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Perfect Watches For Men With Small(er) Than Average Wrists

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There is no better way for a man to subtly demonstrate his sense of style than through a wristwatch.

Whether you are trying to find one for formal occasions or simply a piece that you can wear daily, the options are truly limitless.

But no matter the occasion, you need to make sure that you select a wristwatch that actually fits.

An oversized watch face can look gaudy and downright bad whereas watch face that is too small will look feminine and out of place.

Therefore, we wanted to put together this roundup of the best wrist watches on the market that are suited for men with slightly small(er) than average wrists.

But we also go a step further…

Instead of just find watches that have modest face sizes, we also dissect the watch crystals, movement mechanisms, and even the width of the band.

Simply put – this easy to use guide will serve any man looking to add a quality watch at any price point to their ensemble.

Best Watches For Men With Small Wrists

1. Bulova Men’s Brown Leather Strap and White Dial Watch

Bulova is well known for making extraordinary watches at very affordable prices. This quartz-powered watch in particular has a wide, white face adorned with rose gold around the case. Rose gold markers around the face serve as numeral positions, and the slim hands are made of the same material. This coloring ties very well into the brown and tan hues of the wristband, giving this piece a feeling of completeness.

On the side of the face is the date dial, allowing you to keep track of the date as well as the time. You will never be unprepared with a watch like this.

This is a 37 mm wide watch, so it’s a little bigger than some of the other watches on the market, but it’s not so big that it’s bulky.

In fact, this watch has a very slim profile that works well with many different outfits. However, it isn’t very water resistant, able to withstand a few splashes of water or rainfall without breaking. Submerging this in water for extended periods of time will cause the watch to malfunction, so if you are swimming, take care to remove the watch.

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2. Casio F91W Digital Sports Watch

Casio sport watches are great little devices to have.

They help you keep track of the time, but they also have a slew of other features for anyone who is even slightly athletic. For instance, this model of watch has a digital stopwatch accurate to 1/100ths of a second, an hourly time signal, an auto calendar, as well as a display showing the day and the date. it’s very easy to use, easy to read, and fits comfortably on the wrist.

The watch looks extremely sporty as well, with a black resin band and black resin case. The rectangular display allows for everything to fit on screen very easily as well.

Buyers love the fit of this watch, saying that it’s the perfect size for what they need it for. it’s neither big nor bulky and allows them to do what they need to do with ease.

Casio is a familiar brand, and many people have owned one at some point or another. The most memorable thing about any Casio is the way the digital watches light up. The back lighting on this watch is phenomenal, and allows you to easily read the display in low light conditions.

Additionally, this watch is water resistant, good for showering, swimming, but not diving.

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3. Casio Men’s MQ24-1E

This watch is a fairly simple member of the Casio family.

It features a plain black band that is segmented equally around the wrist, a plain black case that encompasses a black face, and gold number markers with gold hands to give the watch some pop. This watch does not have a date dial or any way of keeping track of the calendar, but not every watch needs such a feature.

This watch is water resistant, allowing you to get it wet and even submerge it briefly for short amounts of time. It isn’t recommended that you dive with it, but it should be suitable for other parts of your day.

Buyers of this watch commend its simplistic style and overall functionality. Casio is known for making watches on all ends of the spectrum, and while this watch in particular is definitely inexpensive, it doesn’t compromise its quality.

The biggest complaint that people have with this watch is that it is very small. The case sits at around 35 millimeters, so it is fairly small for a men’s watch, but it’s not feminine at all. As far as downsides to this watch, the small size is the only major one that buyers have a problem with.

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4. Citizen Men’s BL8042-54E

Citizen watches are truly luxury items, showing extraordinary craftsmanship with the kind of lifespan that you can only get with something high quality.

This watch looks and feels like it was made for royalty, made from stainless steel and decorated with several small diamond accents around the case. The face is a cool black color, and the gold hands and number markers contrast very nicely.

The face also has three smaller dials all with different functions, such as a 24-hour dial, a perpetual calendar, and an alarm function. There is also a date dial tucked away near the 4 o’ clock marker for added convenience.

This watch uses Japanese quartz movement, so you know it’s incredibly accurate and doesn’t need too much adjusting as time goes on.

