Rapport London Wood Watch Winder Review

This watch winder doesn’t rotate like other watch winders do.

Instead, the Rapport watch winder mimics the motion of your wrist by swinging your watch on the pedestal. This ensures that your watch stays on time even if you do not wear it for a while.

This handsome looking single watch winder is made from wood and leather that accents any watch perfectly.

Thanks to its small size, it can fit inside a safe, or if you would prefer to leave it out, it would sit nicely on a dresser or nightstand.

The battery within this product can last over a year. Of course, you can plug this unit into a wall as well using the included AC adapter.

This wood watch winder has a few settings for speed, ranging from soft to strong. It is important to check what kind of wind your watch needs to ensure that you are not over- or under-winding your watch.

Doing either will shorten the lifespan of the watch and cause it to lose time very quickly.

Pros: Small box that can fit inside a safe should you need to store expensive watches.
Cons: Due to the clips, it may not fit very large watches with oversized faces.
Bottom Line: It’s a very nice looking winder that is versatile in placement and has a variety of settings that are ideal for many of the watches today.
Rapport London EVO7 Rapport London Wood Watch Winder
Rapport London Watch Winders MFG - Watch

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