Paul Design Double Watch Winder with Three-Watch Storage Review

You have watches; specifically, you own multiple automatic watches.

These particular watches need to be in motion fairly regularly to continue working. The best way to do this is with automatic watch winders, and many brands on the market feature the ability to wind two watches at once.

Paul Design’s dual watch winder is simple in design, but it is so much more than a basic motorized watch winder.

For starters, it features a LCD display that lets you see exactly what you’ve programmed the motor to do. Whether you want a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, or you need bi-directional rotation, this display shows it all.

This winder also has space to hold three additional watches, so if you are a gentleman with innumerable watches and nowhere to store them, this watch box will store 5 watches with the added benefit of winding 2 of them.

It’s handy if you regularly change watches from day to day. It’s ultra quiet, meaning it emits minimal noise through the night if it sits in your bedroom.

Overall, this watch winding box is elegant and functional, and serves as a useful decoration piece on your nightstand.

Pros: Up to 5 watches can be put into this classy looking box, with the added benefit of winding two of them simultaneously.
Cons: It’s exceptionally expensive for what it does.
Bottom Line: If you don’t mind dishing out some extra money for a nice looking watch winder, this is a great item to have.

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