Best Exfoliator For Men: Review Of The Top Brands

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The skin on your face shouldn’t be treated in the same manner as the skin on the rest of your body.  In order to have a skin care routine that is on point you need to approach the process a bit differently than if you were simply scrubbing your body clean with your favorite bar of soap or body wash.

When it comes to seeking out the best exfoliators for men, there is quite a lot to consider.  From the ingredient composition of the exfoliator to your specific skin type.

Comparing The Best Exfoliators & Face Scrubs For Men

Biotherm Homme Facial Exfoliator for Men5.07oz.$$$YYY
Brickell Men’s Renewing Face Scrub for Men4oz.$$YYY
Exfoliating Facial Scrub for Men By Derma-nu4oz.$$YYY
Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub3oz.$$$YYY
Rugged & Dapper – Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser For Men8oz.$YYY
TOULON Exfoliating Scrub Face and Body4oz.$YYY

Purpose and Benefit Of Scrubbing Your Face Regularly With An Exfoliator

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Your skin as you are aware, is a living organ that needs to be taken care of.  Your skin is always in the process of constantly shedding dead skin cells to make way for new fresh ones.

Men’s skin is starkly different from that of a woman’s.  To summarize, we naturally have far thicker skin and way more collagen than our female counterparts.

Unfortunately, since we do such a poor job taking care of our skin, we will begin to form wrinkles, get dark spots, and just generally will appear much more tired at a far earlier age than if we invested in a proper skin care routine.

When you exfoliate a few times a week, it acts as a process to rid your tough and thick skin of the dead skin cells remnants.

This release process of the old skin will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and give your skin a much more brighter and healthier glow.

But not only will it make you appear much brighter and healthier, there are a few other benefits you will realize when using an exfoliator:

Reduced Appearance Of Large Pores

When it comes to your face, and especially your nose, the build up of oil and dead skin cells will make your pores appear way larger than what they are (to the point that it almost looks like blackheads).  When you exfoliate regularly, you should be able to shake these pores clean and ultimately get a much more even pore size appearance.

Reduce The Occurrence of General Acne

At the base of every one of your hair follicles, you have these tiny little ducts called sebaceous glands.  These sebaceous glands excrete a natural oil called sebum oil.  If your pore is clogged due to oil or dead skin cells, the sebum oil will back up and form a white head.  Exfoliation can help to reduce this occurrence.

Therefore, men with mild to severe acne, may notice a drastic reduction with regular exfoliation.

A More Even Appearance To Your Skin

If you notice that in some parts of your face that look slightly more red or irritated than others, regular use of exfoliation may help to even out your skin tone for a more balanced look that will be pleasing to others.

Be sure to use an exfoliator that contains witch hazel or burdock root in order to evenly tone your skin.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Skin?

When it comes to exfoliating your face, most expert dermatologists recommend exfoliating anywhere between one and three times a week.

Too little exfoliation and you may not be doing an effective job at clearing out the dead skin cells from your face.  Too much exfoliation and you run the risk of completely throwing off the natural balance of oils, skin cell growth, etc. on your face which may lead not only to irritation, but in severe cases severe dryness, redness, and perhaps even more sensitive skin.

Therefore, what we like to recommend men to do, especially when first trying out an exfoliator is to do it only once a week.

Chances are that it shouldn’t be too much for your skin to handle.

After doing it once a week for a couple of weeks, gradually work it up to two and then three times a week – just don’t go beyond this limit.

Other Steps To Proper Skin Care

other steps to proper skin care

While exfoliating regularly is key to a healthy looking face, there are other steps that you should consider when achieving the perfect skin care routine:

Face Wash:

Using a wash that is specifically formulated for your face will be gentle on your skin while helping to maintain a fresh look between exfoliations.  While there are some great multi-use body washes on the market, we do strongly recommend that you pick up an excellent face wash for best results.

These products will be absent of any sort of pumice, walnut powder, and other fine materials that are slightly more abrasive in nature.

Face Cream:

Face creams (or moisturizers) are responsible for making sure that your face looks healthy throughout the day.  If you live in an urban area (i.e. NYC, LA, etc.), a face cream will help to ward off general environmental pollutants.  If you are looking for additional protection, be sure to pick up a face cream that has SPF protection.

Eye Cream:

Your eyes are the insight to your soul (or at least I think I heard my mom say that before).

