The Best Record Player Stands (With Vinyl Storage) To Keep Your Records Organized

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During the 1900’s, vinyl records were all the rage. A warm, whirring sound resonated throughout a room every time the record player spun the large discs around; touching the hearts of that era every time without fail.

While recent years may have set back the popularity of the classic record player by a few points, it sure hasn’t caused them to disappear. In fact, as of late, records are starting to regain their popularity as hipster, millennials and collectors are snapping up vinyl in bulk.

Records have become not only a means of hearing music, but also wonderful decorations and functioning timepieces. Without a doubt these collectors have dozens of records that they love to put on repeat, so naturally there are going to be plenty of ways to store those treasures; here are just a few of our favorites.

Important Considerations When Selecting A Quality Record Player Stand

While you could just get a generic media cabinet for your record player and vinyl collection, a stand that is actually made for a record player is completely different.

The design of a record player stand will ensure the long term preservation of vinyl.

As any vinyl collector will tell you, records should never be stacked, instead they should be standing.

Stacking vinyl will deteriorate the sound quality over the years as the records will warp leading to a poor listening experience and ultimately a waste of money.

The stands below will be able to store all standard record sizes so you don’t have to worry about measurements with a generic media cabinet.

Secondly, depending on your living situation, whether its a dorm, apartment, or home, you can get a record stand for just about any price point.

So if its something you don’t plan on holding for several years while also extremely compact and affordable, the Crosley Wirecord Stand makes an excellent choice.

However, if you are looking for a centerpiece in your living room that has mid-century modern look, then the Record Console by Hooker Furniture is an exquisite piece that will likely become a family heirloom.

Here’s a list of the best record player stands that should fit any lifestyle and any budget:

10 Best Record Player Stands That Can Also Store Your Vinyl

1. Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

This cabinet is the perfect size for placing snugly anywhere in your home. It has beautiful silver accents with a glass window for easy visibility of your beloved records, and is available in three different colors. Fans of simple furniture designs will be head over heels for this entertainment piece.


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2. Vinyl Record Storage Shelf

A beautiful turquoise color, this iron shelf is excellent for achieving that classic vintage look. The simple, yet elegant, design is ideal for keeping your vinyl collection organized in style. With two shelves on the top and a slotted rack on the bottom, you will be able to store your player and records in the perfect location.

Read hundreds of other reviews here.

3. Zoey Rolling Storage Bin

Music on wheels is exactly what you will get with this minimalist storage bin. It has a perforated metal texture that adds a bit of uniqueness and comes in three different colors; black, white, and mint. If you are looking for something chic and classy, this piece is perfect for you.

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4. Draper Media Console

Going back to the good ol’ days, you can get this classic style console for only $239. This unit is made from a beautiful imported hardwood that features a smooth tabletop with a sliding board, perfect for putting your collection on display. The hinged top is only one of the many amazing features this media table has to offer and will be sure to recall memories that put a smile on your face.

Read hundreds of other reviews here.

5. 64″ Record Player Media Console

Slatted shelves placed in a rubber wood, walnut frame are sure to be a crowd pleaser when you set up your vinyl collection within this satisfying midcentury console. It offers a two-door cabinet for extra storage and additional shelves off to one side. While a bit heavier, at 195 lbs, don’t let its size deter you! This furniture piece would be excellent addition to an entry way or living room as a warm welcome to all who come for a visit.


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6. Gardner Record Player Stand

This simplistic stand is both manly and stylish with its mahogany wood and sleek design. A large handle is the only main feature on the piece, with a solid wood door that reveals a single adjustable shelf and wire rack to hold a small collection of vinyl records. A player stand this size would be perfect for a smaller home or apartment that still longs for that rustic feel.

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7. LP Record Tabletop Storage

If you like the idea of a bookshelf style unit, then this one is for you! It comes in a variety of different colors, for a price, but there is an unfinished version if you would like to keep things a little more wallet friendly. This tabletop unit is perfect for stacking on top of, or beside, others just like it for more storage space. It’s lightweight and handcrafted from beautiful solid birch plywood and birch wood veneer edging.

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8. Audio Rack

An adorable piece that absolutely anyone will love, this audio rack is just the right size for setting beside a couch when you want to get the tunes rocking. Featuring wire vinyl holders on the bottom and a flat surface on the top, this unit is a modern collectors dream. Less is definitely more with this audio rack by Corrigan Studio.

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9. Black Crosley Radio Wirecord Turntable Stand

11 pounds of beautiful, powder-coated steel, this turntable stand is just right for complementing those colorful vinyl record cases. While being made of a lightweight material, the stand will easily be able to hold up the bulk of your player, and has an elegant finish with curving leg supports.

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10. Eco Stackable Large Storage Cube and Cubby Organizer

Measuring in at 14.8 inches high, this vinyl storage unit is an adorable cube style cubby that will fit right under a desk or coffee table with no problem at all! The Eco stackable storage cube is perfect for the everyday organizer; simply slide it away to be hidden, or pull it out and place your record player right on top.

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