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Sharp & Spiky Mustache? Make it Soft & Kissable With These Tips

Does your mustache feel exceptionally dry and spiky? Or perhaps your loved one said it was too prickly when kissing?

Today we’ll share why your mustache feels this way and the steps you can take to make it feel instantly smoother and better.

Let’s begin.

What Causes a Mustache to Feel Prickly and Spiky?

The main culprit behind a spiky mustache is dryness. An excessively dry mustache will become brittle and sharp.

Additionally, the length of the mustache can impact how it feels. When the facial hair is shorter, it tends to grow outwards instead of downward, making it feel spiky.

Washing Your Mustache Can Soften the Follicle Tips

One of the best ways to soften a spiky mustache is to give it a good wash. Use warm water and a facial hair-specific shampoo or cleanser, such as Professor Fuzzorthy’s Beard Shampoo. This will help remove any dirt, debris, or product buildup that may be contributing to the dryness.

Conditioning is Key for Making a Spiky Mustache Feel Softer

If you want to make your mustache softer, the first step is to apply a conditioner such as a beard oil or beard balm to your mustache.

  • Beard oil is a great option for mustache conditioning because it’s lightweight and won’t weigh down your mustache. Apply a few drops of beard oil to your mustache after showering and use a comb or brush to distribute it evenly.
  • Beard balm is another leave-in conditioner that’s thicker and can provide a bit more hold. If your mustache is particularly unruly, beard balm may be a better option for you. Simply scoop out a pea-size amount of balm and rub it between your fingers before applying it to your mustache.

Be Sure to Use a Mustache Brush or Comb

Once you’ve applied a conditioner to your mustache, it’s time to brush or comb it into place. This will help distribute the product evenly and tame any flyaway hairs. It’s important to use a mustache-specific brush or comb so that you don’t damage the delicate facial hair.

The smaller form-factor of a mustache comb makes it a great option for those with shorter mustaches. For longer mustaches, however, a mustache brush may be a better choice. The bristles are designed to reach the base of the hair follicle and provide both volume and control.

Can Mustache Wax Help?

In addition to using oil or balm, you can also apply mustache wax to help control and shape your mustache. This may be particularly useful if the hairs of your mustache are pointing outwards.

Additionally, mustache wax also contains some conditioning properties thanks to the inclusion of moisture-rich carrier oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and more.

Choose an Alternate Mustache Style

If length and dryness aren’t particularly an issue with your mustache, then perhaps it might be worth exploring a new style.

One popular mustache style is the handlebar mustache, which features longer hair on the ends that is then curled upwards. The longer and out-of-the-way hairs should prevent it from feeling spiky, especially when kissing.

Stubble Softeners Can Work

Stubble softeners, such as the Soft Goat Scruff and Goatee Softener, physically soften prickly facial hair. This may work well, especially if you are only using it on small or isolated areas (i.e. your mustache).

Trim Your Mustache with Shears Instead of a Clippers

When trimming your mustache, be sure to use a pair of scissors or shears instead of clippers. This will help prevent the spiky or split ends and make it easier to style.

Common Questions

Can a prickly mustache irritate other people’s skin?

If your mustache is particularly spiky, it could irritate other people’s skin if they come into contact with it. Although, any irritation will be only temporary and will subside within an hour or two.

Can I use a hair conditioner on my beard?

Hair conditioners are generally too harsh for facial hair and can lead to irritation, itchiness, and flakiness. It’s best to stick with beard oil or balm that is specifically designed for facial hair.

Does hard water make your facial hair drier?

Hard water can make facial hair appear drier and rougher because the excess minerals may strip away natural oils. If you have hard water, consider using a moisture-rich shampoo or cleanser to help combat the dryness.

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