How (And Why) to Shave in the Shower

Shower shaving is one of those things that you don’t realize just how good it is until you stop doing it.

Not only do you make your grooming routine significantly quicker, but you also get to enjoy some of the unique and comfortable advantages that shower shaving offers.

However, taking a sharp razor blade to your face in the shower can understandably be a tricky endeavor for some men.

In this guide, I wanted to share with you a few tips that will help to deliver an optimal shower shaving experience.

6 Tips on How to Shave in the Shower

So, here’s a look at six easy tips to keep in mind.  Following each of these should provide you with close, comfortable results:

diagram summarizing shave prep and shave process

1. Cleanse or Exfoliate Your Face First

hand holding a OARSALPS face wash
Made from charcoal, this face wash works well.

Before shaving, it’s important to prep your skin accordingly.  By simply cleansing your face with face wash, you will lift dead skin cells and oils from your face to help reduce irritation while shaving.

Now, you don’t need to go with some fancy or expensive product here – a simple drugstore face wash should suffice. Another option is a solid face wash like the Oars + Alps one pictured above. You can get a good grip while applying.

We do recommend that you cleanse your face once you begin your shower.  This will give your facial hair and skin plenty of time to soften and retain water which should make for comfortable results.

2. Warm Water for Comfort

There are a lot of myths and misinformation when it comes to the proper water temperature for shaving.  Some will claim that warm water invigorates the skin and increases blood circulation while others will state that cold water prevents the skin from drying out.  However, after much searching around, we were unable to find any scientific research that supports either one of these claims.

The Takeaway:  Do what you are comfortable with and experiment.  Try a shower with warm water and one with cold and decide which provides the best results when shaving.

3. Shave at the End of Your Shower

When you shave at the end of your shower, you give your facial hair and skin plenty of time to acclimate to the environment and fully soften.  This should provide you with significantly less irritation while you are shaving.  

So, get all your hair and body washing done first.

4. Use a Shave Cream That Sticks

hand holding CREMO shaving cream
Widely available, the Cremo Shave Cream is perfect for shower shaving.

As we recently touched on, shaving cream comes in many different forms.  This includes latherless, traditional cream, shaving soap, gel, foam, and more.  

When shower shaving, it is recommended that you use thick-bodied shaving cream.  With a constant stream of water hitting your face directly or indirectly, you don’t want to have to worry about continuous reapplication.

Latherless shave creams, such as those from Cremo or Jack Black, tend to work best in the shower.  They are easy to dispense, don’t require a shaving brush for application, and stick to the skin rather well.

Foam creams such as those from Barbasol or even traditional shave creams like Proraso have a tendency to slide off the skin easily – so avoid these for shower shaving.

5. Shaving Mirrors are Essential

Trying to shave based on memory is nearly impossible, even if you have been shaving for several years.  To avoid any embarrassing misses, consider adding a shaving mirror to your shower.  As we recently reviewed, shaving mirrors are made in a variety of ways.  However, the most effective at preventing fog buildup will be one that allows the glass to be heated from behind the mirror.  

By having a clear line of sight thanks to a shaving mirror, you can make sure that you are done in one quick pass.

Fun note: In a painting by President George W. Bush, you can see that he is also a proud owner of a shaving mirror. Here’s the shower mirror on Amazon similar to the one in the painting.

6. Don’t Forget Post-Shave Prep

It’s easy to forget other essential steps in the grooming routine when you shave in the shower.  Once you are dried off, consider applying an aftershave balm or face moisturizer.  This will help your skin to retain moisture and feel smooth.

Benefits to Shower Shaving

Here are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits to shaving in the shower:


When shaving in the shower expect to save some significant time on your overall grooming routine.  You won’t have to worry about prepping your face nearly as much as you would when shaving over the sink.

Reduced Irritation

As we recently covered, razor burn can be caused by a variety of factors.  However, one of the leading causes is improper skin preparation.  When shaving in the shower, you make prep much easier and more natural.  Should you often find that your skin becomes irritated after shaving, you may enjoy some relief here.

Easy Cleanup

Cleanup after shower shaving is extremely quick and easy.  Not only can you simply rinse the razor head under the shower head between each pass, but once finished, you don’t have to worry about shave cream dripping down your back or chest.  Simply rinse under the water to remove any clippings or shave cream residue.

Shower Shaving Doesn’t End with Facial Hair

Modern men like to manscape or shave other areas of their body regularly.  This includes the chest, underarms, and groin.  Doing these in the shower is optimal as you can prep the skin and shave accordingly.  Should it be your first time body-grooming in the shower, make sure that the drain is clear so as to prevent clogging.

Other Notes

Now there are a few important items you should be aware of when shower shaving which includes the following:

Not All Razors Will Work

Unfortunately, not every type of razor works well in the shower.  Here’s our recommended list of compatible razors for shower shaving:

  • Cartridge Razors
  • Disposable Razors
  • Select Electric Shavers*

Noticeably absent from this list includes both safety razors and straight razors.  While technically you could bring both of these razors into the shower with you, their requirement for steady technique should be reserved for sink shaving.

Additionally, you may accidentally injure yourself should either a safety razor or straight razor be dropped while showering.

*Most electric shavers should be done as a dry shave.  However, some modern electric shavers can perform well in a wet environment (both with shaving cream and in the shower).  Always check with your owner’s manual prior to use in the shower.

Shaving Rules Still Apply

When shaving in the shower, it’s easy to quickly forget the common rule of shaving – mapping the grain and shaving accordingly.

Whether you are shaving your facial hair or body hair, always make sure that you shave with the grain in order to reduce irritation and mitigate the risk of razor bumps.  If you need a quick reminder on mapping the shaving grain, check out this detailed guide we put together for you.

A Closer, Comfortable Shave

Shaving in the shower is only one small way to get a great shave.  We hope that this guide, and many others that we have put together for you, are helpful in your pursuit of a perfect shave.

Adam Williams

As the lead editor of Tools of Men, Adam loves men's grooming products. Particularly of interest is managing facial hair and perfecting the art of the modern man's skincare routine. His work has been featured or quoted in several publications, including New York Magazine, Vice, Sharpologist, MIC, Elite Daily, and more. When Adam isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his two little kids who keep him both on his toes and young at heart.

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