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Best Cheap Safety Razors

Are you looking for a quality safety razor but don’t want to spend a lot of money? In this article we round up the best affordable safety razors (all under $30) on the market. This includes reviews from popular brands including Vikings Blade, Gillette, and FaTip.

We’ll look at key features, compare razors, and provide an in-depth look so you can find the best one for your specific needs. Additionally, we’ll also share some key considerations to help you get the most out of whichever razor you choose.

Comparing Safety Razors

Product NameCombCompositionCountry of OriginNumber of PiecesPriceWeight (oz)Length (in)
Vikings Blade ChieftainClosedStainless SteelChina1$1933.75
West Coast Shaving 175BLOpen or ClosedStainless SteelUnknown3$246.174
King C. Gillette Safety RazorClosedStainless SteelChina3$303.633.75
FaTip Nichelato PiccoloOpenBrassItaly3$242.473.15

Best Cheap Safety Razors in 2023

King C. Gillette Safety Razor

When you’re talking razors, you really can’t do the conversation justice unless you mention one that is made of pure stainless steel – that’s what the King C. Gillette razor is made from, and it absolutely shines.

Packaged in a gorgeous silver color handle and head design, this three-piece razor has a swirl grip like the Parker 99R that keeps it firmly in hand. The closed comb allows for a close, mild shave without excessive irritation. It’s solidly middle-of-the-road in terms of weight and length, making it a perfect razor for most men.

The razor is perfect for sharp edges, like those that may want to style their sideburns or beard edges. Bearing the name of the company’s founder, the King C. Gillette safety razor is an iconic piece to have on your vanity, and it provides an excellent shave for a reasonable price point.

Price: $30

What customers are saying: Customers find the safety razor to be an affordable option perfect for beginners, with nice quality and mild shave. Some appreciate the pricing and performance, however, a few customers experienced razor burn and bumps.

What We Think:

An iconic brand and stellar from stainless steel set the King C. Gillette razor apart, despite some reports that it doesn’t shave close enough.

Read the full review: King C. Gillette Safety Razor


  • Heritage and name recognition
  • Platinum-coated blades provide a clean cut
  • Perfect for edging


  • Made in China
  • Some report it doesn’t shave terribly close
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FaTip Nichelato Piccolo

If there’s any culture that knows how to make a finely tuned device, it’s the Italians, and the FaTip Nichelato Piccolo razor is absolutely no different. We wouldn’t call it the Ferrari of safety razors because the price point is still quite good, but it’s about as aggressive as an Italian sports car.

The shave performance leaves your face baby smooth and will, for men with sensitive skin, likely leave some irritation. Made from chrome-colored brass in a three-piece design, This razor is extremely light at just under 2.5 oz. It’s also fairly short, just over three inches, by far the shortest razor on our list. What really sets it apart, however, is the deeply engraved vertical lines on the handle, creating a handsome design that also ensures the razor stays firmly in your hand.

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Price: $24

What customers are saying: This safety razor receives mixed reviews, with customers praising its smooth shave, solid brass construction, and the quality of the shave. However, others mention blade alignment issues, a short handle, and nickel irritation on the skin.

What We Think:

A gorgeous Italian made razor that will get you about as close a shave as you’d ever want, perfect for men that have long, coarse hair.


  • Beautiful Italian design
  • Super aggressive shave perfect for men with coarse hair
  • Three-piece design for ease


  • Extremely aggressive shave may not be for all
  • Grooved lines may not be everyone’s style

West Coast Shaving 175BL

We like different colors, and whenever we get a look at the West Coast Shaving 175BL, we’re always stunned by that shocking blue. It’s distinctive and truly makes for a good-looking razor.

Don’t let the color fool you, however.

The WCS 175BL is made from stainless steel, meaning you’re getting a razor you can count on. The knurled grip will help you keep this absolutely monstrous 6 oz razor in your hand at 4 in. it’s also one of the longer razors we’re reviewing.

Some may enjoy the handle more than others on this list, too; it features a slightly fatter grip, meaning you won’t have to close your hand as much. A moderate shaver performance means it’s perfect for everyday use and the open comb allows for a close shave.

Best of all, this is one of the cheapest razors on our list.

Price: $24

What We Think:

The West Coast Shaving 175BL is a perfect razor for any guy that wants a moderate shave in an eye-catching package.


  • Great build with cheap price point
  • Shocking blue color
  • Great grip


  • Fatter grip may be uncomfortable
  • Comparatively very heavy
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West Coast Shaving

Vikings Blade Chieftain

One of the originals, the Vikings Blade Chieftain Razor, is a time-tested, outstanding razor and is, interestingly, one of the cheapest razors in our list as well. Offering a mild shave in a 3 oz. 3 3.4 in. package, the Blade Chieftain is great to look at too. Made from stainless steel in a silver color, the deep grooves in the handle provide a gorgeous look and also ensure the razor stays firmly in your hand, similar to the WEISHI.

