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summer style tips for men

16 Essential Summer Style and Grooming Tips For Men

With soaring high temperatures, sandy beaches, and late nights, summer is everyone’s favorite season.

But with more skin shown, more gatherings, and more events to attend, here’s some tips to keep you looking fresh and on your game this summer season.

1. Apply Sunscreen Regularly

No one wants to look like a tomato.

We’ve all experienced this at one point or another.  We go to the pool and forget to grab our sunscreen, we think we’ll be okay, yet a few hours go by and the red starts to show.

The next day, you’re fried.

One of the most important things you can do to treat your skin right is applying sunscreen.

Anytime you go out for more than 15 minutes in the sun, apply your sunscreen!

Sunscreen not only prevents sunburn, it also prevents wrinkles, dark spots, and dry or flaky skin.  And for the men who keep their head shaved or close cropped, don’t forget the sunscreen on your head.

Nobody wants to have an itchy scalp from sunburn, or worse, flaky dandruff!  All of this can be avoided by regularly applying your sunscreen this summer.

Try a sunscreen spray or non-greasy formula for best results.

2. Flip Flops Are Only For The Swimming Pool

No shoes, no shirt, no service!

Don’t be caught this summer wearing your flip-flops anywhere but the pool.  You’ll soon become the brunt of the joke because no one will take you seriously.

Flip-flops are great, they let our feet breathe and they get some sun on your sneaker and socks tan line.

But, they aren’t for anywhere but the pool.

Style is important and flip-flops just don’t meet the mark.  Pack a small tote bag when you go to the pool with your towel, sunscreen, and a change of shoes.

A great summer option is boat shoes.

Not only are they the perfect companion to your summer shorts, they are also low cut on your feet and allow you to be sock free if you’d prefer.

Other great summer shoe options include a stylish pair of espadrilles, loafers, or if you are dressed casually, good old-fashioned sneakers.

learn to listen

3. Keep Your Chest Hair Kempt

A hairy chest can be a sure sign of a grown, sexy, man.

However, we all know that one person with so much chest hair their sunglasses get lost in it.

Men, don’t let that be you.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to showcase your chest with button down shirts.  Give your chest hair some TLC and keep it groomed.

Use a body groomer (or beard trimmer) to trim it down to the length you prefer.  If you want it completely gone, waxing is a great option to keep it away.

Don’t be afraid to show your chest, just make sure that it is groomed and trimmed.

4. Styling Your Beard

Summer is a new season and a perfect time to try a new look.

Have a full lumberjack beard from winter?

Now would be the perfect time to try a shorter and cleaner beard.  With days spent at the beach and pool, let your beard accentuate your style, not hide it.

Keep it shaved and trimmed, making sure to get rid of stray hairs.

If you want to keep your long beard, invest in a good pair of trimming scissors and beard oil. Whether your beard is short or long, make sure to wash and condition it regularly.

5. Summer Hats

Looking for the perfect style accessory that you probably already have?

Grab those hats from your closet!

Dress up what you are wearing with different styles of hats.  A baseball cap is a great option if going to one of the summer night baseball games or bonfires.

If you’re going boating or sailing, a classy fedora or panama hat could look great with your chinos.

The most important lesson with wearing a hat is to not overthink your style.  You don’t want to have too much going on with your outfit.

Don’t have the cringe worthy fedora with the unkempt neck beard and gold chain around your neck.

Make sure the hat is classy and works with whatever you have planned for the day.

6. Keep It Colorful

Alright boys, black, white, and gray are the colors to put away!

The newest summer trends allow for bold colors in your wardrobe.

Have a great pair of tan chinos?

Pair it with a bright colored shirt!

Bright blue, coral red and pink, and sunny yellow would be great t-shirt color options.  And if you’re looking for some new shorts, stick with neutral colored shirts and grab some brightly colored chinos.

They now come in all types of colors like green, pink, red, blue, and patterns.

You can mix and match some patterned shorts with a white top for the perfect summer outfit.  Pair this with your boat shoes and the outfit becomes the star of the show.

7. Anti-Chafe Solutions

Everyone has chafed in the heat of summer.

Not only can it lead to embarrassing results such as noticeable sweat marks, it can also cause you a lot of pain.

With the temperatures rising, make sure you have anti-chafe solutions ready to go.  Now days they make creams, sprays, and powders to help you prevent chafing.