It’s also water resistant up to 330 feet, so you can even swim or snorkel with this watch on. However, diving is not an option. Buyers of this watch love how it looks, and it is no surprise that Citizen does so well. This watch is the height of superior craftsmanship, and it looks positively phenomenal. While it is pricey for some, for a watch such as this, it’s well worth it.

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5. Ferrari Men’s “RedRev”

Red is widely considered a “power color” around the world, which is why red sport or muscle cars are so popular.

They say to the world “Look at me, look at what I’m capable of”. This Ferrari watch has bright red accents against a bold black background, the perfect combination of powerful accent and bold, yet simplistic design.

The face is designed to look like the speed gauge of a vehicle, which makes sense as Ferrari makes cars. At the top of the watch, where the 12 o’clock marker would be, is the Ferrari symbol. The wrist band is rubber, and textured to look like tire treads. It’s a very sleek and cool looking accessory.

The case measures in at 38.1 mm across, a fairly respectable size for watches of this type. Not too big and not too small, just perfect for most wrist sizes.

The watch uses quartz movement to keep ticking, a popular choice in watches today. The mineral crystal glass protecting the face is scratch resistant, meaning it is durable through every day wear and tear. It’s also water resistant to 100 ft; in other words, it can handle splashes from washing your hands or rainwater, but submersion in water (such as showering or swimming) may hurt the watch.

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6. Fossil Men’s FS4839

Fossil watches combine the sleekness of stainless steel with their own genuine leather band.

This watch features a very striking white/silver combination on the case and face against the medium brown leather that serves as the wristband. The face is decorated with roman numerals around the outside, with two smaller subdials at the 3 and 9 o’ clock marks.

The hands are stainless steel as well, and they do seem to blend into the face a little bit as they are both incredibly light. However, it should not affect the way you read the watch.

This watch uses analog quartz movement to power itself, which is fairly standard amongst these watches. It is also not overly water resistant, only able to withstand the occasional splash of water or rain.

The mineral dial window is great for reducing the amount of scratches on your watch, and for the most part keeps your timepiece protected. Overall, it’s a great little watch to wear casually, as it goes well with most attire. It’s a timeless look as well, meaning it will still be in style ten years down the road.

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7. Frederique Constant Men’s ‘Slim Line’ Swiss Automatic Watch

This round watch is a very classic take on the men’s watch line. The simplistic circular case surrounds a very subtly designed face, patterned with different textures around the numbers and the inner face.

This gives the watch some much needed variety, as it isn’t a very striking watch at first glance. The strap gives this watch a very nice contrast, and it is a very traditional look besides. The alligator leather band is a nice touch with stitches that are neatly sewn up and around the sides.

A great looking watch with a band like this is going to last you for several years.

As for additional features, there are really none to speak of; it’s a very traditional and simple watch with a date dial near the bottom of the face to keep track of your day very easily. The roman numerals around the face are a nice touch, and really sell the traditional watch look.

This watch employs Swiss automatic motion, so there’s no need for batteries, but if you don’t wear your watches every day, you may need to purchase an automatic watch winder to keep this model in time. It is water resistant to splashes and rain, but should not be submerged in water for any length of time.

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8. Gucci “G-Timelss”

Gucci products are highly sought after as symbols of wealth and status. After all, who wouldn’t want a watch as handsome as this?

The textured face is complemented by the rose gold handles and numeral markers, and is every so slightly asymmetrical to give it an artistic flair. The rose gold case, complements the stainless-steel color very nicely, and that color is carried out throughout the wristband. Overall, it’s a gorgeous looking watch that would go well with either casual or dress outfits.

However, looks aren’t everything.

What matters most in a watch is how it performs. This 38mm watch uses analog quartz movement, a time-keeping method that is becoming increasingly popular with today’s higher end watches.

The glass covering the face is made from sapphire, and features anti-reflective coating on the inside so you never have to worry about it washing off. It is water resistant to 165 feet, so you can go to the pool and swim for short periods of time, but extended wear in the water, diving, or snorkeling will end up ruining the watch.

Gucci is a very expensive brand, but if you catch this one on sale, it will be worth the price.

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9. Guess Men’s U0298G1

If you’re looking for a name brand watch that is equally functional as it is stylish, this 37mm Guess men’s watch is the perfect watch for you. This watch features a simple face design, with a diamond each at the 12 and 6 o’ clock markers.