The single-piece design features a quick change blade system that makes swapping very easy.

The razor is made in China, which may not be appetizing for some, but still, if you’re looking for a mild to moderately aggressive shave, the Chieftain will work for you.

Price: $19

What customers are saying: Customers often praise this safety razor for its affordable price and high-quality performance.

What We Think:

The Vikings Blade Chieftain razor is a solid, inexpensive razor that features easy blade changes and a beautiful deep-grooved handle.


  • Distinctive stainless steel deep groove design
  • Low price point
  • Easy, quick blade change


  • May be a bit too aggressive for some
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WEISHI Safety Razor

One of the longest razors on our list, the extended length makes for a great shaving experience. Made from brass, the WEISHI features a closed comb and mild to moderate aggression on your shave.

Both should ensure that you get a close shave but something that doesn’t leave you with lots of razor burn.

Made in China with a deep grooved handle, the razor, despite its length, is one of the lighter razors on our list. The WEISHI also features one of the easiest-to-use designs; simply twist the bottom of the razor to open the head and insert a razor blade, easy peasy.

Fresher blades mean easier shaves.

While sure, WEISHI isn’t a household name, nor does it offer an extended warranty, the quality and design make it one of the more reliable razors on the market. Priced at a modest $17, it won’t break the bank either.

Price: $17

What customers are saying: This safety razor receives mixed reviews, with some praising its close shave, inexpensive price, and solid feel, while others experienced difficulties with rusting, skin irritation, and the butterfly closure loosening during use.

What We Think:

The WEISHI is one of the longest razors on our list, making it great for guys who want that extra bit of control.


  • Long handle
  • Deep grooved handle
  • Well priced


  • One piece design may may it difficult to clean


So, you are thinking about switching to a safety razor, but you want to do it on a budget. Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind before purchasing a razor:


Did you know that how much your razor weighs will have nearly an equal impact on performance as the actual blade? When shopping for a safety razor, look for one that feels comfortable in your hand and is of good weight. The heavier the razor, the better it will perform, but it may also become tiresome or uncomfortable during long-term use.

Blade type

While many safety razors include a few starter blades, the type of blade will determine whether a razor is a good fit for you. Blades come in a variety of sharpness, from extra mild to extra sharp. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to consider a mild blade, while those with tougher skin or thicker hair might prefer a sharp blade.


The handle length of a razor can be an important factor to consider. Longer handles tend to be easier to control and give you more range of motion, while shorter handles have less control but may be easier to maneuver in tight areas. Additionally, men with larger hands find that longer razors are much more comfortable to use, whereas men with modestly-sized hands may find this uncomfortable and opt for middle-length handles.

All the razors that we reviewed in this list range from 3.15″ (FaTip) to 4.3″ (WEISHI), 3.75″ is about the average length.


One of the leading reasons that men make the switch to safety razors in the first place is because they cost significantly less to maintain in the long run than more expensive alternatives. It costs significantly less to purchase replacements for a safety razor than to replace the entire cartridge.

The list of razors that we have reviewed in this article all cost less than $30. Outside of the initial handle costs, blades will run you less than $0.25 each (compared to about $2-3 per cartridge refill), so you won’t be breaking the bank just to keep your razor in the best condition.


Safety razors come in many different grips, including knurled, ribbed, smooth, and textured. Ribbed or knurled handles are often the best choice when it comes to finding a good grip. Grooves and ridges in the handle make it much easier to keep the razor firmly in your hand to maintain control while shaving. If you prefer to shave in the shower, then a raised knurling on the handle will provide a better grip even when wet.

Country of Origin

When reading forums, you’ll often find many men reference a particular blade as made in Sweden, Germany, or the UK. Many men believe that a safety razor made in these countries will be of superior quality. Generally speaking, a safety razor made with high-quality standards would offer more performance with sharpness, rust resistance, and extra longevity. However, unfortunately, the number of affordable shave products is limited here as labor tends to be more expensive.

Fortunately, there are still many great quality products available from countries such as China and Italy.

Merchant Reviews

We recommend great caution when reading reviews for safety razor products online. When it comes to shaving, there are many factors at play, including technique, sharpness of the razor blade itself, blade types, skin types, and more. As a result, ratings can often be biased and highly subjective.

For this reason, use the merchant reviews as more of a guide than an absolute. Reading through a collection of reviews can be a great way to get a feel for a product, but don’t take a single review as the absolute truth. For best results, narrow your search to products with a 3 to 4-star ratings.

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