There is no excuse for you to be chafing anymore!

Grab your favorite anti-chafe solution and keep some with you when you go out in case you need to reapply.

8. Pocket Dude Wipes

Time to get real.

No one wants to see sweat marks coming from your shorts.

Not only is it uncomfortable for you, it makes you look dirty as well.

Summer concerts, parks, beaches, and other events are the reason that you need Pocket Dude Wipes.

Keep yourself clean on the go and make sure that no embarrassing stains or marks are shown through your pants.

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9. Wear The Right Cologne

Remember middle school days straight out of the locker room?

Cologne was sprayed so heavily, it made others pass out just walking near you.  Kiss those days goodbye, especially for summertime!

The heat of summer makes all smells stronger.

Keep your cologne on you but make sure it is light.

You want a fresh and light smell that is summery and not heavy.

Use one to two sprays to keep from smelling overpowering.

Keep the scent of the cologne flowery, tropical, and light.  Heavy musk should be saved for winter or evening hours.

Whether you are on a budget or don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, you are sure to find a cologne that compliments your style.

difference between spray stick and roll on deodorants

10. Antiperspirant Over Deodorant

Pit stains.

Everyone has had them, no one likes them.

They are smelly, embarrassing and stain your clothes!  When the sun is blazing down on you, don’t be caught with sweat stains.

Nothing is less attractive than a wet shirt from sweat.

Make sure to pick up some antiperspirant.

Antiperspirant will help you sweat less and keep smelling great!

Save the deodorant for cooler days.

Lost on the difference between an antiperspirant and deodorant?  Read this primer!

other aftershave balms reviewed

11. Aftershave Balms

Summer heat have your skin dry and scaly?

Lotion will help some areas but when you’re constantly shaving, make sure to use a good aftershave balm.

Aftershave not only helps moisturize your skin, it can also help you from having ingrown hairs and keep any cuts from getting infected.

Summer means you’ll be shaving more so use some aftershave to keep fresh.

12. Regular Visits To The Barbershop

If you’re still cutting your own hair and using hard spiking gel, we need to have a serious talk.

Haircuts and styling products are extremely important to keep you looking sexy for summer.

Put down your scissors and razor, this haircut should be done by a professional.  When you go get your hair cut, ask about what styling products you should use.

Your hair dresser will be able to tell you what styling product will work best based on hair thickness, texture, and length.

The correct product will keep you looking great for summer.

suits vs blazers vs sports jacket

13. Wearing A Blazer?

Summer is known for weddings so you’re sure to attend one or more.

As you’re in church watching the bride and groom say ‘I Do’ make sure you’re not sitting in a wool inferno.

Nothing is worse than feeling hot and sweaty and knowing that you can’t take off your blazer.  It’s time to pick up some linen or seersucker blazers.

These light fabrics will allow a breeze to pass through making sure that you stay cool as can be.

A linen blazer is also perfect for sailing or a night walk on the beach.

Here are some other great tips for style choices when attending a wedding.

14. Cargo Shorts Are Retired

Sick and tired of losing your phone in your 50+ pocket cargo shorts?

You should be.

You should also be tired of the looks you catch while wearing cargo shorts.

Let me tell you, they’re not looking at you because they like your pants.

It’s time to do some shopping.

Go pick up some nice presentable shorts without all the pockets.  Dress according to your age to keep looking sexy at all stages of life.

Need some help?

Go to a high-end men’s store and ask to be fitted.

You’ll be able to try on multiple styles and types of shorts, finding exactly what you need!

15. Shades To Compliment Your Face

Some sunglasses just don’t fit your face right.

With all the different styles of today’s sunglasses, go to an eyeglasses store to be fitted.  Employees who are used to showcasing different styles of sunglasses will be able to help you find the perfect match for your face.

Keep yourself from squinting by buying a decent pair with polarized lenses.

The polarized lenses will help keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes but keep you looking high on your game.

16. Colorful/Fabric Belts To Add Flair

Maybe you want to take a slow dip into the bold colors of summer.

Neutral colors paired with a bright belt will keep you looking fresh.  Shorts and chinos are practically made to be paired with a bright fabric belt.

Match the color of the pattern on your shorts or go with a patterned belt when wearing plain neutral shorts.

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