Sulfate Free Argan Oil Review

This natural product does wonders for hair that is thin, dry, and brittle. It has many different vitamins, plus the all powerful Argan Oil that revitalizes hair and makes it soft, smooth, and silky to the touch.

It helps to reduce thinning hair, using vitamins like A and E to soften the scalp and the Argan Oil helps to promote natural hair growth. This product doesn’t have harsh chemicals like sulfates and artificial colors, plus it has a very natural and pleasant scent.

This product also does not have waxes or silicone, so you won’t be dealing with that waxy outer covering that makes hair weaker over time. In addition, it’s natural composition will ensure that your freshly applied hair dye stays longer.

This argan oil product is easy to incorporate into your every day routine, and works wonders on all hair types.

Pros: Many essential vitamins to help promote hair growth as well as soothing the scalp.
Cons: Very small bottle size won’t last too long with regular washing.
Bottom Line: A good product if you want to see thicker hair, but you may need to buy a bigger bottle for regular use.