Natural Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Review

Some people would be hesitant to put charcoal in their mouth as a toothpaste, but as far as natural tooth whiteners, this product takes the cake.

The activated charcoal works wonders with whitening your teeth, and while it is definitely a little messy, it definitely works alongside regular toothpastes.

This product contains no harsh chemicals like peroxide or fluoride, meaning it is ideal for people who want whiter teeth without the burn or bleaching their gums.

Brushing it onto your teeth turns them black as the activated charcoal gets into all of the crevices.

It is grainy and a bit abrasive, but if you are gentle, you should not experience any pain. It also may take a few passes to fully get the charcoal out of your teeth.

Using with a regular toothpaste will aid in this. It also takes a long time to see definitive results. This is not a fast acting product, and you will need to be patient to get the look you want.

Pros: Natural, safe product that does work, given enough time.
Cons: Can take a month or more to see the change on your teeth, and it does have a distinctive taste.
Bottom Line: Incorporate this product into your regular brushing regime to see fantastic results.