Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder Review

If you own two or more automatic watches, you know it’s important to keep them properly wound or else you end up with inaccurate readings. Using a motorized pedestal such as the one in the WOLF Heritage watch winder does this job nicely, and it can wind up to two different watches at the same time.

This box features a faux leather exterior with a clear glass window to view your watches. It also has programmable knobs to adjust the rotation, as well as three pre-set settings such as intermittent rotation and sleep.

You can program the different dials to both move in one direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) or you can program them to be bi-directional, ideal for watches that need two different winding directions.

It’s a moderately sized box at 10 inches long and 7 inches wide, but it isn’t so big that it won’t fit on a dresser top.

The motor can be battery powered, or you can power it exclusively through the AC adapter cord. In case of a power out, using both may be recommended to maintain your programmed settings.

It is also very quiet, no more than a gentle hum while it is working. Very nice to keep on your bedside or in an adjacent room.

Pros: Winds two watches simultaneously and can be programmed according to the watches needs.
Cons: Some watches (either very small or very large bands) may not fit inside this watch winder.
Bottom Line: It’s fairly simple to set up and operate, and the additional programming options are a huge plus.

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