OLYMBROS Wooden Quad Automatic Watch Winder Review

If you have more watches than you know what to do with, and don’t have a place to keep them all, you may be in the market for a watch box such as this one.

For automatic watches, this OLYMBROS product not only stores your watches, but it also winds up to four watches at once.

This is a maximum efficiency watch winder, with 5 different settings to automatically charge your watches until they are ready for their next wear.

It holds a total of 16 watches, so if you are an automatic watch fanatic, this is absolutely the product for you.

The downside to this product is that it is huge. 24 inches long by 13.6 inches wide, and it stands about 10 inches high.

This is big enough to take up a considerable amount of room on any surface, and would not do well on a nightstand.

However, despite it’s intimidating size, it is incredibly cost efficient compared to other models on the market that do much less.

As an added function, this watch winding box also lights up using LED lights to better see what you are putting on in low light conditions.

Pros: Holds up to 16 watches of varying sizes (including very large ones), and charges up to 4 watches at a time.
Cons: Gigantic case is not really space efficient.
Bottom Line: This product is really only good for people who have a lot of watches (automatic or otherwise), due to the price and the space it takes up.

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