Trendy Butler Review: Men’s Fashion To Your Doorstep

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Ok, I have a confession to make…

…I am not as in tune with emerging fashion trends as I ought to be.

Seriously, it’s one of those things that just kind of creeps up as you get older.

I’m in my mid-thirties, yet I find that I am not changing out my shoes to the latest styles and have been far to clingy to the same hoodie and undershirt…

But check this out:

There just simply isn’t enough time in the day to sift through countless of online retailers like J.Crew, Banana Republic, or even Huckberry in order to try and assemble some sort of outfit myself…

…and this is where Trendy Butler comes in to help you out – big time.

Now, I get it…

…this sounds like the same damn spiel of other subscription box services like Trunk Club, Frank And Oak, Stitch Fix Men, and countless others…

…and I had that same EXACT thought process going into it.

But if you sit tight, you will see what Trendy Butler brings to the table, how they are a bit different, and at the end of the day, if they are worth checking out…

Let’s take a look:

Who is Trendy Butler

Founded in 2014 out of Los Angeles, California, Trendy Butler has been serving men who don’t really know much about fashion – in the most straightforward and easiest ways possible.

While 2014 doesn’t seem that long ago on the calendar, in the world of online subscription box services, it’s ancient.

Now, I will tell you this…

Doing the research on Trendy Butler wasn’t easy.

Unlike so many companies that give you all the details clearly on their website, Trendy Butler cuts through all the fluff and focuses squarely on the customer (more on this in a minute).

But after a bit of online sleuthing – here’s what we found out:

They know how to market extremely well, Trendy Butler has raised $2.4 mln in venture capital funding (source), and they use AI, big data, and a proprietary algorithm to make their selection process work (source).

Oh, and they are killing it on Instagram – seriously, check out their feed when you have a minute.

While all the details are important to know before forking over your hard-earned cash to some website, it’s not as important as the product you receive in the mail.

Before we jump into the styles, here’s a brief overview by Trendy Butler explaining how they are different:

Going Through The Trendy Butler Selection Process

Trendy Butler keeps things super simple – which is great for the guys that don’t want to get too tied up in worrying about little details in their preferred style tastes.

In fact, the entire taste profile is only 7 steps – which takes about 3 minutes to complete (and about how long it took you to read to this point).

…yeah, it’s that easy.

First off, Trendy Butler keeps things incredibly simple.

When hitting the “Get Started” button on their homepage you are taken to this screen – the start of the 7 steps:

In part 1/7 of their selection process they want to get a feel for your general sense of style – by asking if you are there looking for one of the three:

  • Casual and Stylish
  • Diverse Taste
  • Work Hard, Play Hard

Whether you are looking to upgrade your casual or work wardrobe – you can of course guide the process to your needs.

As you make your way through the style selection process, things get a bit more specific including color preference:

T-Shirt preference:

Shirt Style (this is from part 7/7):

And of course the obvious size selections:

  • Shirt Size
  • Waist Size
  • Pant Fit

After your profile is set, Trendy Butler will work their magic to find a few clothes that may just be a hit.

Let’s take a look at what we received based on our profile:

What’s In The Trendy Butler Box?

What we really like about Trendy Butler is that they don’t send you a ton of clothes when starting out…

…and this is starkly different from a lot of other subscription box services.

Instead of sending you 5 different clothing options along with countless accessories like belts, cufflinks, etc. – you get only two items.

This not only makes it easier to figure out how the clothes work within your current wardrobe – but it also doesn’t give you selection overload – forcing you to feel like you should keep some things simply because it looked good by itself.

Let’s take a look inside our box:

Trendy Butler Review

When flipping open, you are greeted with a nice / smart message:

Trendy Butler Review

And like their style selection process, the packaging is super simple on the inside:

Trendy Butler Review

Now on to the good stuff – the clothes!

So first up, based on our style profile, we received both a shirt and jacket.

Here’s the shirt:

Trendy Butler Review - Shirt

A long sleeve striped shirt that will pair well with countless clothes is a great pick for fall months – Editor’s Note – this review was originally published in Fall ’18.

The brand for this shirt is Cohesive & Co.

Given that the Trendy Butler box only includes two products, we couldn’t help but check out what this shirt normally retails for – based on comparable picks on the Cohesive & Co website, we are guessing it sells normally for about $75 bucks.

When trying it on, we were pleased with the results:

Trendy Butler Review Shirt Fit

Alternate view:

Trendy Butler Review Shirt Alternate Angle

Overall the fit was good (perhaps a slight bit too roomy if we are nitpicking) and can be easily dressed up or down – making it extremely versatile.

It’s a keeper.

For the second item in the box, it was also another product from Cohesive & Co:

Trendy Butler Review Jacket

Like the long sleeve shirt, we looked this up on the Cohesive & Co website and found that it normally retails for $150:

Trendy Butler Review Retail Price

To be quite honest, before trying it on, I was a bit apprehensive as this style is not something I would normally select for myself (but this is the true beauty of subscription box services).

But needless to say, I tossed it on to see how it would look:

Trendy Butler Review Jacket Fit

And from another angle:

Trendy Butler Review Jacket Fit 2

For my personal taste, it just simply wasn’t my style.  The fit was a bit too big for my comfort and it wasn’t something I could see myself wearing daily.

But you know what:

This is something I am happy I got to try on regardless – even if it wasn’t a hit.

Return Policy Of Trendy Butler

The return process of Trendy Butler is awesome – especially when compared to other services that require you to keep a minimum dollar value of.

Trendy Butler offers free returns on the clothes so long as they still have the tags, in unworn condition, and the reason for the return (so they can adjust your profile for you):

Trendy Butler Return Policy

This is a pretty solid policy – and one of the best in the business.

What Does It All Cost?

All in Trendy Butler will set you back $65 per month.

Which really isn’t bad given the costs of the clothes outright.

For our particular box, the clothes from Cohesive & Co would normally cost over $200 – making the Trendy Butler subscription box a pretty damn good value.

Trendy Butler Is More Than A Subscription Box Service

While we took a look at just the subscription box offering from Trendy Butler, it’s worth noting that they do have an actual online storefront to make purchases on individual products as well:

Trendy Butler Review Shop

So, if you do love a particular brand or style, you can find them on the Trendy Butler shop and easily pick up some great picks to go along with the few you received in the subscription box for the month.

What Is The Final Recommendation On Trendy Butler?

For $65 bucks and free returns, you have absolutely nothing to lose.


Sure, there may be some male fashion experts out there that scoff at subscription box services…

…and that’s completely fine.

But this service isn’t for them. 

Instead, Trendy Butler is perfect for the following types of men:

  • Those who are too busy to go clothes shopping regularly
  • Men who don’t understand fashion and need a bit of help
  • Men who want style without breaking the bank

So, if any of the above sound familiar, check out the Trendy Butler website when you have a minute and see how they can work for you.