The recognizable GUESS logo is printed on the face as well, so you know you’re getting a genuine product. The hands are a cool silver color, and while there are no numbers printed on the face, it is still very easy to tell the time.

The band is a woven design, making this more a casual watch than a dressy one, but you can still wear it to any occasion if you wish.

The watch is ion-plated stainless steel, giving it that cool black look. The mineral crystal glass is incredibly durable, and will resist scratches and scuffs through every day use. It isn’t the most water resistant watch on the market, only able to withstand 165 feet of water.

Good enough for washing your hands or being out in the rain, but swimming, snorkeling and diving are not recommended.

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10. Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster

An elegant looking watch for any man, this Hamilton men’s wristwatch features a champagne colored case with a pearl white face. The hands and the number markings are all the same color as the case as well, creating a handsome cohesion between the three parts, and generally making the watch interesting to look at.

The watch has a date dial off to the side near the 3-hour mark, perfect for visibility and for keeping the watch semi-symmetrical. The logo is positioned neatly near the 12-hour mark, with the word “Automatic” in small letters below the center of the watch.

Automatic watches are phenomenal to own.

Their ability to self-wind makes them incredibly low maintenance. Regular wear of this watch will allow it to stay on time for longer with minimal adjustments.

If you are a casual watch wearer, buying an automatic watch winder would be a sound investment.

This particular watch has a case diameter of 38 mm, and is water resistant enough to shower or even swim with while wearing. Additionally, the glass covering the face of this watch is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal, which is ideal if you tend to be rough on your wrist wear.

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11. Hamilton Men’s Khaki Field Watch

While this watch does have “khaki” in the title, there’s really nothing khaki about this watch.

With that being said, it is a very nice casual watch if you like bold colors with contrasting stitching, and a cool stainless steel case with large, bright numbers adorning the face. That is just what this watch is; a bold contrast between light and dark, with the dark wristband complementing the light colored stainless steel case, and the numbers around the black face offering incredible visibility even in darker light.

The hands are also very bright, giving this watch a very sophisticated style.

The case measures up to 38 mm, a very respectable size for a watch like this. The sapphire dial window keeps the watch mostly free of scratches and scuffs, and the date window at 3 o’ clock allows you to quickly reference both the date and the time at a glance.

The leather wristband is made from calfskin, a soft, pliable material that will bend and move with you the more you wear it, resulting in a very comfortable watch over all. This watch is also water resistant up to 330 feet, which allows you to wear it for most water sports, just not for diving or long, extended periods under water.

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12. Horween Leather Expedition Watch

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to a watch. This Horween creation combines a rustic, almost unfinished leather wristband with a matte brass case to create a wrist watch that speaks of a simpler time.

While the watch is simple in design, it is very attractive, and works very well as a casual watch. The mineral glass window is clear and is relatively scratch resistant given regular wear and tear, which makes this watch ideal for people who work with their hands a lot. For those who tend to work into the night, this watch has an Indiglo backlight to allow for easier reading in low light conditions.

It does have 50m water resistance, which makes this watch fairly sensitive to water.

You can get away with wearing it in the rain, or splashing it occasionally while washing your hands, but swimming, diving, and showering is a no-go with this model. The wrist band is adjustable up to 2 inches, giving you greater control over how it fits on your wrist, and the 40mm case is ideal for most wrist sizes as well.

Additionally, there is a small date window that lets you keep track of not only the date, but also the day of the week.

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13. Marathon Swiss Diver’s Watch

This incredibly militaristic looking watch is perfect for men looking for something more heavy duty than the standard watches sold in jewelry stores.

In fact, this is one of the standard issue watches given to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. With this in mind, it is an incredibly sturdy watch that can stand up to most everything you throw at it. The face has a clean, well written design, with marks both on the inside and around the case for ease of reading. The hands are silver, and it is clear where they are around the watch.

For low light conditions, the watch lights up, and the numbers glow in complete darkness. Very handy if you tend to work late in the night.

Tritium gas tubes help illuminate this watch, and are good for up to 25 years of use. The watch is Swiss made, using only the best materials for the job.

