Wolf Cub Single Watch Winder Review

Letting an automatic watch just sit and collect dust only ensures that you will have to wind it manually when you put it on again.

You could occasionally wiggle the watch, but that takes time and dedication. The Wolf Club single watch winder is ideal if you have only one watch that you wear semi-regularly, and you don’t want to have to hassle with rewinding it every single time.

This winder features a TPD speed of 900, and it rotates clockwise, counterclockwise, or a combination of both depending on what your watch needs.

The watch holder clicks into the turning mechanism to ensure a secure grip on your watch as it spins, so you are guaranteed to get your watch wound by using this device. Because it only charges one watch, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, and it is quiet enough to put on a bedside table at night.

It works through a 3V AC adapter cable (which is included) or through battery power, depending on what you need.

Pros: Small, lightweight, and the watch clicks into the base for added security.
Cons: Blinking LED on the face of the winder is distracting at night if placed in the bedroom.
Bottom Line: Nice, affordable, single watch winder without a lot of bells or whistles.

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