Versa Enzo Double Watch Winder Review

Automatic watches lose time if they are not kept wound.

Leaving them idle for days at a time only guarantees that you will have to wind them manually when you eventually wear them again, and whether that’s days, weeks, or even months, it’s a hassle.

The Versa Enzo watch winder ensures that you won’t have to correct your watches nearly as often. This watch winder spins clockwise, counterclockwise, or a combination of both to mimic the natural movements of your wrist. Besides winding your automatic watches, it also serves as a nice place to display them when you aren’t using them.

The large plastic window allows you to display your watches elegantly while you aren’t using them.

The Versa Enzo watch winder’s motor starts out very quiet, but becomes louder over time due to dust build up.

This could be seen as undesirable to some, and as a result, it is not recommended for use in the bedroom. It has a plastic shield to protect your watches from dust, and also allows you to watch them turn.

This model supports a broad range of watch face sizes, from very small to large, and there is no chance of your watches rubbing together as the pedestals are nicely far apart.

Pros: Winds two watches simultaneously, so you can wear one while another is charging.
Cons: The motor does have a tendency to become louder over time.
Bottom Line: It is convenient for winding two watches together if you are often wear multiple watches throughout the month.

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