The watch was designed with Search and Rescue in mind, so it has to stand up to all sorts of abuse. This watch does require a battery, but there is a handy indicator built into the watch to let you know when a battery change is needed. Overall, this is an incredibly useful watch to own, and is sure to last you through several years of use.

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14. Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Sketch Watch

Fans of Monty Python will get a kick out of this novelty watch, which features a monochrome John Cleese in the center with his oddly-splayed legs serving as the hour and minute hands.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the popular comedy sketch, this watch makes for a great little gift that can be worn for fun. It features a cream face with the numbers printed all around the outside, and the exceptionally round case that encompasses the face is a very good stylistic choice.

The leather band is actually vegan leather, which looks and feels like leather, without the animal’s harmed.

The watch comes in a tin box, perfect for gift giving or for displaying your new time piece. This watch utilizes quartz crystal technology, and the battery needed to power the watch is already included with the watch itself.

Unfortunately, the watch is not waterproof, and while it can withstand a few splashes of water now and again, it should not be submerged in water for any length of time. Buyers of this product love the humor in the watch, and because it is incredibly inexpensive, it makes for a fantastic gift for either yourself or someone else.

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15. Movado Men’s Stainless Steel Watch

Simple is best, at least that is the theme with this Movado watch. The plain black face is decorated only by a stainless-steel circle at the 12 o’clock mark, and the plain silver-colored hands create this incredible contrast.

The case is also a deep, matte black, blending seamlessly into the equally dark wristband. There is nothing marring this incredibly dark watch; no color, no unnecessary decoration, nothing. This is as simple as it gets, and it is absolutely a handsome watch in that simplicity.

This is a simple watch in terms of features as well, using a hyper-accurate Swiss quartz crystal to keep the watch going.

The window protecting the face is made from sapphire crystal, a popular choice among watch brands. Sapphire is scratch resistant and keeps your watches looking great for far longer than standard glass.

This watch also features a push button deployment clasp to secure the watch to your wrist, a very sleek fastener that blends seamlessly with the rest of the watch. Unfortunately, this watch isn’t very water resistant; you can get it wet, such as with rain or hand-washing, but even brief submersion may render the watch unusable.

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16. Nixon Men’s Sentry Watch

This Nixon watch features a stainless-steel case with silver hour markers and a black, contrasting face that makes this piece really pop. The hands are expertly crafted into a hollow looking shape, a very unique twist on standard watch hands. The mineral dial window is clear, giving the watch a nice shine from the front, and is additionally fairly scratch resistant from wear and tear.

The Japanese quartz motion keeps this watch going, meaning that it is incredibly accurate for as long as the battery is healthy. What is really striking about this watch is the calfskin leather band, which is thick enough to hold its shape, but soft enough to not feel restricting.

It’s also a very nice, deep red color that looks incredibly attractive next to the case.

Buyers love how handsome this watch is. It’s light, despite the band being rather thick, but it doesn’t feel cheap. This Nixon watch is incredibly inexpensive for being a popular brand, which makes it accessible for anyone to get their hands on.

Customers also say that the leather doesn’t take long to break in, which is ideal for maximum comfort. Overall, it’s a great little watch to own for casual or dress wear.

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17. Seiko 5 Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

What makes a great watch? By looking at this Seiko classic men’s timepiece, there are several ways to answer that question.

For starters, this particular model of watch comes with a very traditional stainless steel linked band. This kind of wrist band is sturdy, but can easily be adjusted if it’s too large for the wrist. The second thing about this watch that stands out is how the case, the numbers, and the hands are all colored the same. It creates an incredible pop against the navy blue background of this watch.

Speaking of the case, this 37 mm watch face is appropriate for most wrist sizes.

As for the movement, this watch is considered an automatic. It works with the motion of your wrist, so as long as you are moving, this watch should stay in time. It is water resistant up to 100 ft, which makes it good for swimming with, but not for diving.

Reviewers give this handsome watch high praise, saying that it feels great on their wrist, and that it looks phenomenal all throughout the day. The glass covering the face is made of sapphire crystal, so it’s scratch resistant, keeping it pristine for longer.

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18. Seiko Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

This watch by Seiko features an interesting take on how watches are set up. The face of this watch has second markers along the outside of the face, taking precedence over the hour markers that are present on the face’s inner circle.

