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Safety Razor Buying Guides

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Whether you are looking for a specific safety razor or just want to know more about them in general, we have put together several buying guides to help you understand everything there is to know about them. These guides will teach you about the different types of safety razors and how to choose the right one for your needs. You will also learn about the different blades that are available, and how to care for your razor to keep it in top condition.

Best adjustable safety razors feature image

Best Adjustable Safety Razors

Adjustable safety razors are a unique subset of the safety razor.  With a few simple adjustments, you can drastically alter the shaving experience. Whether you …

Best merkur razors feature image

Best Merkur Razors

Merkur razors are widely accessible and offer several different shaving experiences unmatched by virtually any other safety razor brand on today’s market.  From the beginner-friendly …

Best open comb safety razors feature image

Best Open Comb Safety Razors

A subset of safety razors, open comb razors lessen pressure on the skin resulting in a significantly more aggressive shaving experience. However, despite having a …

Best razors for men feature image

Best Razors for Men

A quality razor should not only provide a close shave, but it should deliver reliable and comfortable performance.  But selecting the right razor for your …

Best safety razor blades feature image

Best Safety Razor Blades

If you received a shaving kit over the holidays, or perhaps you just picked up one of the best safety razors on the market – …

Best safety razors feature image

Best Safety Razors

Safety razors have seen a resurgence due to their low long-term cost of ownership and the ability to prevent razor bumps. However, our testing taught …

Best wet shaving kits feature image

Best Wet Shaving Kits

Traditional wet shaving has grown exponentially over the past few years.  The classic safety razor allows you to get close results while using an environmentally …