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Beard Soap: The Oft Forgotten Product Of The Perfect Beard Care Routine

One of the most often skipped over grooming products for beardsmen everywhere is going to be a beard soap.

Primarily the reason for this oversight is that many men think that there is no real difference between a standard beard soap and high quality body wash or bar of soap.

Unfortunately, this misnomer on soap effectiveness is completely wrong – ultimately leading men to having itchy beards everywhere.

So, why do you need a bead soap instead of a standard bar of soap?

Check this out:

Complimentary Ingredient Profile To Your Skin

While there is no denying that sebaceous glands cover nearly all your body (exception being lips and palms of your hand), they play an essential role in keeping your skin both nourished and hydrated.

How so?

Well these sebaceous glands produce a tiny bit of oil throughout the course of the day call sebum oil.  It’s this oil’s job to not only keep your skin from completely drying out, but to also keep the hair follicles soft and in great shape.

Where are we going with all of this?

Well when you use a standard body wash or bar of soap, they almost always have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

While SLS gets a lot of flak for being a ‘bad’ ingredient, it’s criticism is often sorely misplaced.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a respectable non-profit that analyzes the popular ingredients found in cosmetic products, they rate SLS a 1-2 on their hazardous scale (with 10 being most hazard).

As they claim, the high concern is that SLS will likely irritate your skin, eyes, or lungs along with some tepid toxicity concerns (source).

The primary function of SLS is two part, it acts as a surfactant and detergent.  A surfactant will be responsible for lowering the water tension on the surface of your skin.  Secondly, this will allow the product to help pull away any grease or oily residue that might be found on the surface.

Surfactants are largely the reason that you have suds when you apply a standard soap to your skin.

Unfortunately with SLS, the detergent aspect of this chemical is just simply going to be too harsh for your beard.

This ultimately means that all the sebum oil that is based at the root of your beard follicle is vigorously stripped away leaving a completely dry beard void of any proper nourishment and moisture post-shower.

So, here’s the deal:

When it comes to a quality beard shampoo, soap, or wash, they will largely be absent of SLS.

Instead, they rely on a more natural ingredient profile to get the job done.

Now, you might be wondering if this is just hippy stuff that costs 10x more but doesn’t show any real results…

And that is definitely not the case.

The leading ingredients found in a top-notch beard soap should be carrier oils.  These oils, also found in beard oils, balms, and more, are extremely complimentary to your skins surface.

Typically derived from nuts or seeds, carrier oils will very closely mimic the sebum oil that is being produced by your sebaceous glands.
These oils will be key in not only softening your beard immensely, but also for keeping your skin moisturized which will fight the onslaught of beardruff.

So how can you be sure that a beard soap has these key ingredients?

When looking on the side of the package you should see any one of these common ingredients: olive oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, among many more.

If unsure, a simple Google search of the top line ingredients should help you to instantaneously find out whether the product in question is a carrier oil.  The folks over at Garden of Wisdom have a pretty comprehensive list as well that can act as a great reference in your research.

How To Apply A Beard Soap To Your Beard?

Application of beard soap is pretty straight forward.

Just like your standard bar of soap, beard soap is really no different.

Here’s the rundown:

With your beard soap in hand, you will want to massage it into both of your cheeks in a circular motion.

Once you start to notice some sudsing to occur on both sides of your face, you can usually set down the bar and work the product fully into your beard with your hands.

It’s important to know that being the ingredient profile is just so drastically different than your typical bar of soap, just a little bit will go a long way.

Since beard soap does tend to cost a bit higher than a standard bar of soap on a per ounce basis, you don’t want to over apply, as it will simply be washing money down the drain, quite literally in this case.

Once you have fully worked up a lather, you should let it rest on your face for a couple of minutes in order to penetrate the surface of your skin.  This will work to not only loosen the previous day’s oil and dirt that may have been caked on to your skin, but also to make sure that you unlock all the great nourishing abilities contained within the beard soap.

After a few minutes have passed, you will want to simply rinse your beard thoroughly with water and continue with your shower.

Once you exit the shower, be sure to pat dry your beard, vigorous scrubbing may lead to loss of hair follicles.

How Often To Wash Your Beard

When it comes to frequency, we typically recommend men to wash their beard once every couple of days.

Daily use, while isn’t a problem, just simply isn’t always necessary.  In fact, this often rings true for men washing their hair as well.

To further lengthen the duration between washes, a little bit of additional beard products, such as beard oil, will help to keep your beard in tip-top shape throughout the course of the week.

Benefits Realized When Using a Beard Soap

Besides being incredibly awesome and manly, you will notice some really great stuff going on with your beard as soon as you exit the shower and dry it off.

First and foremost, your beard will become incredibly soft.

Women have described this softness akin to silk – yeah, it’s that good.

So, if you are stroking your beard now while reading this and notice a bit of brittleness, a beard soap should be able to help immensely when it comes to the texture of your beard.

Here’s another fact:

When you have a much softer beard, you will be less susceptible to split ends.

Split ends occur when the beard is just simply too dry and brittle likely leaving you open to splayed follicles.

Unfortunately, the only way to cure a beard with split ends is by a trip to the local barbershop and to cut them down – just be sure that the barber doesn’t mess up your beard.

Last but not least:

The most important aspect about using a beard soap is that you will also show a drastic decrease in the occurrence of beardruff (i.e. beard flakes, dandruff on your beard).

This additional layer of moisture through the use of carrier oils will help to keep your skin well hydrated – ultimately leading to maximum comfort and appearance.

Remember, It’s Only One Step To Wider Beard Care World

As great as a beard soap is, we can’t stress that its only one part of the proper beard care routine.

Any man that takes their beard seriously should be incorporating any one of the following products:

These products all contain moisturizing agents that will keep your beard on point throughout the course of the day.

Depending on the climate that you live, balms and butters may be better as they often contain additional moisturizing agents (i.e. shea or cocoa butter) along with the inclusion of beeswax – which acts as a great protectant from the harsh environmental conditions.

Beard Soap Recommendation

Now when it comes to beard soaps, they are incredibly hard to find at your local store.

While some brands have started to make inroads in recent years, many products are quite illusive and can only be bought through online retailers.

At Tools of Men, we have reviewed an exhaustive amount of beard care products throughout the course of this sites existence.

Without a doubt, one of the best beard soaps that checks all the boxes when it comes to consistency, ingredient profile, and just general respect within the bearded community is going to be the Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo:

It’s cube design is great for handling in the shower and will do an effective job at getting your beard incredibly soft and in great shape.

Professsor Fuzzworthy’s depends on the following ingredients to get the job done:

  • Mount Wellington spring water
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut castor oils
  • Soy wax
  • Leatherwood beeswax
  • Tasmanian seaweed extract
  • Leatherwood honey
  • Cocoa powder
  • Essential oils

Be sure when using this product that you rest it on a soap rack to maintain the integrity and structure of the bar.

The rich mixture of oils, wax, and other ingredients should immediately soften your beard and leave you feeling incredibly refreshed as you get on your day.

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard SHAMPOO with All Natural Oils From Tasmania Australia - 125gm
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Wrapping Up Our Thoughts On Beard Soaps

There is no doubting the effectiveness of a quality beard soap.  They simply get the job done to both soften up and moisturize your beard.

It’s critical that you never, under any circumstance, use a bar of soap or body wash regularly on your face – the harsher detergents contained in the bar or bottle will cause unwanted discomfort if used on your beard.

Just remember, as we covered above, the beard soap is only one aspect to a much larger and proper beard care routine.

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