8 Beard Styles That’ll Go Perfectly With Your Shaved Head

In contemporary style circles, the combination of a shaved head and beard is increasingly gaining recognition and adoration from all corners. It is a timeless yet trendy look that boasts a powerful, masculine feel, capable of imparting an air of confidence and sophistication.

From fuller beard styles to controlled stubble and goatees, the spectrum of beard styles that men with shaved heads can rock is boundless.

We will walk through some of the most admired styles and help you find the shaved head and beard combination that best matches your look and lifestyle.

Here’s a roundup of some popular beard and shaved head styles:

The Appeal of the Shaved Head and Beard Combo

Pairing a beard with a shaved head effectively counters the loss of hair on top, accentuating the facial features.This contrast balances the face, focusing attention on the beard while creating a distinctive masculine aesthetic.

Moreover, sporting this style implies a deliberate grooming decision rather than a forced choice due to hair loss, radiating a sense of self-assuredness and poise.

In fact, according to a 2012 study, men with shaved heads are perceived as more masculine, dominant, and in some cases, taller and stronger compared to men with hair. Here are some more hot takes from women when it comes to bald men.

This style, when complemented with a beard, also communicates maturity and gravitas, making it a strong style choice for many men.

1. Full Beard


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The full beard has always been a classic choice for men with shaved heads. It surrounds the face with texture and depth, providing a strong, masculine look. This pairing works great in both professional and casual settings and can be either neat or rugged, depending on how it’s groomed.

man with shaved head and long berad

The full beard style offers considerable flexibility in terms of shaping and length. This provides the opportunity to tailor it to best suit your facial structure and personal style. Grow it thick and long for a brawny, rugged look, or keep it short and neatly trimmed for a clean-cut, professional aesthetic.

Well-known personalities like Jason Statham and Jeff Bridges have popularized this style and proven its versatility. The key to nailing this look lies in day-to-day grooming and upkeep.

2. Goatee

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The goatee offers a touch of sophistication, especially when paired with a shaved head.

The goatee focuses attention on the chin and mouth area, adding character and creativity to the straightforwardness of a shaved head. Consisting of facial hair grown only on the chin and above the upper lip, the goatee can beautifully outline the shape of your mouth and chin, and accentuate your jawline.

This style is particularly well suited for those with round or square faces as it adds length and narrows the perception of the face. For square faces, a circle beard will work best. In addition, shaving the cheeks also draws attention away from any potential hair loss, further emphasizing the beard and overall facial structure.

Celebrities like Bryan Cranston and Dwayne Johnson have sported this style, showcasing its suitability for different age groups and occasions. Maintaining a goatee requires regular trimming and shaping to keep it looking refined and to prevent it from morphing into a full beard.

3. Short Beard

young man with shaved head staring up with short beard

The short beard is characterized by its easy maintenance and sharp appearance, making it an excellent choice for those with hectic lifestyles. This style adds definition to the face without needing the space and grooming a full beard requires.

It’s an option that allows for a good amount of stubble without looking untidy and maintaining the right length can create a striking contrast with a shaved head. The short length of the beard hair can also highlight the bone structure and help define the jawline.

This style is often adopted by men in the corporate world due to its neat aesthetic, including personalities like Pitbull and Michael Jordan. For the short beard look, it is crucial to trim and shape the beard regularly to prevent an unkempt, grizzly look.

4. Long Beard

bald man with a longer beard

Pairing a long beard with a shaved head is a bold, eye-catching style meant for those willing to commit time and care to their facial hair. The stark contrast between the lack of hair on the head and the abundance of hair on the face offers a unique balance, lending an air of rugged masculinity to the overall look.

Growing a long beard also provides plenty of styling options, from Viking-inspired thick whiskers to neatly combed and shaped beard styles. However, long beards require a committed grooming routine including regular washing, oiling, and brushing to keep the hair healthy and neat.

However, one drawback of the long beard style is that it may not be suitable for all professional environments, particularly more conservative industries where there’s a strict dress code. This is a detail worth considering before committing to this look.

Notable figures like Rick Ross and Chris Daughtry have impeccably pulled off this look, showcasing how a long beard can be an effective way for men to express personal style and individuality.

5. Thick and Thin Beards

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When paired with a shaved head, both thick and thin beards offer their advantages and unique style points. A thick, full beard can make a striking impression, accentuating the facial features and providing a solid contrast to the smooth, clean-shaven head. It conveys ruggedness and a strong character, adding gravitas to a man’s appearance. However, it does require regular maintenance to keep it looking smart and well-groomed.

