Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer Review

What many of the lip balms that we have reviewed so far have been lacking is any sort of protection from the sun. Therefore if you are living in the southwest USA or just generally in a dry or sunny desert climate – this lip balm is likely going to be the best one for you. In this lip balm Nutrogena includes sunscreen that is rated as SPF 15 and will be effective at blocking out harmful UVB rays. In fact, according to, SPF 15 should be effective in blocking out about 93% of the harmful rays.

Beyond its sun blocking abilities, this lip balm contains a plethora of natural ingredients as well – most notably Nutrogena relies on Beeswax as a protectant for your lips followed up by castor seed oil as the primary moisturizing agent. Overall this is an incredibly effective lip balm that has dual use for when you are in a sunny environment.

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