Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Review

When paging through the latest men’s monthly magazine or browsing higher end sites across the web, there is no doubt that the name Jack Black (no not the actor) goes in tandem with quality grooming and general skin care products for men. Whether its their latest shaving cream or facial moisturizer, Jack Black puts together an awesome lineup of products. When it comes to trying to find the best lip balms for men on the market today, Jack Black checks all the boxes. First and foremost their lip balm contains beeswax as the primary protectant along with shea butter as the primary moisturizer. Beyond beeswax and shea butter, Jack Black also includes avocado oil, green tea leaf extract, and cocoa seed butter. There is a reason why this lip balm commands the price tag that it does – its because its made of quality ingredients that set it apart from the rest.

But it doesn’t end with the moisturizers:

This lip balm also includes sun protection – in fact its rated at SPF 25! Whether you are battling the hot dry sun on a beach day in the dog days of summer or are living in the frigid dry north – there is likely no better lip balm that this one from Jack Black.

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