Repairex Gray Hair Treatment For Men Review

This is an interesting product because it isn’t necessarily a hair color, more of a hair restorer. This product claims to rejuvenate your hair and bring back your natural color over a period of several weeks, negating the use of dyes, chalk, or other additives.

Apply before bed and watch as your hair reverses its color for a younger, youthful appearance. It achieves this look by using natural enzymes to simulate the natural process, stimulating your hair into regaining color.

This is a very different take on other competing hair colors because it isn’t a dye or a shampoo.

It’s a bottle of specially formulated chemicals and enzymes that results in your natural color from white or gray. Of course, this isn’t a fast fix, and it does take several weeks for the results to begin showing. This also means that it is very expensive, much more than conventional hair colors out on the market today. Reviews are mixed, with some saying the product does work, while others say that it definitely does not.

Pros: A natural means to reverse your graying, aging hair back to its previous hair color.
Cons: Takes many weeks to begin to work, and there is no guarantee it will work for you.
Bottom Line: It’s expensive for a product that may or may not work, and you do have to keep using it to maintain the look.