The hands are very well designed, and give this watch some lovely contrast. The hands against the black background also make the watch easy to read at first glance, which is a plus for people who are exceptionally busy.

The case reads 37 mm across, and is a plain stainless steel which doesn’t detract from the watch at all. The band is made from canvas, a great material for longevity, but isn’t necessarily the most comfortable thing about this watch.

Besides the strap, this is an incredibly functional watch. The watch features automatic movement, luminosity, and a sweeping second hand to minimize distracting noise in an otherwise quiet environment.

There is also a date dial that can be programmed in either English or Spanish, depending on the user’s preference. Overall, a great looking watch that is well worth the price you pay for it.

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19. Seiko Men’s Dress Watch

This watch is everything that a watch should be – sleek, sophisticated, and over all, incredibly simple but elegant in design.

It features a two-toned wristband and case with gold details, encompassing a sharp black face with gold number markers around the face. The gold handles offer a handsome contrast against the black background as well, making this watch incredibly easy to read. A small date dial by the three o’ clock mark allows you to also quickly reference what day of the week and month it is, and doesn’t look out of place at all.

The beauty of this Seiko watch doesn’t just lie in its simplicity, but it also feels fantastic to wear.

The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters, meaning it’s able to remain submerged in water (such as for swimming) but you should not attempt diving.

Reviewers of this product love this watch; they adore the beautiful design, the way it fits on their wrist, and its reliability over time. The 37mm case is just the right size for most wrists, and looks fantastic with any outfit. In fact, most of the reviews of this product are incredibly positive. Great watch for a great price.

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20. Seiko Men’s Gold-Tone Dress Watch

Seiko watches are always in style, whether you want them for casual wear or for dressy occasions.

This watch in particular is a decidedly dress watch, but you could wear it in a casual setting as well. The gold tone is incredibly classy, and works well with any outfit.

The whole watch is colored in this gold coloring, from the face to the wrist band. This continuity throughout the watch is incredibly pleasing to the eye; many watches employ contrasting colors and varied textures to draw the eyes over the watch, but this piece is elegant as it is handsome, and that is a lot of the charm in this watch.

This watch uses Japanese quartz movement, an ultra-precise method of keeping time that is incredibly popular today.

Ideal for men that wear watches all day, or use their hands a lot throughout the day. It is water resistant to 100 feet which makes it good for splashes, brief immersion, or rain, but it is inadvisable to swim or keep the watch underwater for long periods of time.

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21. Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Watch

Timex watches haven’t changed too much over the years; they still feature a simple, easy to use design and the kind of reliability you would expect in a brand-name digital watch.

The T5E901 Ironman Watch features Timex’s classic look with superior reliability, all in a neat little package. This watch features an easy to read digital display surrounded by a sleek resin case for durability and simplicity. While it isn’t made of expensive materials like titanium or stainless steel, you may find that this watch is competitively durable for every day wear.

Like most Timex digital watches, the Ironman features Timex’s signature Indiglo backlighting to allow for you to read it in the dark. This watch also has a countdown timer and an alarm programmed inside, and both are easily customizable using the buttons present on the side of the case.

For runners and marathoners, this watch also has a sports stopwatch that can record and memorize up to 30 laps. If running isn’t your cup of tea, this watch is also water resistant up to 330 feet, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

With a case diameter of 38 mm, this watch is a perfect fit for the active man in you.

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22. Tissot Men’s Automatics III Stainless Steel Watch

Tissot is well known for making handsome watches, with their superior craftsmanship and their gorgeous designs.

This watch is no different, featuring a stainless steel body with a textured band, and the case is much of the same. Elegantly simple, but with enough decoration to make the piece pop. The flat black face creates a nice contrast against the silver hands and number markers.

Around the 3 o’ clock mark is a date dial, ideal for quick referencing what day of the month it is.

This watch is only resistant up to 100 feet of water, considerably less than other Tissots on the market, but still fairly respectable for this particular kind of watch.

You can wear it while washing your hands, or doing other light water activities, but submersion underwater may render the time-keeping device inside the watch useless. This Tissot watch is very affordable for what you get, which is phenomenal for anyone looking for a solid watch to wear either casually or as a part of a dressier outfit. Reviewers are incredibly happy with the way this watch performs, saying that it looks and feels great on their wrist.