The skin around your eyes is even more delicate than the rest of your face.  When you go out partying or are getting older (or both), they will be the first tell-tale signs to your health.  To help ward off dark circles or crows feet, working a separate eye cream into your daily regimen is ideal.

Method To Scrubbing Your Face Thoroughly And Effectively

When it comes to the actual process of using an exfoliator on your face, it’s important that you don’t scrub in the same manner that you may be used to when scrubbing the rest of your body.

The adage ‘less is more’ rings true when it comes to exfoliators.
Since an exfoliators purpose is to get deep beneath the surface of your skin to jiggle dead skin cells free, you need to be sure that you don’t scrub too aggressively.

Scrubbing too much in any one application will likely lead to nasty side effects including dryness and irritation.

Remember: Exfoliators contain abrasive ingredients such as pumice (volcano rock) and will do more harm than good if you scrub too hard.

Therefore, when applying an exfoliator to your face in the morning or evening hours, you want to be sure that you apply it in a gentle and circular motion.

When it comes to the actual application of the exfoliator, men can use either their fingers or a loofah.  Loofahs tend to provide a much more even application as opposed to your fingers – sure it may look feminine on your counter, but it gets the job done!

Once you are done applying your exfoliator, you will want to gently rinse off the solution with warm water and pat dry (don’t rub dry).

After your skin is dry you will want to make sure that you apply your favorite face cream or eye cream thereafter.

Best Exfoliators & Face Scrubs For Men Reviewed

Here’s the top-rated exfoliators that will make your skin look and feel incredibly great:

1. Jack Black Face Scrub

When it comes high end men’s grooming products, Jack Black is among the elite.

With their formulas, typically colorant free, nearly all natural, along with being dermatologist tested, you simply can’t go wrong picking up one of their many great products.

Jack Black adds to their already impressive lineup of shampoos, conditioners, and shaving creams a face buff that will work to kick out the dead skin cells that are staying way to long in your pores.

But what makes this exfoliator so unique from the rest of the pack is how it fits into your grooming routine.

If you, like many men, shave several times a week, you know just how painful of an experience an ingrown hair can be.

This exfoliator by Jack Black was specifically designed to not only get the dead skin cells out of your pores, but also do an effective job at opening the pores as well.

Face Buff Energizing Scrub is meant to be a part of your pre-shave ritual.  When using it, you will want to apply this before a pre shave oil application to prep your skin.

The ‘Energizing’ property of this scrub comes from its inclusion of menthol.  Not some synthetic junk like other manufacturers, this scrub contains Mentha arvensis leaf oil that is used as a natural extract in luxury products (source).

When it comes to the actual exfoliation of this product, it’s going to be among the best performers on this list and should leave your pores feeling refreshed throughout the course of the day.

Your manly skin will thank you for using this stuff!

2. Rugged & Dapper – Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser

Unlike other exfoliators for men that rely on pumice or walnut powder to lift the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, this facial cleanser by Rugged & Dapper relies on willow bark to do the heavy lifting when cleaning up your face.

But that’s not all…

This product is full of other ingredients that just simply aren’t found in many of the exfoliators we have listed so far.

Case and point would be the inclusion of burdock root.  This root (which is all natural), is a natural astringent that will help to reduce the pore sizes on your face after application.

Therefore, if you have enormous pores it should help out tremendously.  In addition to the astringent properties, burdock root will also help to even out the tone and complexion of your face.  If all this sounds familiar, it should, these are very similar properties found in witch hazel – a common ingredient in natural aftershave balms.

Packed in a hearty 8oz container, this exfoliator, while having a higher initial price point, is actually a bargain when compared to others on the market at a price per ounce comparison.

Generally speaking, this product is geared for men of all skin types and ages.  Overall, a great formulation that you should check out given its 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. Biotherm Homme Facial Exfoliator for Men

Similar in nature to the Jack Black Face Buff that was discussed earlier, this facial exfoliator by Biotherm is designed to be used a few times a week before you shave.

The light green solution within Biotherm is packed with tiny grains that will work to get dead skin cells free from your pores for a healthier complexion.

Beyond complexion this exfoliator has been formulated specifically for men to account for our naturally thicker and collagen filled skin to achieve maximum results.

As recommended by Biotherm, this exfoliator is primarily aimed for your general face and not around the eyes.  Therefore, when using this product, don’t expect it to get rid of fine lines or dark circles under your eyes when applying.

