Honest Amish Beard Oil Review

The one company that sets a high bar when it comes to beard related products is Honest Amish. Mostly known for their beard balm, which sells like hotcakes on Amazon, is a fine product that stands up to both the new and established beard care companies in the marketplace today.

While their beard balm is highly regarded to be among the absolute best for beardsmen out there, how does their beard oil stack up to popular brands like CanYouHandlebar or Beardbrand?

Pretty good actually!

Here’s some of the key details that you need to know about this beard oil and just what sets it apart from some of the other large players in this market.

First and foremost this beard oil contains both natural and organic oils. Their organic oils are as follows:

  • Avocado Oil
  • Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Moringa Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Virgin Argan Oil
  • Kukui Oil

With such a diverse profile of carrier oils, this beard oil will do a terrific job at ensuring your skin and beard follicles stay moisturized and well nourished.

We wanted to make mention of a few carrier oils contained within this product, first we will talk about the Golden Jojoba oil:

Found in nearly all the popular beard oils on the market today, jojoba is an excellent carrier oil for beginners. Given its relatively gentle properties, its one of the most mild oils that you can apply to your skin without having to worry about potential reactions (although you should always do a skin allergy test just to be safe).

Even if you have a history of acne or clogged pores in general, jojoba usually won’t cause much of a flare up of acne given that it helps to actually balance oil production from your sebaceous glands.

Another ingredient worth mentioning is the virgin argan oil. Found in a plethora of beauty products, argan is another mild oil that is widely used within beard oils. However, there is one catch that comes with the use of argan oil – it’s a nut. Therefore if you have, or are around folks or kids with with severe nut allergies, you may want to keep this in mind as to not accidentally cause up any sort of flareups or allergic reactions.

The last carrier oil that we wanted to call out in this beard oil is the inclusion of Kukui oil. This rare oil is sourced from Hawaii and naturally contains fatty and amino acids which will penetrate the shaft of your beard follicle leaving it to appear both well nourished as lustrous.

In addition Kukui oil naturally helps protect your skin by forming a moisturizing barrier that will keep it moisturized along with repairing past damage (acne, scars, lesions, aging skin, etc.)

Generally speaking, from a carrier oil perspective, this beard oil is relatively mild making it suitable for many beardsmen.

Carrier oils aside, the other aspect to always take into consideration when choosing between beard oils is the essential oils contained within the product. According to Honest Amish, this beard oil contains the following essential oils:

  • Cedarwood
  • Clove
  • Anise
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

When all the above essential oils are combined together with the base carrier oils (listed further above), they evoke that classic Honest Amish scent from their beard balm line up (they says its the same exact mixture :-)).

To describe the scent is a bit tough, however its one that resembles a mixture of both cloves and liquorice. Fellow beardsmen have said that the scent is “fresh, clean, and manly…has some black licorice and root beer tones to it” and that it generally “has a nice, soft scent”.

Found many beard oils that rely on essential oils for fragrance, the scent in this Honest Amish beard oil will likely dissipate after about an hour or so of application. Therefore this beard oil does pair well with other fragrances that may linger throughout the day (i.e. colognes and body sprays) effectively reducing the chances of scents clashing.

When you break down the performance of this oil, it does a terrific job in completely eradicating beardruff and dry skin in general. Its diverse carrier oil base paired with its multiple essential oils will make your beard appear in top form.

Now when it comes to value this oil really shines:

Recently we reviewed the Leven Rose Fragrance Free beard oil. That particular beard oil only contained jojoba and argan oils. When compared with this beard oil by Honest Amish, well, there really is no comparison. The Honest Amish beard oil contains several more organic ingredients plus the inclusion of essential oils as well!

The Leven Rose beard oil costs nearly $14 an ounce, whereas this beard oil by Honest Amish comes in a 2oz bottle and is only $6.93 an ounce. You also get a plethora more of carrier oils in this product along with the addition of essential oils as well.

Talk about value!

Lastly, when it comes to packaging Honest Amish likes to embrace their rustic roots and package the oil in a burlap sack that can give a nice touch. This makes it great for gift giving as well!

Regarding the bottle design, it comes amber in color which will help block out the harmful UV rays allowing for the delicate organic carrier oils to perform their best when applied regularly to your face. In addition, given that this is in a larger 2oz bottle, the addition of the amber color helps to lengthen the shelf life for this oil.

This bottle also comes with a dropper that will help reduce excess waste when compared to other beard oils that skip out on the dropper and restrictor valves.

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