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23. Tissot Men’s Le Locle

Tissot watches are watches that exude class and confidence. They are expertly crafted works of art with every piece complementing the next.

This particular model has incredible detail on the face of the watch, with different textures taking up different parts of the face. The numbers, hands, and brand name are all a matte black font, and are handsomely positioned so that they don’t look out of place.

There is also the addition of a date dial off to the side which allows you to be able to track the date as well as the time during the day. A singular dial is all this watch needs to tune the watch on occasion.

This is an automatic watch, models of which are becoming incredibly popular due to their reliability, long life span, and low maintenance.

If you wear watches every day, this watch is ideal for wearing to and from the office. The 39 mm case diameter is perfect for smaller wrists, but is far from feminine. A very cool, sleek watch that decorates the wrist of any man, with a leather band to further drive the idea that yes, this is a man’s watch. Comfortable, sleek, and easy to wear, this is a great watch to own.

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24. Tissot Men’s T-Classic Desire Watch

There are very few things that pull an outfit together like a classic watch. The Tissot is a beautifully crafted timepiece that is simple in design as well as function, and is suitable for men with smaller wrists without looking feminine.

The case and the band are both made from polished stainless steel to give the piece a powerful shine, and the band is intricately woven to give that classic men’s watch look.

The face is plain in design, and the hour markers are incredibly simplistic, but it works very well with this kind of watch, as there is nothing incredibly busy about it. Wear this watch as a casual or a dress watch, as it goes well with either.

As for features, this watch is as simple in function as it is in design. It does have a little date dial set into the face, allowing you to see the date easily, but that is about as fancy as this watch gets. It’s also water resistant to things like rain and water splashes, but it is ill advised to shower, or generally submerge this watch at all.

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25. Victorinox Men’s Swiss Quartz Watch

This casual watch is great for people who want a simple, easy to read timepiece for everyday use. It is a round, 39 mm faced watch that, while it is a little bigger than others, it isn’t noticeably so, and it’s very lightweight.

The case itself is made from tough plastic, and the dial window is made from mineral glass which makes this watch incredibly sturdy and scratch resistant. The band is made from nylon, and, while it isn’t the fanciest material on the market, it is very sturdy and should stand up to a lot of wear and tear for a couple of years.

This watch is water resistant up to 330 feet, which is good for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving or extended underwater wear. The watch face features a small dial for the date, and the watch itself is very easy to read.

Overall, it’s a very simple watch. The biggest issue with this watch is that it is rather expensive for what it is. The nylon strap with the snap buckle isn’t very attractive, and has the chance to rub against the wrist if you move a lot. The case is plastic, which, while it is sturdy, does have the chance to break. It’s a nice watch, but perhaps a little pricey for what it is.

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26. Withings Activité Steel

Simple, elegant, and does more than you ask of it; these are the traits that any good watch should have. This time piece by Withings combines the functionality of a regular watch with the advanced function of an activity and a sleep tracker built right in.

This watch is phenomenally simple in design, but is exceptionally functional. The activity and sleep tracker are incredibly advanced, however it does require that you keep the watch on your person in order to reap the full benefit of this watch.

The sleep tracker monitors both light and deep sleep, and has a functional gentle alarm to wake you up with a small vibration in the morning. This watch also tracks calories burned, miles ran, and steps taken, along with other fitness features. If you are active, this watch is ideal to keep on your person at all times.

The strap is designed to not slip and slide, and there are customizable options that you can choose from to make this piece distinctly yours. The watch is incredibly sleek, very well designed, and has gotten a lot of positive feedback from buyers as to the usefulness of the product.

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Watch Crystals Overview

When it comes to selecting the type of crystal or window for your next wristwatch, you will notice that the crystals typically come in a few different varieties (ranked in descending order of quality):

  • Sapphire
  • Mineral
  • Plexiglass / Acrylic
  • Other

Here are a few highlights on each one of the crystals:

Sapphire: Sapphire crystal is one of the hardest minerals on earth (with only diamond being higher on the Mohs Hardness Scale).

Simply put, sapphire is the Rolls Royce when it comes to watch crystals.  It’s incredible hardness makes it extraordinarily difficult to scratch – which makes it perfect for every day wear and tear.

