When To Start Using Beard Oil? It’s WAY Sooner Than You Think

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Chances are that if you are reading this article trying to find out when you should start using beard oil, the answer is…


Here’s why:

Quality beard oil, if you aren’t already aware, is a terrific mixture of natural carrier and essential oils that work together to give you a number of benefits for both your beard and skin.

First and foremost, if you are sitting right now reading this article and itching your beard, the ingredients in beard oil will help to not only get rid of that annoying dry and itchy feeling but will also help to make your beard incredibly smooth and soft.

Trust us when we say this:

You won’t be the only one enjoying the benefits of a regular application of beard oil.

Just hear me out…

Have you gone in to kiss your wife or girlfriend only be told that your beard feels ‘spiky’ or ‘rough’?


Well, beard oil will help solve that problem.

Now not to sound like a snake oil salesman…

…after all why should you trust some random site on the internet that has spent countless hours reviewing the finest beard oils ever made?

…but I digress…

There are a few details we want to cover briefly (trust me it will be painless), that not only go over WHY this stuff ACTUALLY works,  but also some quick fix alternatives, what to do when you are only sporting a medium or rough stubble, along with the perfect beard care routine so you can look and feel your very best (caution: may cause increased sex with your S.O.).

But first, let’s talk about when you should start using beard oil:

when to start using beard oil

Truly There Is No Magical Date To Start Using Beard Oil, But Most Men Do This…

Now if you just stopped shaving yesterday, or heck, even this morning, chances are that you probably don’t need to order a beard oil and have it shipped to you overnight.

That might be overkill.

Instead, 99% of men out there will find themselves buying beard oil once their beard starts to feel a bit too dry and itchy.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with applying beard oil once you finished shaving (after all, beard oil shares many of the key ingredients as the top-rated aftershave balms), if you are looking to use it to get rid of beard itch, you just simply won’t realize many of the benefits immediately.

But here’s an important caveat and question to consider:

When are you growing a beard?

If it’s to celebrate No Shave November or simply during the cooler winter months, the natural humidity in the air tends to be a bit on the lower side.

This means that not only are dry hands and chapped lips a problem, but also dry skin on your face.

If you are amping up your beard growth, then applying beard oil from the start will help to eliminate ashyness or pre-mature flaking of the skin from your cheeks.

While you can start the beard oil regimen as soon as you start growing a beard, there is another way that you can achieve the same results (at least during the stubble phase) before you grow a full-blown beard, and it’s by incorporating this into your morning regimen:

face cream instead of eye cream

Face Cream vs. Beard Oil – More Similar Than You Think

Face cream (or moisturizer) is a secret weapon that men use to melt years off their appearance.

If you aren’t already using a face cream today, you should…

…regardless of beard growth.

Seriously, whether you are a man in his late 20s, 30s, or 40s (or beyond), you already are seeing the signs of aging around your mouth and eyes.

These fine lines and wrinkles and quickly disappear with regular application of a face cream.

Much like beard oil, face cream is packed full of hydrating ingredients that will not only give your skin a much more youthful look, but will also increase comfort and appearance as well.

Now a word of caution:

We would never recommend applying face cream to a beard if you have at least a month of growth.


Well, it’s probably not going to look that great when you try to rub it in…

The thicker nature of a face cream (when compared to a beard oil), is simply too much in order to fully dissolve when applied to a beard.

So if you are reading this and you decided to grow a beard about a month ago, then you will still want to apply face cream – but only to the areas on your face absent of a beard.

For the men who plan on keeping just a stubble growth:

If you prefer a shorter beard growth, then you can get away with just simply applying a thinner face cream daily.  A standout product that we find ourselves recommending to men in similar scenarios is this one by Triumph & Disaster.


It carries many of the same base ingredients shared with beard oil.  This means you can still look great with stubble while curing any sort of itch or ashyness on the cheeks.

Is Beard Oil Really Best For You?

While you may have come to reading this article because you were interested in beard oil, it’s worth mentioning that there are other great alternatives beyond just face cream that exist in the marketplace:

Namely beard balms and beard butters.