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Personally, a thin beard can introduce an element of elegance and refinement. It is an excellent choice for men with patchy or uneven beard growth, as it allows more flexibility in styling and tends to require less maintenance than a thicker beard. A thin beard can be particularly flattering for men with sharper facial features as it adds intrigue without overpowering the face. It also suits men who prefer a more understated, clean-cut look.

Whichever beard style you choose, it’s vital to bear in mind that everyone’s hair growth patterns and rates are different. What works for one individual may not necessarily work for another. It is also important to consider one’s personal lifestyle, professional environment, and grooming commitment when deciding on a style.

6. Beard and Glasses

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Adding glasses to your shaved head and beard look can elevate the overall style and provide added depth to your presentation. More than a tool for visual aid, glasses have become a major style accessory that can help enhance your face shape and highlight your features.

Regardless of your beard style, adding glasses can refine and sophisticate your look. They can contribute an intellectual, creative impression and augment the aesthetic balance between your beard and shaved head. This alignment of style elements results in a calculated and visually engaging image.

When selecting glasses, consider the shape and size of your beard. For instance, those with full, thick beards might opt for thicker, larger frames that can match the weight of the beard. Conversely, if you have a thin beard or a goatee, sleek, slim frames would probably balance your look more effectively.

Additionally, your face shape should determine the frames you choose. As a rule of thumb, glasses should contrast your face shape. For example, those with round faces should opt for rectangular frames, while those with square faces might consider round or oval glasses.

7. Designs

Designing your beard is another great way to assert personal style and individuality. Skilled barbers can carve intricate patterns and designs into your beard, further enhancing your shaved head and beard combo.

These designs can range from simple lines and curves to complex geometric patterns, depending on your preferences and your beard’s length and thickness. Thicker, longer beards generally allow for more detailed and intricate designs. However, even a short beard can be creatively styled with the right tools and expertise.

Popular designs include faded sides, sharp lines along the cheeks, or a distinct divide between the moustache and the beard, all of which add visual interest and complexity to the look.

8. Grey Beards

traveler tom

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A greying beard can lend sophistication and a distinguished aura to your shaved head. This look portrays a sense of wisdom, maturity, and experience, elegantly balancing the contrast between the boldness of a shaved head and the ruggedness of a beard.

Also known as the “silver fox” look, a grey beard can be incredibly flattering when paired with a shaved head, and it complements all ages and face shapes. In fact, many men find their beards become more attractive and characterful as they turn grey, enhancing their personal style and appeal.

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The key to pulling off a grey beard is to ensure it is well-groomed and healthy. Regularly conditioning the beard can prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle, a common issue with greying hair.

Fading Your Beard


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Much like a barber fades a man’s head during a shave or haircut, beard owners can also adopt this technique for a more unique and polished aesthetic.

A beard fade involves trimming the beard in such a way that the hair length gradually decreases (or ‘fades’) from the bottom of the beard to the top. The cheek line typically starts with a shorter length, which progressively becomes longer as it reaches the chin and neck area. This gradient effect can define your cheekbones, extend the appearance of your chin, and generally enhance your facial structure.

Beard fading requires skill and precision, but once mastered, it can add a sophisticated touch to your overall look. It also works well with various beard styles, including full beards, goatees, and even stubble.

If you’re new to the beard-fading technique, it’s advisable to see a professional barber who is experienced in this style. However, you may also consider investing in a good-quality trimmer with different lengths and practicing at home.

Tips for Maintaining a Shaved Head and Beard Look

Regardless of the style, your beard and haircut choice will look its best if properly cared for. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Shaved Head Maintenance: Consistently shave your head every few days to maintain a polished look. Use a high-quality safety or cartridge razor, and remember to moisturize the scalp to prevent dryness and flaking.
  • Beard Grooming: Regularly wash, trim, and condition your beard. A quality beard oil will keep your hair soft and healthy, while a good beard trimmer will help maintain the shape.
  • Beard Care Products: Invest in quality beard products, including beard oil, beard balm, or a beard conditioner. These can help maintain the health and appearance of your beard while keeping it hydrated and groomed.

Don’t forget to make sure the section where your head and beard meet are properly aligned for a seamless transition.

Remember that the key to a great look is consistent grooming and care. Consult with a professional barber for personalized advice and recommendations.

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