However, you shouldn’t put this to the test.

Even though sapphire is scratch resistant, the face could become blemished if its hit against a surface incredibly hard.

Another catch with sapphire has to do around its impact resistance.

According to watch enthusiasts that hang out in popular forums like watchuseek, they generally agree that sapphire does tend to show blemishes when impacted by a foreign object.

While this may sound undesirable, its important to note that this is in extreme conditions and likely not applicable for 99% of men out there who don’t find themselves in precarious situations on a daily basis.

With the high end quality that you get when picking up a sapphire crystal window for your next wristwatch, don’t expect a modest price tag.

In fact, most of the sapphire crystal watches we rounded up for this article had a price tag north of $300, with the only exception being the Tissot T-Classic Desire Watch.

Mineral: The second best watch crystal available for wristwatches is mineral.  Essentially a glass composition, mineral is susceptible to scratching, however, like glass, is pretty inexpensive.

This surface is great for those men out there that still want a watch that can withstand daily abuses without scuffing as easily as a plexiglass or acrylic composition.

While a mineral crystal watch isn’t likely to be a family heirloom, this crystal does make it easy for men to add a variety of watches for different occasions (i.e. dress, sport, daily, etc.) at a much lower price point.

Plexiglass / Acrylic: While some watch makers may market their watch as having a Plexiglas (this is just a brand name like Kleenex is for facial tissues) or acrylic watch face, both of these materials are derived from acrylic and have similar properties (hence their grouping here).

Acrylic is used on watches due to their incredibly low price point.

Watches like the sub $10 Casio MQ24-1E, while stylish, rely on this inexpensive material for their watches.

As we eluded to in previous sections, don’t expect acrylic to last you for years as this material is both susceptible to impacts and scratches rather easily.

However, if you are looking for a cheap novelty watch or one that you can wear daily to the office or on the weekends, then it will be fine enough to get the job done.

Other: Rarely you will see some manufactures develop their own proprietary watch crystal.

Most notably you will find that many Seiko watches rely on Hardlex.  Which according to Seiko is considered to be a hardened grade of mineral glass.

If you find a watch crystal that isn’t Sapphire, Mineral, or Acrylic, then we would recommend contacting the manufacturer to find out more about the composition.

The Movement Of Time

Many wristwatches on the market fall into two categories when it comes to movement:

  • Quartz
  • Automatic

So how do these two differ?

The most obvious difference between these two movement mechanisms has to do with how they are powered (or lack thereof).

Quartz: Quartz based watches (typically Japanese or Swiss), rely on a battery to keep time moving.  Therefore, depending on the wristwatch type you decide to purchase, you may need to bring it into a jeweler to have the battery changed professionally or you can do it yourself (most grocery stores or drug stores carry watch batteries behind the counter).

Automatic: Many men, including myself, find automatic watches extraordinarily convenient.  While typically commanding a higher price tag, this wristwatch movement type doesn’t rely on a battery in order to keep time.

Instead, automatic watches simply rely on the movement of your body to keep it self-wound.

The downfall of this of course can be if you don’t wear a watch on a regular basis (i.e. dress watch).

Therefore, what we like to recommend to men is that they pick up an accompanying watch winder.  These keep your watch(es) wound between wearings – plus they put your watch on display!  This is also incredibly convenient should you have more than one automatic watch in your collection.

Note: If you plan on only owning one automatic watch and are planning to wear it daily, you can skip on purchasing a watch winder.

Is A Sub-40mm Watch Case The Right Size For Your Wrist?

In our product roundup, we selected popular watches on the market that have a watch case (face) that is under a diameter of 40mm.

As we eluded to in the opening, overly large watch faces can look gaudy and just downright bad.

Buying Online Is Hard – Especially When Trying To Figure The Best Watch For Small Wrists

The last thing you want after hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button is making a trip to your local Post Office to send the watch back because it is too large.

Therefore, to make things a bit easier, we went ahead and created printable PDF to see how a 38mm watch face would look on your wrist.

Sizing Template To Find The Prefect Watch Face For Your Wrist

Of course, many online retailers have pretty lenient return policies, so don’t be afraid to use them should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase – after all, what good is a watch if its just sitting in your dresser collecting dust?

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