While we won’t go into the nuances on how these two products differ, just know this:

They both contain the same core ingredients at different ratios:

  1. Carrier oil
  2. Essential oil
  3. Butter (shea or cocoa)
  4. Beeswax

Balm is a bit more beeswax and is great for delivering a light hold.  Beard butter on the other hand focuses more on the butter aspect and is considered by many to be a superior conditioning agent.

Now the reason why you may have heard of beard oil but not balms and butters is because of this…


Seriously, the markup on beard oil is insane and a huge profit driver for beard care companies.

This is why so many men have taken to creating their own beard oil lately, because repeatedly buying beard oil can really start to add up.

Beard balms and butters ring up at a fraction of the cost and perform on par if not better than beard oil.

So, if you live in dry climate or simply an overly dry apartment or house, a beard balm or butter should be the product you go for.

Check out our reviews of some best beard balms here.

best beard comb - review of the top products

Caring For Your Beard Is The Set Up For Perfect Beard Growth

Now most men will stop here and just apply a beard oil on a regular basis and expect great Instagram-worthy results.


I got bad news for you…

…that’s not gonna happen.

Wait what!?

Ok, time to get a little personal here for a minute.  I care about you guys A LOT.

Seriously, without you all, I wouldn’t have this site and pump out content that you guys come back to read time and time again.  And every time you all send me messages, it’s a sincere token of appreciation that pushes me to keep working for YOU.

But, sometimes, I just have to be brutally honest to get a point across.  Especially when so many men come to rely on great info.

And here’s that brutal truth I was talking about:

Beard oil at its very core is ONLY a CONDITIONING and MOISTURIZING agent.

It will only deliver a SMALL increase in appearance.

Yes, your beard will FEEL and SMELL amazing with regular beard oil application.

But when it comes to appearance, you will want to make sure you do the following:

  1. Trim it regularly
  2. Style it with a beard brush or comb.

Let’s face it guys:

An unkempt beard looks sloppy…

…and it’s one of the reasons why beards get such a bad rap from the population at large.

While a beard may be as old as the caveman, doesn’t mean you should look like one today.

To prevent this from happening to you, be sure that the next time you visit the barbershop, have them define the lines for you.

Not only will this make your beard look amazing, but it will offer you guidance to keep it kempt between barbershop visits.

When it comes to styling on a daily basis, you want to get a comb or brush and run it through your beard every morning.

While there are specific beard combs and beard brushes, I don’t want to use this as a platform to sell you shit.

Instead, you just need to know this:

Beard combs:

They give you much better control when it comes to styling your beard.  Definitely a better option for men with longer beard growth (at least a couple of months).

Beard brushes:

Add volume to your beard.  Typically made from boar’s hair bristles, they help to distribute the beard oil throughout your beard.  Also, can help to train your beard hair to grow in a uniform direction – especially key if you have an unruly beard.

Can you use a cheap drugstore comb or brush?

Sure, you can…

…just don’t expect the same level of results as a proper one designed for your beard.

Where Can You Buy A Beard Oil?

There are A METRIC TON of beard care companies out there.

Seriously, a simple Google search of beard care companies will yield over 2 MILLION RESULTS!!

beard care companies market

…talk about market saturation!

So here are a couple of options I would recommend:

Check out the Tools of Men roundup of the best beard oils.  There we compared a wide number of the very best beard oils on the market in order to find the best one for you.

One beard oil that caught our attention recently was this one.

It contains all the key carrier and essential oils (apricot, jojoba, argan, clary sage, and vetiver oils) along with the addition of Vitamin E oil (which helps to strengthen your follicles – great if you have thinner hair).

So Where Does This Leave Us?

Gentlemen, there is no official start time to using beard oil.

However, if your beard is itching terribly and it feels dry, then you should start applying this stuff immediately in order to increase comfort.

Just don’t forget to style your beard accordingly.

Beard oil is just a conditioning agent and doesn’t have any styling properties to it.

Therefore, be sure that you visit the barbershop to clean up your neckline and beard and comb/brush every day to look your absolute best…


Because you are awesome!

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