This product is great for men who are looking for an exfoliator brand that is crafted from a luxury design house and isn’t afraid of spending a few extra bucks for quality.

4. Brickell Men’s Renewing Face Scrub

Packed with pumice, avocado oil, and jojoba oil this renewing face scrub by Brickell is just what the dermatologist would likely order for a more even keel skin complexion.

Working with men of all skin varieties, this universal face scrub by Brickell is another addition to their impressive lineup of men’s grooming products.

Whether it’s a specially formulated shampoo or a general use conditioner – Brickell has been serving men in the grooming realm extremely well.

This renewing face scrub specially formulated for a man’s tough skin relies on 98% natural ingredients and 70% organic.

Many men may wonder if this is a true exfoliator since it’s not mentioned on the label.

However, with the inclusion of pumice, this product’s core purpose is to remove dead skin cells – thus making it classified as an exfoliator.

Coming in either 2 or 4oz varieties, the smaller version is TSA friendly so you can look great while on the road when you have this packed away in your dopp kit.

Lastly, regarding the harmful stuff that is found in the big box brands (i.e. parabens, colorants, etc.) this scrub is noticeably absent of these potentially hazardous ingredients.

Like many of the other Brickell products we reviewed, this scrub has been made in the USA and therefore meets more stringent quality standards.

5. Derma-nu Exfoliating Facial Scrub for Men

Coming in a stout 4fl oz. container, this mixture of pumice and jojoba beads is 71% organic and will do a terrific job at exfoliating your face.

Pumice, if you aren’t aware, comes from volcanic activity where an aerated rock is formed on the surface of lava.

The pumice that is used in this product by Derma-nu has been milled down to an incredibly fine powder that will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the exfoliation process.

To step back just for a second, when we covered on how to apply an exfoliator to your face above, we strongly urged men to be incredibly gentle.

Pumice powder as an ingredient is case and point on why you don’t want to be too forceful with application (i.e. it’s a rock).  Too much pressure and you will cause severe irritation on the surface of your skin that will likely cause redness.

But don’t be alarmed…

A lot of exfoliators contain an ingredient that provides this sort of abrasiveness.  Therefore, any redness or irritation is likely due to improper application.

To back up this ingredient, Derma-nu also contains jojoba beads.  Jojoba, is found in so many great natural products like beard oil, and does a terrific job at moisturizing your skin naturally.

Jojoba oil very closely mimics the natural sebum oil that is being produced by your sebaceous glands.

Even if you have acne, jojoba oil typically won’t clog your pores and shouldn’t cause severe side effects.

Ingredients aside, this product will perform extremely well for men of all skin types and just about any age.

Of all the men’s exfoliators that we list in this article, this is by and far one of the most affordable options on the market making it great for men on a shoestring budget.

For the men out there that are looking for more of a natural solution that is not only paraben free, but also not tested on animals and made here within the USA, this exfoliating facial scrub by Derma-nu will be perfect for you.

6. TOULON Exfoliating Scrub Face and Body For Men

TOULON caught our attention for a few reasons.  First and foremost, its heavy reliance on walnut as its primary exfoliating agent, secondly, much of the ingredients within this product are completely all natural.

But what really made this out to be one of the best exfoliators for men is its inclusion of Vitamin E (which works wonders on your skin), B5, along with aloe vera and chamomile.

While chamomile may sound like an ingredient packed in most women’s products, men should never overlook its benefits to your skin.

Chamomile is a natural ingredient (from a flower) that is an antioxidant while also containing anti-fungal properties.  This means that if you have severe acne, this key ingredient may prove to be incredibly effective at fully washing out your pores to prevent any sort of whiteheads or blackheads from appearing.

Regarding the skin type of this particular exfoliator, it is safe to use on just about any skin type.  So, if you have dry to oily skin, then it should be able to get you back to the proper pH balance on your face.

While some men may prefer the tub design like what we saw in our Derma-nu review, others may prefer more of a tube design for minimal waste.

Packed in a 4oz container, this exfoliator has a very light scent upon application and shouldn’t feel too off-putting or dominate.

For extra peace of mind, this product is paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free, and free of synthetic fragrances (which can be extremely hazardous).

Of all the exfoliators for men that we outline in this article, this is the one product with the highest peer review score (4.9).  With an incredibly low price point, this is worthy of your consideration.

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