Swiss KubiK Master Collection Swiss Watch Winder Review

This product from Swiss KubiK is both a piece of art and a functional watch winder. It features a single watch winder at 1900 turns per day, 950 turns clockwise and 950 turns counterclockwise.

It also features a USB outlet so that you can program your own settings into the cube to adjust your settings to your preference.

It’s a very innovative watch winder that works better than expected. Because it is Swiss manufacturing, you know it has to be a quality product.

The only sticking point with this product is the price. At almost $1,000, it’s a bit pricey for just a single watch winder.

Fortunately, you would definitely be getting your money’s worth, as the battery life on this product exceeds three years, and the motor is exceptionally quiet.

With the option to program your cube the way your watch needs it, it is worth the money. It is also very small, and can be placed almost anywhere without taking up too much room.

Pricey? Yes.

Worth it? Also yes.

Pros: Customization options as well as an ultra quiet motor make this product exceptional for your more expensive watches.
Cons: The price is a little intimidating.
Bottom Line: If you only have one watch and you want the best possible wind, this is the product for you.

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