GLO Science Brilliant Personal Whitening Device Review

Getting commercial-quality white teeth has never been easier with the revolutionary GLO Science whitening device.

This device uses a special whitening gel and mouthpiece to deliver all over whiteness, without making your teeth sensitive or weak.

All it takes is 8 minutes per treatment, and you can see visible results in as few as 2 treatments. The kit contains a mouthpiece, case, 10 gel refills, a charging dock, travel bag, and the power cable and USB adapter to power it.

The best thing about this device is its portability. You don’t have to sit in one place while you whiten your teeth, which is great. Do chores, read a book, and otherwise carry on with your day while you wait.

This device negates the need to go to a dentist and sit in a chair. One of the negatives of this product is that it is considerably more expensive than other whitening products, but it does work faster than competing white strips or gels.

Pros: Works fast; you see results in as few as 2 days, and you will see considerable change in as few as 5 days.
Cons: Expensive. For such a little product, it is very pricey.
Bottom Line: It works, but you should be ready to buy refills frequently.