips Stronghold Suction Fogless Shower Mirror is a slick and modern-looking shower mirror that features a well-thought-out design that you will appreciate.

With a simple, and well-tested, locking suction cup, this shaving mirror shouldn’t slide or easily fall off flat and smooth bathroom surfaces.  Worth noting is that OXO does not recommend that you mount this mirror to textured or porous surfaces such as stone, metal, etc.

The most noteworthy feature of this design is that unlike other suction cup shower mirrors reviewed, this one features a water chamber that will heat up the mirror from behind.  This allows for an always fog-free surface that won’t degrade with time like a chemically treated shower mirror.

While the slim profile is a desired feature for many, it is worth noting that this mirror doesn’t feature any 360-degree rotation like others we reviewed.  So you will need to adjust your posture while shaving.

Other Features You Should Know

  • Razor holder works with all cartridge or disposable razors.
  • The water chamber must be manually emptied after every shower.

The Bottom Line

We think that this is a shower mirror that offers some great compromises between others reviewed.  While rotation is non-existent, the persistent fog-free design extends the life of this mirror indefinitely.  Pick this if you don’t need the bells and whistles found in other brands.

3. Tooletries – The Oliver Fogless Shower Mirror

toolietries fogless mirror

Key Facts

  • The best looking shower mirror available.
  • Sticks to limited surfaces.
  • Chemically-treated mirror will degrade with time.


The Oliver by Tooletries shower mirror features a slick and modern design that is apt for the modern and sophisticated man.  

With a slim profile, this unimposing design will enhance the aesthetics of your shower and enrich the shaving experience.

Unlike others that rely on adhesive strips or a locking suction cup, The Oliver sticks to the wall thanks to the silicone adhesive backing.  Compatible with shiny surfaces only, it is limited in its compatibility.  Should your shower feature a porous or textured surface, then you will need to consider alternative options.

One drawback of The Oliver will be the treatment of the mirror.  Unlike others that heat the mirror through a rear water reservoir, The Oliver has been treated with an anti-fog coating.  Unfortunately, this may limit its useful life.  

Thanks to the small design of 6.5″ x 5.5″ it should be able to fit nicely into your Dopp kit.

Other Features You Should Know

  • Matching silicone adhesive shower holders available separately.
  • Available in several colors.

The Bottom Line

If you like slick and beautiful products, then there is no beating the Tooletries shower mirror.  It is one of the few shower mirrors that won’t look like an eyesore when hung – plus it doesn’t mark up your shower walls when removed.

4. The Shave Well Company Hanging Fogless Shaving Mirror 

shave well mirror

Key Facts

  • It is a no-frills budget pick.
  • The hook mount allows for fixed placement.
  • The treated mirror will degrade with time.


This mirror is dead simple and extremely budget-friendly.

Featuring just an adhesive hook and mirror, its minimalist design will serve you well for your shower shave.  While most fogless mirrors will feature a flimsy suction cup design at this price point, this is a pretty good value.

To extend the lifetime of the mirror we would recommend removing it from the shower after every use to preserve the coating.  Also, given its compact 6.8″ x 5.25″ design, you should be able to fit this into your favorite Dopp kit while traveling.

In addition to shower shaving, this mirror can be used for other around-the-house jobs – further extending its utility.

Other Features You Should Know

  • Easy to remove and clean regularly.
  • Made in the USA (Knoxville, TN).

The Bottom Line

We think you should consider this mirror if you are tight on money and want some portability.  By not relying on a suction cup, it will last a bit longer than equivalent shaving mirrors reviewed.

5. Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

mirrorvana fogless mirror

Key Facts

  • The 360-degree swivel neck is the biggest selling point.
  • Mirror is made from plastic and has a fog-free coating.
  • Portable design.


Featuring a pivoting neck, this mirror can move in any direction to allow for unmatched visibility while shaving.

While the mirror relies on a locking suction cup, it is an upgrade from the plastic flimsy ones found in some of the cheaper models.  This upgraded design makes it easier to not only move but provides an easier and more secure installation.

While not the cheapest shower mirror that we reviewed, it still remains relatively affordable.  Priced under $20, it does feature some design compromises but should work within your budget.

Noticeably absent from this mirror is a storage hook for your razor.  If you favor this mirror shape, it may be something to keep in mind when proceeding to the checkout.

Other Features You Should Know

  • The small size and lightweight makes this mirror travel friendly.
  • Able to be easily mounted to most bathroom surfaces.

The Bottom Line

We recommend this mirror to those who plan on moving its location regularly thanks to the locking suction cup. Affordably priced, but chemically coated, this mirror will need to be replaced regularly.

6. HoneyBull Fogless Shaving Mirror

honeybull fogless mirror

Key Facts

  • Slim, unobtrusive profile.
  • Includes a razor holder for convenience and sanitary storage.
  • Quick, painless installation.


One of the biggest caveats to fogless mirrors that they are affixed to the wall with adhesive tape is that they may leave marks and are immovable beyond a pivoting head (and that is if they have that feature).

Should you share the bathroom with a spouse, additional family members, or even roommates, fixed mirrors make it difficult to account for differing heights.  

The HoneyBull Fogless Shaving Mirror aims to mitigate this inconvenience with their 360 degrees rotating shower mirror.  With the ability to easily pivot in any direction, you will be able to adjust the mirror for maximum comfort.  This reduces strain so you can quickly and efficiently shave while in the showering.

Other Features You Should Know

  • This mirror is guaranteed to be fog-free.
  • Sticks to just about any shower wall.
  • The compact design makes this shower mirror travel friendly.
  • Features a single razor hook.

The Bottom Line

We think that this minimalist and well-designed compact shower mirror is best suited for men who are constantly on the go.  The small form factor along with the locking suction cup provides easy mobility.

7. InterDesign Fog-Free Shower Shaving Mirror

idesign fogless mirror

Key Facts

  • Water siphon heats the mirror to prevent fog.
  • Limited mobility.
  • Requires additional tools to install.


Unlike most mirrors that rely on a chemical coating that deteriorates with time, the InterDesign Shaving Mirror siphons water directly from the shower pipe into the water reservoir that rests behind the mirror.

This unique design comes with its advantages and disadvantages.  

The leading advantage is that this shaving mirror will always remain fog-free for its entire life – therefore it will never need to be replaced.  Additionally, the unique design is behind the showerhead ensuring that you can see clearly while shaving.

As for the disadvantages, this mirror does require installation (use of a Vise-Grip and Teflon tape) – making it unsuitable for travel.  With this mirror mounted near the showerhead, it may be tough to see should you be shorter and with poor vision.

Other Features You Should Know

  • Suitable for head shaving if bald.
  • Has an on/off valve for personal preference.

The Bottom Line

We think that this anti-fog shower mirror is great for certain instances – homeowners or those in long-term rentals that want unsurpassed clarity while shaving.  The mounted design severely limits its mobility, but it is affordable.

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